Giveaway (just wanted to share it)

I was doing some reading and have gotten into Kallypso Masters Rescue Me series and I have to say that I LOVE them! I had went a little while with a little break from the BDSM but have to say that I didnt notice I missed it until I started to read this series! The first book Masters At Arms is still free on amazon it isnt a complete book it is just the intro to the three guys that are in the next three books and their back stories. The loss they have experianced and how they are connected. Adam, Damian, and Marc. (she is going to be adding two other books along with the 3 guys there is Luke’s story and Grant’s story) I cant wait for Grant’s story I havent read any books with a Domme yet that is real good and I wanted more. I know for the most part I am more drawn to the Dom/Sub realationships and even Sadist/Masocist but I have been wanting a GOOD Domme/Sub story! But her’s will be much later.

  1. Book1… Masters At Arms (its free on amazon right now) —————->> (Intro to Adam, Damian and Marc) 2011
  2. Book2… Nobody’s Angel ———> (Marc’s Story) 2011
  3. Book3…Nobody’s Hero ———–> (Adam’s Story) 2011
  4. Book4…Nobody’s Perfect ——–> (Damian’s Story)should be late Aug 2012 (no exact date yet)
  5. Book5…Nobody’s Dream ———> (Luke’s Story) 2012 (no set date)
  6. Book6…Nobody’s Home ———-> (Grant’s Story) 2012 (no set date)

I cant wait to get finished up with Adam’s story but I know that there will be tears when I get towards the ending like with Marc’s story I did tear up a few times towards the ending. And after reading the Intro to the three guys I will be needing tissue with Damian’s story. I know it will be intense to say the least.
Anywhoo here is a link that I had found with some info for Nobody’s Perfect and they are also going to be doing a giveaway of the book once it comes out.

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