Review – Curio by Cara McKenna


Caroly Evardt never expected to find herself patronizing a male prostitute. Then again, she never expected to be weeks from her thirtieth birthday and still a virgin.

When a friend mentions that a gorgeous male model in Paris sells his body as well as his image, Caroly’s intrigued. Finally, a chance to sample the gifts of a beautiful man—no strings, no stakes, no fear of rejection.

But she soon discovers that Didier Pedra amounts to more than a striking face and talented body. He’s a kind, charming, damaged man, and after a few evenings of pleasurable education, Caroly’s interest blossoms into something far deeper than mere lust. Her simple arrangement is suddenly feeling downright dangerous . . .


This one I had put off reading only because I LOVED The Willing Victim by her as well and I was afraid I wasn’t going to love this one but it was good! I was surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did. I had read another book that has a female who pays for sex and company. I did enjoy hearing them go back and forth and how he was with her. I thought for sure he would always put on the persona of the “escort” and just always tell her what she wants to hear but when he had opened up to her and told her things that he normally wouldn’t tell people I knew that he was starting to care about her just like she was him. There was so much that could have happened that didn’t because it was like there wasn’t enough time to get into it. And I was so sad when it ended I wasn’t ready to just not know anymore. But then I found out she is doing more books about Caroly and Didier in the Curio Series. So I am excited!!

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