Masters of the Shadowlands Series by Cherise Sinclair

These were some of the hottest books I have read and I love them so! They are GREAT! they do such a good job at explaining the Dom/Sub relationships. I had laughed and teared up reading these books. The guys all together crack me up.

These are an erotic BDSM contemporary romance series they all have a HEA and some of them get into the deep subject of human trafiking. They start off as lots of sex and BDSM and then gets into more mystery, then thriller. There is so much going on in these books  I loved them!

For the most part the books take place in a BDSM club called the Shadowlands but there are some “private” parties that go on with all the Masters. The guys are all friends, they all work as Masters at this club and each find their special someone.

1) Club Shadowlands (Master Z’s Story)

2) Dark Citadel (Master Dan’s Story)

3) Breaking Free (Master Nolan’s Story)

4) Lean on Me (Master Cullen’s Story)

5) Make Me, Sir (Master Marcus’ Story)

6) To Command and Collar (Master Raoul’s Story)

7) This Is Who I Am (Master Sam’s Story)

8) If Only (Sally’s Story) – Nov. 2013

You can follow her here on her:

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Cherise has posted a few pictures of the people she finds resembles the Masters and I have posted them HERE. It isn’t all of the Masters. But I have said it before and I will say it again I LOVE when authors do this… enjoy!


This Is Who I Am

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