Rescue Me Series by Kallypso Masters

Oh how I love a man in uniform and a Marine of all! My husband was a Marine for 8 years so I have a soft spot in my heart for them. ūüėČ but then add some BDSM to the mix and you got a GREAT set of books!!! The books are great and I love everything about them. They touch on a lot of different subjects there is the loss of a family member to an accident and to the war in Iraq; along with the loss of a spouse due to cancer. There is also incest and rape with father/daughter relationship. I understand that it is a hard topic for some to read. I know on one issue in the 3rd book it¬†doesn’t¬†go into detail on what had happened with one part but the 4th book is not out just yet so I am not sure how much in detail it will get into. But I do HOPE that does not cause people to not bother trying to get into the series it is a GREAT series!

A group of guys in the Marine Corps (one is a Corpsman so Navy but put in with the Marines as the Doc) get close and decide to open up a kink club together. Adam retires from the Marine Corps and Damian and Marc are medically discharged. So they go to Colorado and open up this club together. And oh what fun it is to read about their experiances!

1) Masters at Arms (prequal to the series intro to the characters and a little back story and how they get together)

2) Nobody’s Angel (Marc’s Story)

3) Nobody’s Hero (Adam’s Story)

4) Nobody’s Perfect (Damian’s Story)

5) Somebody’s Angel (Continuation on Marc)

6) Nobody’s Dream (Luke’s Story TBA)

7) Nobody’s Home (Grant’s Story TBA)

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You can see the characters acording to the author here

My Thoughts On:

Masters at Arms

Nobody’s Angel

Nobody’s Hero

Nobody’s Perfect

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