Review – Unforgivable by Lindsay Delagair


Annalisa believes she finally has a chance to share forever with Micah, but her fear that something will destroy their happiness grows stronger every day. He changed everything to be with her, leaving his horrible past far behind as they begin to see a bright and beautiful future together. Unfortunately, someone in the mob isn’t willing to let go of their best hit man.

The second book in the Untouchable trilogy takes you on a journey of love, passion, sacrifice, heartbreak, and hope. She touched his heart, but what happens next should be…Unforgivable.


This one for me was GOOD! I know for some it will take some getting over the religious part of it all. I mean Leese is religious but when they have Micha talking like that it kind of made it a little less believable for me and it might just be because for me it felt a little overboard and unreal. BUT that isn’t what the book is filled with there is really only a part towards the ending that I personally felt was a little too much. With that being said I absolutely fell in LOVE with Ryan in this book!!

“Why does this have to ‘be it’ for us? Can’t we keep in touch?”

“No one ever does that, Leese. Everyone has good intentions and then they drift apart and the years slip by, and before you know it, we’ll only be a memory for each other.”

He is just so sweet and honest and ohhhh I just loved him!!!

There was a part that was heart wrenching and some may not like having to read a rape scene but it fits into the story. Like with the first I could NOT put it down!! I had to know where things were going and what was going to happen. Out of the whole book I was able to figure out a couple of things before they happened but then there were a few things thrown in there that I wasnt expecting.  And again at the end of this one it leaves you wanting MORE!

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