Eden Series by Kele Moon

I was looking for something that had some really GOOD dirty talk and was told to try these and I have to say …. OH yes did they have some pretty good dirty talk! I loved everything about these books now not everyone will becuase there is menage and it isnt always m/f/m it mixes up and does have m/m/f  along with just m/m and for me I have no problem with it. So just be forwarned because I know a friend of mine who was reading it with me was having a hard time with reading those parts. I had finished before she did and started book two and told her that if the m/m parts bothered her then she wouldnt be able to get into the second book. I LOVE the relationship that they all have together. There were parts that caused me to tear up and others that I couldnt help but laugh, and well others I just had to fan myself.

A little information I found from the author when asked about this series:

“When I first started Beyond Eden (A dark BDSM M/m/F story) I hadn’t planned on it being as dark as it was. However, when their story started unfolding, when I saw how much Paul enjoyed pain, how desperately he needed it to keep him grounded and how special his relationship with Danny was because his best friend was able to give him what he needed most—I decided to go all in.
Yes, this story has blood play. It’s dark and gritty and more often on the edge than not.
Why? Because that’s what the characters demanded. Paul is a big, tough masochist who likes to take it as hard as Danny will give it and then ask for more and I’ve always been of the opinion if you’re going to go there—GO THERE.
It’s a love or hate book. People either love it for the darkness or hate it.

Mainstream is fun, but sometimes I have to rock the boat a little (Or a lot). I need to write the darker romances too, because make no mistake, Beyond Eden is still a love story about three very different people, who like three very different things, but still want the same thing everyone else does. . . To love and be loved without judgment and I think that’s the appeal for me. To give the deviants their happy endings, to show that everyone deserves to be loved, even a big, buff masochist with a dark past who didn’t believe he could allow himself to really be loved until two people came along and proved him wrong. Now what’s a little blood next to that?”

1) Beyond Eden

2) Finding Eden

3) Claiming Eden (release TBA)

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