AHHHH the infamous Fifty… I read these back before they were all over the internet and tv. I can honestly say that I dont see why so many people are saying it is porn I mean I have read other books that are SOO much more ‘porn-ish’ then these. And to be 100% honest if you were to take out all the kinky f*ckery I would still LOVE the story. The story was just so good! It had me drawn in from the get go. I laughed, cried, got so pissed off I almost threw my iPad and my heart broke and I was so happy at times also. There is SO much that goes on in these books and I LOVED it all. I found out later that they are a fan-fic version of Twilight, I never read Twilight but I know my friends who did read them could see the similarities in the characters.  Christian is so broken and Ana just wants to be there for him to help him and love him.

1) Fifty Shades of Grey

2) Fifty Shades Darker

3) Fifty Shades Freed

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