Ross Siblings Series by Cherrie Lynn

I enjoyed these VERY much! Here are the books and a little blurb on what they are about…. 🙂

.5) Barely Leashed – Free online here (Short prequel)

  • The Christmas before they came “unleashed,” Evan and Kelsey had no idea they were about to suffer the ultimate betrayal…

1) Unleashed (Evan)

2) Rock Me (Brian)

2.5) Breath Me In (Ghost)

  • Their worlds collided in Leave Me Breathless. Now see how the sparks first flew.

3) Leave Me Breathless – (Ghost)

3.5) Light Me Up (Brian)

  • This is a short sequel to “Rock Me” that was originally published in a 2012 anthology. There have been no substantial changes made to the content.

4) Take Me On (Gabriella) – Dec. 2013


You can follow her here on her:

Website    ~    Facebook    ~    Twitter

HERE is the playlist for Rock Me and Leave Me Breathless

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