Review – Mi Carina by Sienna Mynx


Can one man find love when he doesn’t believe?
Can one woman trust in love when she believes too much?
Can lust turn to desire into something much more if they forgive and begin again?
Marcella wants to start again. She has reason too. She carries a secret that grounds her and makes every new decision regarding her heart and her life profoundly meaningful. Still she’s never forgotten the fateful decision she made only a few months ago. Her choice sent away the man who has forever changed her. And soon Marcella discovers he hasn’t forgotten her as well. Diego Andes arrives and he wants her back. This time he won’t take no for an answer. When he discovers Marcella’s secret and betrayal he does something that sets them on a collision path of heartache and violence. But are his motives true? And if he is will his change of heart matter in time to save their love?


Okay this one did answer many a questions I had in the first that never got answered I wanted more and this one gave me more. I wanted to hate Diego just like I wanted to dislike him in the first book for being so overbearing and controlling but who am I kidding I love that about him too. So in this one when he reacts the way he does and he just is HIM you cant help but feel the same draw to him. If you do not enjoy reading about a very controlling broken man then these are not your kind of books but if you (like myself) love a story of a broken man who is trying to understand what is going on with him since he has found a woman he wants more with then these are definitely up your alley. I enjoyed these very much. There are many moments where you are so proud of ‘Nena’ for standing up for herself then other times you want to yell at her for falling into the trap that she falls into. He is still mysterious and quiet he opens up more this book because he refuses to let her get away he needs her in his life and well he doesn’t usually take no for an answer. This one had a few parts that had me on edge because I needed to know what was going to happen. I finished this one with a sense of completion and not feeling like I needed another book to get more. Although more wouldn’t be a bad thing.

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