Okay now I am all for good books and I think that the book was good but I have read better as far as the BDSM aspect of it goes BUT a magazine? REALLY? I mean they could have maybe come up with a different name for the magazine… I mean if it is a magazine just about my favorite type of books “erotic” than hey it is about time!! haha AND I get that Fifty is what got the rest of the world on the band wagon. I was lucky enough to read it before it was ALL over the media. I said it then the story got me I loved everything about the story. The sex was good but I have read better. So for me the books never were about the sex.

But still….. lol I can’t believe it! A freaking magazine. Maybe, just maybe it is just a one time thing. But I get that these books have seemed to start some type of epidemic I mean they say there is going to be a huge baby boom, and all the kids know about these books because everyone is talking about them. But now looking better at the photo I see it has 50 women telling their stories about living the lifestyle. That might be interesting to see if the real lifestyle is as steamy as the stories that are published. Then I look down and COME ON really? SEX WHISPERER???? hahaha and using your body to fix broken men like christian. haha im sorry that is just too funny! I think that the ONE thing on that whole cover that caught my attention would be 20 Books steamier than Shades. Because well like I said I LOVED the story but LOVE steamier books then fifty! because well lets face it anyone who has read anything by Cherise Sinclair’s Masters of the Shadowlands Series or Kallypso Masters Rescue Me Series or even Shayla Black’s Wicked Lovers Series (and I am sure there are more) you all know that Fifty even though the story is good is pretty Vanilla in comparison.

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Found my new love for books when a good friend sent me the Sookie books and I was stuck in a paranormal state and only wanted that then I came across Shayla Black and read her Wicked Lovers Series which got me into the contemporary romance with a "twist" and since then I have just been a reading fanatic! And LOVE every minute of my escape from reality. View all posts by Momma's Books

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