Okay let me start off by saying that I liked both books Fifty is good for those people who are new to reading erotic novels with some bdsm (and I use the term lightly because there really is not much of it) mixed into it but let’s face it Christian is NOT a great Dom; no good Dom would let Ana top from the bottom the way she did even if she was new to the lifestyle! Her behind would be constantly red for her disobedience.
And well Beautiful Disaster, I loved me some Travis Maddox!!! That boy in my mind was fine!! there was absolutely no Dom/sub relationship but he was all alpha and what people seem to forget is being alpha and being dominant are two COMPLETE different things.
The issue I seem to be having though I enjoyed both books I am having a hard time seeing the connection!! The only similarities I see is that the females in the books have a hard time communicating with the guys.
I understand that Fifty started off as a fanfic of twilight (which I never read so didn’t have it to compare it to to) but from what I have seen Beautiful Disaster might have also been a twilight fanfic (but I am not positive so don’t hold me to this!). So that along with the possesive guys (Christian & Travis) is pretty much all I can see as far as similarities. So I am not understanding why they keep calling it the “next fifty shades”. If anything should be compared so much I would think it would be Sylvia Day’s Bared To You book. That one it is VERY similar!! But in all honesty Bared To You was better written and I have to say I enjoyed it much more then fifty!!

Anywho enough of my ranting I am just getting tired of the comparison. Because I just do not see it. But then again maybe I am the only one. 🙂

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