Mrs. Molly was so happy to pop my cherry. 🙂 She is the first “interview” I have done with an author, she is so fun and a sweetheart I am glad I was able to chat with her and hopefully will continue to chat from time to time. 🙂 even when she makes it big. I wanted to make sure I didn’t ask any repeat questions so below mine are some questions and answers to other questions and the links to the blogs that they were posted on.

Over the weekend she let everyone know on her facebook page that she was picked up to be published by Harper Collins SO excited for her!!

The hubby is taking me out for a celebration dinner!!!!! Thank you to my amazing agent Kevan Lyon for helping me land an incredible deal with HarperCollins! And thank you to all of you! Less than 4 weeks, and all of this was possible because y’all believed in me and Taking Chances 🙂 I love you guys ♥

Here are my questions with her answers…

1.   Who is your favorite UFC fighter (mine is St. Pier don’t know what it is about that boy) / actor(there are so many!!)…


2.  What is your favorite genre of books to read? I am a perv so I love me some good erotica/bdsm 🙂 (hubby calls it my book porn) …

Ooo…favorite?? That’s tough. It really depends on my mood, there are sometimes I can’t even THINK about reading a paranormal, a YA or an erotica…but then there are other weeks where I HAVE to read 2-3 eroticas. So it all just depends 🙂

3.  What is your favorite color / type of music / tv show / quote / movie / book…

Color: Hmm green (although I only have ONE green shirt, weird…I know!

Music: Definitely don’t have a favorite type of music, have you heard my Spotify playlists?! Haha! (yeah I have a hard time picking a fav type also, depends on my mood)

TV Show: DUCK DYNASTY!!! I LOVE the beards! Haha (I have never heard of it but now I will have to check it out! 🙂

Quote and Movie: oh now that’s not even fair. My hubby and I watch/quote movies like it’s a hobby! There’s no way I could choose!

Book: Anything Nicholas Sparks (except Three Weeks With My Brother)

4.  What is your guility pleasure…

Reading erotica novels. LOL! In a completely different CLEAN direction, FRIED PICKLES! OOO I love living in the South 🙂 (clean isn’t fun… hahaha)

5.    I love your fb page and just reading the stuff you post you are absolutely my kinda girl 🙂 so what do you like to do for fun? (other then write)

Oh my word, you just have no idea how much I do…it’s crazy I literally —- don’t do anything. Haha I love doing quote battles with my hubby! We’re homebodies, so that’s why we watch so many movies, but when we want to have separate times, he plays his xbox, I read or write. Other than that, I’m a pretty boring person! (haha that sounds like my house… mine plays PS3 and I will sit and read or we lounge for the most part. It is SUPER exciting… when it is done naked! Haha)

6.    If you could have any super power what would it be?

Read minds, without a doubt. I didn’t even have to think about that one. I know I could hear things I don’t want to, but don’t care…that’s what I want! (would have to agree it would be an awesome power I would absolutely want to be able to know what people are thinking! That was one of mine that and being able to be invisible and in 2 places at once. Hell I wish I had them all! Ha)

7.    Do you ever miss Cali? (I know I would be terrified out there in TX with all the crazy weather since I am a cali girl the worst I have had to deal with are earthquakes from time to time)

I do, and I don’t. The people in Texas are SO much nicer, the tornados TERRIFY me, I miss being close to nice beaches, Texas is WAY cheaper. And all my family is in Cali….so yes I miss them!

8.   How have your family and friends reacted to the attention you have been getting from your book?

Pretty well! I think everyone is just in shock, like I am! No one in my family knew until after I published the book that I even wrote! So everyone was just like, “Wait…what?!” But now they’re all excited and very supportive, and my hubby as always is VERY supportive!

9.   Has your husband read your book / if so what did he think?

Yes! He was the first person to read it! He isn’t into romance…haha but even still he really liked it. He would be reading next to me and he’d start laughing, or getting mad at the characters *Ahem…Harper. Lol. And you could tell he was really into it! (it will be awesome to know his thoughts when you ever get to doing an erotic ménage 😉 )

10.  How long did it take you to write the book?

Taking Chances from start-last round of edits took four months 🙂

11.   From what I have come to notice that big “issue” in the book for many it is a make it or break it deal… after that “issue” comes about people either hate or absolutely love the book. So my question is have you once regretted putting that in or wish you would have went a different route?

Never. Writing “that part” was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but once it was done, I knew that was exactly how my story needed to be because literally EVERYTHING fell into place after that. It still kills me, I still cry when I read it, but I love my book, I wouldn’t change the storyline for the world.

12.   How do you feel/deal with people who get so upset because they do not like the way that you took the book? (even though it is better to surround yourself with the positive! There is negative out there)

Of course it’s hard and it really hurts when people tear into you or your work. You want to defend your writing and reasoning (which by the way I gladly answer to anyone who wants to know, even if they’re devastated…but if you’re ripping into my book you can expect me not to respond. It hurts, it’s not my place, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion) but you just can’t change people’s minds! So, I try to stay away from bad reviews, not to make my head bigger, but just because bad reviews can really bring an author down. And I don’t need that in my life, I’m naturally a positive person, and I like staying that way! (I have noticed that there are a lot of authors who do not even look at their reviews other then what people will tell them on their FB, Twitter, or emails. I wouldn’t be able to deal with that because like you said you would want to defend your work. BUT like in live you will NEVER be able to satisfy everyone; and as long as you are happy with how everything turned out that is all you can ask for! – and by the way I LOVE the book! 😉 )

13.   What is the craziest thing you have done? (that you can legally speak of haha)

Well that I can SPEAK of…I have flashed people while driving down the 5 in Cali….SHHHHHHHH haha

14.   I have noticed you enjoy writing love triangles what makes it so interesting to you?

What girl doesn’t want two guys fighting over her?! I just wouldn’t want the whole having to choose bit. Haha, but really, I love drama, and I love romance. What better way to get those together?

15.   If you could get paid to do anything what would it be? (Job wise, and not stripping or writing)

Not stripping?! You took my answer! Haha, just kidding. You know what, I want to play with puppies all day, (someone else can clean up their messes)…I’ll get paid for that! I’m one of those people that loves going to pet shops just to play with the pups! Haha

16.   And last but not least since you have written love triangles, and I absolutely fell in love with both Chase and Brandon have you thought of writing erotica with ménage? I mean all I could think while reading Taking Chances was come on… just work it all out and all three of you live HEA! Haha (yeah that’s just the perv in me I guess but who wouldn’t want BOTH of them boys!?)

I would LOVE to write erotica…I just don’t know if I’d be any good at it…so I would have to figure out if I can actually write it before writing a ménage hahaha. But that would be fun 😉 Kinky. I like it doll! Agreed! Brandon and Chase? Um YES PLEASE! Get over your issues boys and lets do this! Haha (oh I will be keeping my fingers crossed that you will get one done eventually… with some kink in them!! Lol)

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Here are a few things that I found on 2 other blogs and just wanted to share them as well since they were good questions!

These were found on Laura Mackie’s blog called Blame It On The Rain:

  • Taking Chances seems to have made quite a big impact on readers in such a short space of time, it seems that every blog I go on, there is a new review saying just how good it is. Did you expect such a good response from readers?

Not at all, it was a huge shock and it’s been such a rush! I was honestly thinking, maybe in a year or so people will actively start buying my book, maybe people will know my name – but never this. It’s been absolutely incredible and I’ve loved interacting with the readers as they get as caught up in the lives of Harper, Chase and Brandon as I did!

  • How did you come up with the concept for the story?

A seriously amazing dream 😉 In the dream I knew I had a boyfriend, and didn’t understand why in the world I would ever cheat on him, but there I was arguing with another guy and the next thing I know he had me up against the wall, then we were falling into his bed (sound familiar…?) Almost all of what happened in between that first scene with Harper and Chase, and then Harper and Chase finally dating was in my dream and Taking Chances came from that.

  • When you started writing did you know where you wanted the book to go, specifically with the character of Chase?

I did! I wanted Harper and Chase to end up together and have their HEA, but halfway through their HEA I stumbled upon and read two stories that mine have been linked with, (Beautiful Disaster and Thoughtless) and realized that I couldn’t have them stay together. I needed a book that was different than others, and though originally I just had Chase leaving, certain things happened and “The Scene” came about. I never had that planned, and it hit me just as hard as it hit the readers. I cried for two hours straight while writing it and after, and the story took its own turn from there.

  • I think that most people who have read Taking Chances are pretty torn over which ‘team’ they are on, so what about you, team Brandon, or team Chase?

Ahh, I have to say I’m Team Brandon – when I’m not Team Chase 😉 I’m way too in love with both of them to be solely one team, but if I had to choose, I would choose Brandon.

  • Your new book, From Ashes, is being released in December, could you tell me a little bit about the story and the things that inspired you to write it?

It’s about a girl, Cassidy, that has been taken from her abusive parents by her best friend Tyler. Tyler was leaving for college and there was no way he could leave Cassidy with them, besides, he’s in love with her…what he’s not planning on is her falling in love with his cousin Gage, their new roommate. Tyler does everything to keep them apart and succeeds for a year and a half until he accidently pushes them together. Only months into Gage and Cassidy’s relationship, something happens that sends her back to Tyler and it just might be the breaking point for them both. Like with Taking Chances, and almost all of my other books, a dream inspired this book as well! I have a lot of good dreams I’ve written down that are just waiting to be turned into stories!

  • And finally, who is your favorite book crush?

Hawk Delgado from Mystery Man- The Dream Man series by Kristen Ashley. YUM! I swear he’s my husband!! (Just don’t tell my actual hubby!)

This last part of the interview on Lisa’s Book Review Blog was one of my favorites. I love when music is added to a book and here is Molly’s Playlist for Taking Chances:

What songs did you listen to while writing Taking Chances, if any?

I had Pandora playing Hinder, Paramore, Coheed & Cambria and Anberlin Radio on shuffle, but this is the playlist for Taking Chances: I have to have music while I write and edit, but I can’t stand to have the TV on! When they start talking I accidentally start writing what they’re saying.

Taking Chances Playlist….

Break Your Little Heart – All Time Low: Chase before Harper and Brandon first get together

Addicted – Saving Abel: Brandon and Harper’s second kiss on the couch

Thing For You – Hinder: First Weekend with Brandon in his bed

Feel Good Drag – Anberlin: When Chase asks Harper “If I act like your friend, will I get to fuck you too?”

Damned if I Do Ya – All Time Low: Chase and Harper hanging out at family days

Crush Crush Crush – Paramore: New Year’s Eve Party while they’re all playing poker

I Hate Everything About You – Three Days Grace: Harper moping about Chase before they hook up

I Can’t Stay Away – The Veronicas: When Chase and Harper start arguing right before they have sex for the first time

Poison and Wine – The Civil Wars: When Chase and Harper make love in the shower and she’s silently crying.

Lips of An Angel – Hinder: After Harper goes back to Brandon, whenever she and Chase think about each other

Come Wake Me Up – Rascal Flatts: For Brandon when Harper tells him she’s pregnant and leaves

Thinking of You – Katy Perry: When Harper sees Brandon after they break up

Learning To Fall – Boys Like Girls: Brandon when he sees Harper and Chase together the first time after their break up

Never Gonna Leave This Bed – Maroon 5: Last morning at Bed & Breakfast, Chase & Harper

Crazier – Taylor Swift: It’s not in the book, but I picture a scene with Chase and Harper at the beach…and this song goes with it

Better Than Me – Hinder: Chase pleading with Harper not to break up with him, and leaving the house after the “night with Trish”

IV The Road and the Damned – Coheed and Cambria: Chase’s “Scene”

I’m With You – Avril Lavigne: Harper soon after Brandon and Bree get her out of mourning

My Heart – Paramore: Right before Harper and Brandon get back together

Wake Up – Coheed and Cambria: Brandon and Harper, first morning in their town home waking up together

If I Ever Leave This World Alive – Flogging Molly: End of Epilogue



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