Okay so I have been waiting and waiting for this next book Trey’s book… and I had noticed that on Olivia Cunnings website a while back that Jace’s story was supposed to be the 3rd book but for some reason Trey’s is coming out first when his book is supposed to be the last book in the series. Then I read a review and this is what they said at TotallyBooked that made me wonder if I should just wait for Jace’s story and just read them in the order that she has them listed on her page.

Gitte:  My initial thoughts after reading Double Time, which I have to get out first before I continue, is why on earth did the publisher decide on printing this title going against the  Author’s series order? To me, personally, this was a mistake. This book is intended to be the last in the Sinners series. So it kind of spoils the other two books yet to come in this series. Those being the stories of Eric and Jace. I personally hate reviews with spoilers, so knowing how it ends up for them; I can’t help but feel very disappointed. I also think that when we get the next book, any story-line with Trey will seem odd. I feel sorry for Olivia Cunning that this has happened.

Jenny:  I agree.  It sort of stopped the momentum of Double Time for me once I realised it was released out of order.  I have no idea why they did that and it was definitely a mistake. I really feel for Olivia Cunning.  Her publisher definitely made a bad decision choosing to release this before the other two.

So as much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE these guys and can not wait to read Trey’s story I dont want to read it and have the other two books ruined for me… 😦 I think I might just wait for February for Jace’s book since it is supposed to be the third book in the series. I wonder why they decided to publish out of order. I sent the author an email and asked.. I am sure she is busy but hopefully she will have a chance to get back to me….

So here is to waiting for February for a Sinners fix! 😦 but I am sure it will be worth the wait her books all are worth it!!!

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