Teaser for Sam’s book (Shadowlands Series) by Cherise Sinclair

I am so exited for this one and can not wait to find out when she gets a release date. She posted today a teaser. And since Sam Elliott is her inspiration for Sam his voice is what I hear when I read anything he says! 🙂

Title: This Is Who I Am

Set to release May 28th


The club had been closed for the two weeks Z and Jessica were gone, and now everyone was in a celebratory mood.

The music was an upbeat Lacuna Coil, making the scenes lighter than normal. The Mistress caning her blonde sub danced a few steps between each strike. Over at a suspension scene, the Dom had set the submissive to swinging in time with the music.

Sam watched as Linda took it in, picking up the atmosphere immediately. She bounced a little herself. To his satisfaction, when she spotted him, she headed over immediately.

When he caught her lavender-and-lime scent, he hardened. As he roused to the darker side of the Shadowlands, the beast inside him rose at the approach of its prey. A sadist’s toy.

Her pupils dilated at the look he gave her. Under her silky black top, her nipples contracted into hard spikes.

Good. Someone wanted to play. Curving his fingers around her nape, he cupped her breast with his other hand. When his thumb circled a nipple, he saw the tension mount inside her. Damn, but he’d missed her. “I’d order you a drink, but I’d rather hurt you first.”

She looked shocked. Then red streaked her cheeks.

He kissed her lightly and whispered against her mouth, “See you cry.”

Her lips quivered under his.

“Hear you scream.”

“Oh, heavens.” Her voice was as husky as if she’d already gifted him with a few screams.

He fisted her hair, keeping her in place, then tightened his fingers on one nipple, firmly enough to hear her suck in air. As he watched, he could see how the pain slid into her like a caress.


“I won’t scar you. I won’t go past what you can take. If you can trust me that far, this will be much easier for you.”  He met her eyes straight on, letting her read his body, hear the truth, and see it in his face. “But, Linda, I’m going to hurt you. You’ll hate me when I make you take it, and you’ll hate even more that you need it. That it fills that hole inside you and cleans away the clutter.”

The shudder ran through her, telling him she’d heard him on all levels. Her muscles were still tight, her eyes blazing, yet he could almost smell the subtle perfume of submission.

She yielded. Now he gave her what she wanted and finish that surrender.


“You should talk to me.” She crossed her arms over her gorgeous breasts. “We need to discuss this.”

“Don’t think so.” As he forced his muscles to relax, he smiled slowly. Seems he had a bossy masochist trapped in his bathroom. Looked like a fine way to improve his mood. “I figure you owe me for starting my day off so badly.”

“I owe *you*?”

He set her hand on his shoulder. Watching her closely, he bent far enough to slide his fingers down her inner thigh, finding a small welt from the night before. He pressed lightly, enough to hurt. More than that—enough to bring back her memories of how it had happened.

Her pupils dilated, her fingers on his bare shoulder curved, pulling him closer, as if needing more contact with his skin.

That he could do. He gathered her in, shoving her towel down in the process, so her breasts rubbed against his chest. Her nipples jutted out, two points of extra pressure. “I haven’t had my shower yet,” he murmured in her ear. If he turned the water to ice cold and held her under it, would she scream? “You can help me.”

“Aren’t you just a generous guy?” Pink washed into her face as he pressed his erection against her soft lower pelvis.


Master Sam and Linda in the Shadowlands

He glanced down at his redhead. Might as well give her a few choices in the game—or let her think she was getting some. After setting his bag on a chair, Sam started unzipping the inside dividers. Open the one for the toys. Clamps, yes. Gags or blindfold? No. Why deprive himself of hearing her screams, of seeing tears in her eyes? That section stayed closed.

After setting a rectangular tray table beside the chair, he told Linda, “Set out what’s in the bag.” He touched the left end. “Starting here, go from anything you want me to use to your least favorites. If something is a hard limit, leave it in the bag.”

A sweet crease of worry appeared between her red-brown brows. “And you’ll start at the good end and work your way through to the bad?”

“Nope.” He stepped close enough that her breasts grazed his chest, and she had to tilt her head back to look up at him. “Just lets me know what will bother you and what won’t. I choose what. And when.”

“But —”

He smiled into her vulnerable eyes. “Trust me to know how much you can take, missy. And to push you to that point.”

Even as the hint of fear appeared in her eyes, her nipples contracted to hard points.

As the beast inside him stirred and raised its head, he stepped back. “Go to work.”

While he worked on attaching chains to the proper bolts, he watched her pick and choose.

She put a heavy cane midway, a lighter one closer to the good side. The heavy flogger was good; the one with knotted ends went to the bad side. His favorite short snake whip was considered. Put close to the bad end. Moved to the other side. Moved again. Was there anything more appetizing than a submissive’s uncertainty? He’d definitely give her a taste of that whip, no matter where it ended up on the table.


Sam let the hot water massage the tightness out of his shoulders and neck and counted minutes in his head.

He’d just made it to three minutes when the shower door was flung open.

Mama Bear had left the cave. He tried to turn his head before she caught his smile, but didn’t succeed.

Hands on hips, Linda glared at him. “What did you say to my children?” Even as furious as she was, her voice was still controlled. No shrieking, no hysterics. She was one fine woman. Then she slapped his shoulder. “You tell me. Now!”

He gave her a quick survey. She’d dressed for the farm in a V-neck T-shirt and jeans, and left her shoes at the front door as he liked. Good enough. “As the sadist in this relationship, I do the slapping.” He grabbed the front of her shirt and pulled her into the shower. She was soaked in seconds.

Nice scream. Set all the hair on his body tingling. “You aren’t allowed to hit me.” He ripped the T-shirt at the neck and yanked it downward, pinning her arms against her sides.

“You—you—you bastard!”

“If you figure to worry until they show, think again.” As she struggled, he unzipped her jeans and shoved them and her underwear down to hobble her ankles.

“Dammit, let me go.”

“Nope.” He dug his fingers into the last remaining welts on her ass, pulling her against him. With an unbreakable grip on her nape, he held her for his kiss, taking and taking until she went limp against him. Until she kissed him back.


His eyes narrowed, and then he gripped her hair, holding her head back as he took her lips. Not cruelly, not likethem. A shiver of memories ran through her, then a pinch on her thigh snapped through them.

“Stay with me, girl.” His growling voice was like sandpaper, scraping away defenses, digging down to where her nerves were alive. “Say my name.”

The hard light in his gaze set up a trembling in her belly that had nothing to do with fear. “Sam.”“Again.” His arm tightened as his other hand closed on her breast. Cupping, then kneading, tugging on the nipple. His gaze was on her face as he pinched.When it hit pain, sensation streamed like a wave of light and heat straight to her core. “Sam!”His lips curved in a hard smile. “Good. We’re on the same page.” His hand moved to her other breast, no longer gentle, but demanding. Yetcareful. Never with the careless brutality that—“Ow!” Her hip stung where he’d given it a mean pinch.“When I want you to think, I’ll tell you.”


“Asshole, she’s shocky.” A voice from Linda’s dreams grated across her nerves, snapping her into the present. The bench squeaked a complaint as someone sat beside her. Arms closed around her, trapping her.

No! She shoved at his hands, panic rising like a floodtide.

“Don’t move, girl. You need to be held. Slap me later.” The rough growl of Sam’s voice was like the rumble of an eighteen-wheeler, carrying a truckload of safety.

He was warm—so, so warm. She sagged against him. I hate you.

“That-a-girl. Take a break for a second. You earned it.”

His chest was a brick wall; his arms iron bands, not comfortable in the least. Her body didn’t care, more secure than in the long, long months since she’d been freed from the slavers. With Sam’s arms around her, nothing would hurt her.

Except him.

Ever since he was brought in to the series there was always something about him. And when I had found out that she was giving him his own book I was SOO excited I can not wait to learn more about this Sadist!!

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