Anna’s POV-Thoughtless (S.C. Stephens)

S.C. Stephens has posted a little snip-it on Anna’s reaction to seeing Kellan for the first time in the picture that Kiera sent home in a care package.. here is what she had posted on her Facebook page...

Thank you all for being so patient with me! Finishing Reckless was a bit taxing, but it’s done and has been sent to the publishers for copyediting. I’ve been reminiscing about the characters while I’ve been thinking about what to write next. Just for fun, I started thinking about Anna’s reaction to seeing a photo of Kellan for the first time. Writing out the scene made me laugh, so I thought I would share it with you. This is Anna going through the care package that Kiera sent home in Thoughtless. Caution: Anna is a bit on the crass side, so the f-bombs fall like rain…

Pulling back the cardboard, I looked at the assortment of goodies that my sister had sent from her new home. She was going to school in Washington, and living in sin with her longtime boyfriend, Denny. He was cute, sweet. A little tame for my tastes, but a perfect match for Kiera. I was sure she’d be walking down the aisle any day now. Mom would be thrilled.

Seeing that my sister had included cookies in the care package, I pulled out the box that looked like it had come from a local bakery. The cookies were still soft, heavenly. As I chewed on a chocolate chip one, I flipped through the photo album she’d sent with them. Lots of scenery of Seattle—the Space Needle, some ferries, the university campus, the bar where Kiera was working. I paused on a picture of Kiera and Denny on a pier. My sister and her boyfriend were adorable together. Denny was slight for a guy, just a little bit taller than Kiera really, and he had dark brown hair that blended well with Kiera’s softer shade. With their arms wrapped around each other and huge grins on their rosy cheeks, they were matching bookends of cuteness. It was almost sickening.

I flipped past their picture and just about had an orgasm when I saw the next one. A man with shaggy light brown hair, piercing dark blue eyes, and a smile that screamed sex, was standing right between Kiera and Denny. “Holy mother of God. Who the fuck is that?” I lifted the picture so it was right in front of my eyes. It had to be a mirage. No way was I seeing what I was really seeing. Men that attractive didn’t really exist. But the man in the photo didn’t get any less attractive as I brought the picture closer to me. He was real, and he was the hottest person I’d ever seen. And that was saying a lot. I knew some very attractive people.

Was this who Kiera and Denny were rooming with? God, if so, Kiera’s new roommate was gorgeous. No, not just gorgeous….that word wasn’t enough. He was so good looking it was difficult to find a word that fully summed up how hot he was. He was just…edible. And fuckable. Fuck-edible. I wanted to screw him and lick him, all at the same time. And I wanted him to screw me and lick me, over and over again. Goddamn it! Why didn’t Kiera tell me about this guy? She was seriously breaking our sister code of ethics, the one that says ‘If you come into contact with a hot man, no, a fuck-edible man, you will alert said sister of any and all potential for sexual encounters.’ Kiera was in seriously hot water.

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