40 FREEBIES 10/26/12

I try and get a list of books and post them on here maybe twice a month. I post more on my facebook page as I come across some they are not always still free when I get around to posting my list. Here is what I have come across as of late.



  1. The Witching Pen – Dianna Hardy
  2. Samson’s Lovely Mortal – Tina Folsom
  3. Masters at Arms – Kallypso Masters –> Still free.. LOVE the series!
  4. Shelter from the Storm – Patrica Ryan
  5. Enemies and Playmates – Darcia Helle
  6. Seduced by the Boss 2 – Jenn Roseton
  7. Glimpse – Stacey Wallace Benefiel
  8. Frumpy to Fabulous – Natalie Jobity
  9. Daryk Hunter – Denise Agnew
  10. Lawful Escort – Tina Folsom
  11. Prairie Hill – Fred Burwell
  12. For Keeps – Chautona Havig
  13. Love, Lies, and High heels – Debby Conrad
  14. Maid in the USA – Judy Angelo
  15. Torn – Gilli Allan
  16. Wine & Roses – Susan R. Hughes
  17. Love Me – Liz Appel
  18. Hale’s Point – Patricia Ryan
  19. Promise – Kristie Cook
  20. Bargain in Bronze – Natalie Anderson
  21. Desire’s Release – Bliss Silentstar
  22. Seduced by Blood – Taylor Tryst
  23. Midnight Melodies: Erotic Tales – Elizabeth LaRou
  24. Soul Sisters – Janiera Eldridge
  25. Coming Home – Julie Sellers
  26. Breathless – Scott Prussing
  27. B-Sides and Remixes – Ran Walker
  28. The Finest Line – Catherine Taylor
  29. Double Trouble – Deborah Cooke
  30. Memory’s Child – Lynnette Spratley
  31. Bound to Remember – Lola James
  32. Marked: A Two Halves Novella – Marta Szemik
  33. Sundered (zombi-ish apocolypse) – Shannon Mayer
  34. Porter House – JJ Martin
  35. Savin’ Me – Alannah Lynne
  36. Reckless Nights in Rome – CC MacKenzie
  37. Darkness Awakened – Stephanie Rowe
  38. Venice Vampyr – Tina Folsom
  39. Marked – Elisabeth Naughton
  40. My Best Friend’s Virginity – Desiree Crimson

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Found my new love for books when a good friend sent me the Sookie books and I was stuck in a paranormal state and only wanted that then I came across Shayla Black and read her Wicked Lovers Series which got me into the contemporary romance with a "twist" and since then I have just been a reading fanatic! And LOVE every minute of my escape from reality. View all posts by Momma's Books

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