Review – Untraceable by Lindsay Delagair



The final installment in the Untouchable trilogy winds through a tangled web of shattered lives, the pursuit of power, and the unfailing strength of love.

Annalisa knew from the beginning that she was falling in love with a dangerous man. But, she also knew that underneath his cold and empty hitman exterior, beat the heart of the man who would love her forever. Against insurmountable odds, Micah and Annalisa have finally reached a place in their lives where he can make a promise to her. It is a promise he never thought would have been possible at one time: He will never take another human life.

But when tragedy strikes, and their happiness is destroyed, Micah must decide if he should keep his promise, or should he pursue those responsible. Especially when he realizes it involves the most feared man in the U.S. mafia, a man who can make anyone…Untraceable.



This was such a good series.. The second book was my favorite but this was a nice ending to the trilogy  Although it did leave me wanting more. The way she ended it kind of left it open for her to do some type of spin-off if she wanted to. Of course I hope she does but have a feeling she wont. 😦 I did find myself at a couple of spots being completely surprised by what happened because I didn’t expect it at all what so ever! Those are some of my favorite types of books when things take a turn and throw me completely.

Just when you think that things work out in the third and this one will probably just be a nice happy book with no drama because I mean how much more could she think up to put in this book? Well yes she did think of more! and I was at a loss for some of it. I hurt so bad and started to cry big time at one part and it wasn’t even at the half point. I know someone who read the book and because of that part they put the book down and couldn’t finish for a few days, it upset them so much. I told her to just keep reading and she did and she agreed that the second book was her favorite but she is happy that things didn’t work out the way she had thought.

I am glad she finished because I didn’t have anyone else to talk about it with. haha

The one thing that I did enjoy about it was the small religious aspects she added in. I grew up catholic and so it kind of reminded me of that time as a kid growing up. She does it so well too it isn’t throwing it down your throat that if you do something bad you are going to hell or anything like that it is about having hope and just believing  BUT I do have to say that in this one there was a little more then what I had thought was believable.

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