Here is some news and information as well that I have come across in news updates from their blogs, or facebook pages.. either way I just wanted to share… with everyone…

Molly McAdams the GREAT author of Taking Chances is working on a new book… well 2 actually the first is a book that is not a part of Taking Chances at all it is a different book called From Ashes which is set to come out in December and I can not wait to read this one!   She also posts Teasers for it on her BLOG! 🙂 gotta love teasers!

blurb:   When Cassidy Jameson’s best friend Tyler took her to Texas with him when he left for college, she was expecting his cousin, their new roommate, to be a Stetson-wearing cowboy since his family owned a ranch; not this incredibly gorgeous guy with a husky Southern drawl that seemed to make the world stop whenever she looked at him. Because of her past, she’s only ever trusted two men in her life, Tyler and her dad whom passed away when she was six. But there’s something about Gage that draws her to him in a way she can’t explain, only problem? He’s always telling Tyler that he doesn’t want Cassidy living there and sees her as nothing more than his little sister.

She also is working on something that is connected to Taking Chances it is Chase’s POV I can NOT wait for this one!!! I am beyond excited for this one, as well as a little scared as to how it will all work.. I am sure I will need tissues!!  I got this from her BLOG:

Chase’s story needs to get out there, and there’s so much you read in Harper’s POV that I know you’re wanting to see. The fights with Brandon – talking to his parents about Harper – and pretty much how he viewed EVERYTHING.

So I’m shooting for an early March release for his POV, no title yet…will keep you updated though!

Although she has been calling it Stealing Harper for now… So we will have to wait and see if she changes that… 🙂

M Leighton the author of Down to You (good read!!) and Wild Ones (on my TBR list)

She is working on there being 3 books for the down to you series and 3 for the wild ones series.

As of right now she has a tentative title for book 2 in the Down To You series UP TO ME. She has not yet come up with one for the third book.

She has the second book of the Wild Ones Series title as Wild Child and the third’s tentative title is Wild Nights.

I am waiting patently for the second book in the Down To You books!!! that cliff hanger left me wanting to scream! 🙂

Olivia Cunning the author of GREAT rock stars! The Sinners on Tour Series and One Night With Sole Regret Series.

Right now many are jumping up and down knowing that Trey’s book comes out next week. Right now there are a few giveaways that have ONE day left so please go enter if you have a chance to TONIGHT

The first one that I came across is over at Under The Covers Blog she also does an interview with Olivia I always LOVE to read interviews with my favorite authors… in this interview she also talks about the fact that the publishers decided to print Trey’s book as third in the series when it was originally written as the last book. So there may be some spoilers in there about Jace and Eric.  The blog is giving away a print of Double Time! ONE DAY LEFT

Then there is the EPIC giveaway that Olivia is doing on her own blog —> HERE she is giving away 2 copies of the 3 books of the Sinners On Tour Series for the person who won as well as a set for them to give away to who they would like to, along with some candies yummy!!  ONE DAY LEFT

And well who can pass up an interview with TREY!?? I just love when I get to read these type of interviews! 🙂 they make me smile!  Here on SIA MCKYE OVER COFFEE‘s Blog they were lucky enough to get to interview the wonderful Trey and I just had to pass it along for those who would like to read it…

Here is an older interview but it is still a good one with Trey! –>The Cutest Blog on the Block

THE BEST NEWS I GOT….. Okay she also did another interview on Love Romance Passion‘s Blog… Here we were able to leave questions and she would respond when she got a chance to. They are also doing a giveaway of a print copy of Double Time… ENDS NOV. 9

Here is what I that I had posted…

—Okay I have read all 3 of the Sole Regret books and LOVE every SINGLE one of them.. I wish they were longer though. haha BUT I was wondering……..
QUESTION——> since there are only 2 more left in that set will we get a feeling of closure like a follow up that’s maybe a year or two later to tell us what has happened???
—I have also read the 2 Sinners books that are out so far and LOVED them!!! no one can write a Rock Star book the way you can!! (AWESOME!!) So that being said I can not wait for HOT TICKET to come out since I know that Trey was supposed to be last and well I HAVE to read a series in order.. So I will be reading in the order YOU posted on your website… (I know the wait will be worth it for sure! 🙂 )
QUESTION—–> Once you finish up with Sole Regret and Sinners what is going to be next for you? do you have a plan to do more Rock Star books or something totally different???

And when I got a response from her I wanted to scream….. I was so excited!!!! here was her response…

Brandy- There are at least 12 more Sole Regret books in the works. I’m experimenting with a serial format. I thought it would be fun to have all five stories going at once, one night at a time. We’ll see if I change my mind after around book seven. So far I’m loving how the series is progressing. I have so many ideas for weaving the stories together. After Sole Regret and Sinners, I’ll be working on Exodus End. Those will be full-length novels, similar to the Sinners format. I know the Sole Regret serial format drives some folks crazy, but I like that I can put one out every six or seven weeks instead of every six or seven months. 😀

12 MORE SOLE books!!!!! yay!!!! and another ROCK STAR series after Sinners!!! YAY!!!

And after reading the responses to all the questions I can not wait for Jace and Eric’s book she had said that Eric surprised her with his self-less heart… I mean come on I always loved the guy he is a big goof ball… and of course he is self less haha he helped Brian out in the bathroom in Back Stage Pass no problem 😉

Here is a little info I found on another interview she did on Guilty Pleasure‘s Blog about Exodus End…

The lead character of Double Time is Trey Mills. He’s the rhythm guitarist for Sinners. His brother, Dare Mills, is also a guitarist. He plays lead guitar for the band Exodus End. Because Double Time’s heroine, Reagan Elliot, is also in the band Exodus End—she won a contest and is touring with them for a year—we are introduced to the other members of Exodus End in this book. The lead singer is Max—he’s very serious and methodical about music. Then there’s Steve, the drummer. He’s a bit of a skirt chaser. Then Logan, the bassist, who is the jokester. And Dare who gives off irresistible Dare-a-mones. Dare shows up a lot in Double Time because he’s such an awesome, supportive brother to Trey, and he also takes on a mentor role with Reagan.

Considering that there are still two Sinners books to be released next year, I think you’re getting a bit ahead of yourself with Exodus End. I do have plans to write four novels in a spin-off series. Since I haven’t finished the first one yet, I can’t say how or when they’ll be published. Let’s go with a very vague and noncommittal: one of these days. Hopefully, sooner rather than later. I do want to wait until all the Sinners books are released before I focus on Exodus End, however. So keep your panties on. *wink* But thanks for your interest in more rock star books! I love writing them.

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