Interview with author Ella Frank (and Mason) plus a giveaway!!

Sitting down to meet author Ella Frank at Exquisite for an interview hoping to get a look at Mr. Casanova himself if he happens to be able to come out from the back… since it is a Wednesday it is not very busy. So my hopes to meet Mason go up even higher. I was seated and ordered a glass of water while I waited

I look up and see Wendy walking over with Ella and there is a quick introduction and then Ella orders something to drink. Wendy smiles at us and tells us that as soon as Mason is free he will come out and say hello. (I can’t stop the huge grin that comes across my face at this news)

Me: Hello Ella thank you for meeting me for this interview I am so excited I get to actually come here to see and eat at this great restaurant and even meet THE man himself.. and talk with you of course.

Ella: Hey there Brandy. I’m so glad you made it. This restaurant is something else right? I knew it would make the perfect place to meet – not to mention give you the opportunity to pick THE man’s..(laughing out loud)..brain.

Me: Okay how bout we order some food I hear it is great here (I can’t stop the butterflies in my belly I am actually here right now!)

Ella: Sounds good to me! I love to eat and I especially like to eat Mason’s cooking

After ordering our food I reach in and grab the paper from my bag and get ready to ask questions… and I can’t help but keep looking over to the door that leads to the kitchen area… I hear her clear her throat so I try and push it aside and get down to business…

Me: Sorry I don’t mean to be distracted. I umm… Well yeah… anyway okay here we go I haven’t done many of these so I apologize if I seem nervous but well it’s just that he is just right over there on the other side of the wall and well I mean come on who wouldn’t be excited about that?.. I mean don’t get me wrong I am excited about meeting you also but (*sigh*) Mason Langley… (I look over at her and can’t tell if she wants to laugh at me or be offended, I shake my head and I take a breath and start)… okay here we go …

Me: What would be your favorite part of the book? (I cannot pick just one!!)

Ella: Neither can I! I know I know, that isn’t the answer you want so let me see. I have several favorite parts but if I have to narrow it down it would be that pivotal moment in Catherine’s flower shop with Lena & Mason. You know, that moment when our man back there, finally gained her trust? He had such a hard time opening up about that with me, and to this day it still breaks my heart.

On a side note I also loved the jogging scene I had no clue what he was up to with THAT bet of his but boy did he shock this Australian!

Me: Oh that bet was AWESOME!!!

Me: What was the hardest part to write in this book?

Ella: Catherine’s passing. As Mase told me about his mother, and then Lena would relay her stories involving this wonderful woman, I just knew it would be hard when they got to the part where she finally passed. Going in I knew Catherine was no longer with us and it wasn’t supposed to be a secret or a shock – it just was, and it was incredibly hard on everyone involved, including me when I finally had to write it. I can only hope I did her justice and in the end told their story respectfully and faithfully.

Me: It was hard to read but like you said it wasn’t a secret I knew it was coming but I still cried… I couldn’t imagine how hard it must have been to write.

Me: Is there anything you wish you could change in the book or in the process of writing and publishing it?

Ella: Yes! So many steps in this process, not the story. This was my first time out the gate as a self-published author and I did so many things wrong…(chuckling). However, I would like to think I have learned from them and will not make them again. Best thing I ever did was get some wonderful critique partners and an editor.

Me: How personal is your writing? Do you pick from your personal life while you write? And please tell me you may have experienced some of the things in this book!!!

Ella: Ha! My writing is always personal. I do pull certain moments and things from my life and put them in there and often some of my Aussie sayings slip in and I have to go back and remove them reminding myself, okay Ella, Mase is not Australian… but in saying that I also take moments in time and expand on them …which moments, well I’ll never tell!! (sing song voice)

Me: Well then leave that up to my imagination and that might not be the best.. but it will work out for your benefit in my head that’s for sure. (laughing out loud)

Me: How did you come up with the title? Was it because it was the name of the restaurant or did the title come first then you named it the restaurant?

Ella: Mason came first..okay that sounds wrong. Mason turned up, told me he had a story and that he owned a restaurant and that the food was simply Exquisite – hence the name!

Me: Oh did he ever come! (laughing) sorry you know I couldn’t just leave that and you knew it when you said it!

Me: I loved that you wrote in both of their POV’s what made you choose to do that?

Ella: They did! (laughing out loud ). Actually really they did, I have read so many books just from the female POV and I am always left thinking what was HE thinking!!!! In this case Mase wouldn’t shut it, and neither has Josh from book two and I am already arguing with the third man in my life but I am not telling you his name yet because honestly, he won’t let me, says it’s some kind of invasion of his privacy blah blah blah…

(and since you mention Josh here he is)

Me: I am the same way I am always wondering what the guy is thinking. So that was awesome! and hmmm cannot wait to find out who the third special man is…

Me: How many books will there be? I know Shelly has hers next and you are going to do one for Rachel as well.

Ella: Yep! You got it. Dr. Shelly Monroe is up next in Entice and then Rachel’s will wrap up the series. These women were all so stubbornly independent and so different, but they were also very willing to sit down with me and their men and tell me all about their lives.

They are so entwined with one another they just coexist as one huge slightly dysfunctional family and I have loved being invited in to write down their journeys and share it with the world. Each and everyone them have ongoing moments and story lines throughout the series, so we never leave the first characters, we just get to see how they are moving along in the second and third.

Me: Have you written anything else or is this your first novel?

Ella: I’ve written for years. Ever since I was sixteen and that’s a few years. I just never finished one! I have this series and I have a story brewing in mind that I am planning to co-write with a fellow author and we are VERY excited about that, but first I need to get through Shelly and then Rachel’s story.

Me: How do you write? Laptop/pen and paper, outside/inside, with music/quiet room?

Ella: Laptop for sure! Usually I’m inside at the kitchen table and I find myself listening to loops of music and I have specific play lists but when I actually write – silence.

Me: What do your family and friends think of your work?

Ella: They are THRILLED! Ok and I’ll admit absolutely gob smacked that I finally finished one, but first and foremost proud as punch!

Me: Do you do anything special before you get writing? (a few shots maybe? Sit naked while you write? :))

Ella: LOL sit naked?? No. That would likely scare the heck out of me and it would turn into a horror story. No rituals here just listen to my music for a while then turn it off and plug in.

Me: What?? Some people have weird rituals you know like baseball players not shaving. I mean I gonna guess you didn’t give up shaving while you write (laughing hard)

The waitress comes to our table with our food and so we start to eat a little I have relaxed and am enjoying my time with Ella. This is fun! Then when I take a bite of my food it is like an instant orgasmic experience. So damn good! OMG I don’t notice that my eyes are shut and I am moaning till I hear laughing and I open my eyes to see Ella laughing at me. (damn it! Pull yourself together Brandy) we eat and talk some more I am able to get a few more questions in while I am at it.

Me: Do you enjoy doing these interviews? Haha (should have asked that first huh?)

Ella: I do! At first I have to admit I found them nerve wracking but tonight in this setting? Knowing you’ll end up picking Mase’s brain worse than mine – I have to admit I think I’m going to enjoy this, maybe a little too much.

Me: Oh the things I would like to do to that man… mmmm okay sorry you distracted me with his name again.

Me: What are some of your hobbies outside of writing?

Ella: Reading! I’m an avid reader & I love movies.

Me: Books are the best! a nice escape from reality!

Me: What is your pet peeve? (I have a few, and dogs that lick themselves drives me UP the wall that sound is worse than nails on a chalkboard)

Ella: People who don’t use their car blinkers. They are there for a reason (sing song voice)

Me: Do you have any phobias? (I can NOT do small spaces!)

Ella: I don’t like heights. I can go up but I don’t like to look over the edge or be too close to a railing.

don’t look down…

Me: What is a deep dark secret you would want to share? (I won’t tell anyone I promise! :))

Ella: I’m obsessed with caramel, on anything! Mase was lucky I didn’t add it to his peach pie.


Me: Ohhhh so does that mean maybe just maybe there will be some caramel in a scene in the future? I hope so. Lol I love caramel also! So yummy!

Me: The names… is there anything special in why you picked them?

Ella: No. I loved Magdalena because I am obsessed with Ireland. I also loved that it could be Maggie (soft) which she never was..(laughing) or Lena (which to me was tougher) Mason just walked up and said I’m Mason Langley, you can call me Mase or Langley, just call me. Yes he’s a flirt and yes he has beautiful dimples.

Me: Oh lord those dimples! He is just ….. *sigh* yeah!

Me: Where did all the smart-assness come from? I would think it would be a little difficult.

Just as I finish asking the question I see in the corner of my eye the door to the kitchen push open and out walks the hottest, sexiest, hottest, most edible, did I say HOT man? But DAMN! If I was not married and he was single… I would be all over that! I see him look out over towards us and smile then start walking over. My heart is racing and my palms start to sweat I am sure I am flushed at this point. I feel like I am about to have a panic attack. I take a few deep breaths because he is getting close fast it doesn’t take him long with those long legs to reach us. I look up from his legs and drag my eyes up and up till all I can seem to do is focus on his crotch and wonder what is behind those pants… then a whole bunch of other questions start in my mind… How big, how thick, what does it taste like? Before he gets to us I decide I need to start talking to Ella and act busy because if not he will know I am thinking about his dick.

Me: So is it thick, long, soft? I mean how do you decide what his dick looks like?

I just realize that the first thing I say is the exactly what is on my mind and because he is now standing right at the table and I am completely flustered and embarrassed and want to just crawl in a ball and die. Now I know I am as red as a tomato from embarrassment and I cannot go back in time and re-do this. I have my hands over my face because I just cannot believe that my mouth like always gets me into some kind of trouble I swear I have no filter from my brain to my mouth. And I hear him let out a laugh and Ella well she is laughing hysterically.

Me: Okay I want to die now. Can we PLEASE act like that did NOT just happen and start over!? (but knowing Mason he will not just let that one go)

Ella: (Laughing hard) So we’re skipping the smart ass comment to talk about Mase’s… (I look up to Mason and he raises and eyebrow at me, then he smirks and winks)

Mason: Oh please Ella, do tell?

Ella: (Chuckling) To discuss his equipment? Well I certainly didn’t get him to drop his pants – Lena would have likely strangled me – so I discussed his mouthwatering attributes with her and in the end derived the details from what she told me she witnessed firsthand.

Mason: Hmmm (Mason’s voice rumbles) she did more than witness Ella and she sure has magic hands.

Me: Oh to be in her place for a night…

I look up to see him looking and smirking at me ohhh shit I just said that out loud. stupid mouth! stupid stupid mouth!

Me: Hi Mason it is nice to meet you the food was amazing! Okay can I please get a shot of something I need something to just… well shit I just need something.

The waitress walks back over to the table after Mason waves her over and he looks at me as if asking what I wanted so I tell him a shot of southern comfort. Mason talks softly to the waitress I can’t hear what he is saying but I see him holding up his fingers he seems to think that I need more than one shot though as I see he is holding up four fingers she smiles then walks away. He then slides into the booth next to me. Ohhh I am just going to die! I figure at this point I will get back to Ella because I don’t know how long he will be able to sit with us I hope she understands. I look over at her and she smiles and sits back I think she knows because I just see it in her eyes like she is saying ‘go ahead’ and I smile back with a ‘thanks mom you’re the best’ type of smile.

Mason: Evening ladies – Brandy isn’t it? You look beautiful. Man, I’m a lucky guy to be sitting here with two gorgeous ladies. On top of that, you enjoyed the meal – my mother always told me, if you feed a woman a good meal she’ll be putty in your hands.

Ella: (chuckling softly) Like you need help with that.

Me: Oh I am sure you don’t need to cook to make women putty in your hands. Ditto what Ella said. (and I can’t help the giggle that escapes and I can feel the heat creep up my face at his compliment; he thinks I’m pretty. Damn it I’m such a girl)

Me: Okay so my mother in law tells me I am “cochina” –we are Mexican so that is her way of saying dirty because I read these types of books (anything with sex is dirty to her) what do you think she would think of all your hotness?

The shots arrive and well I don’t waste time I down one then have the other ready and waiting for Ella to take it with me she does then he reaches over and grabs the extra one and puts it in front of me (she smiles like she knew this was the plan) he winks so I say in my mind ‘fuck it’. And down that one too… okay keep in mind I have not drank in a long time so I know these are going to hit me and soon. But it could make for a fun interview right! Lol

Mason: Are you implying I’m dirty Brandy? (Glancing over to Ella he smiles) How soon she forgets (turns back with a wicked grin)– I love a good shower.

Me: (choking and coughing) ohhh shit.. I definitely KNOW you love a nice HOT shower.. lol thanks for that image! (I wink at him) damn this man can melt frozen butter by just looking at it.

Me: Ok Langley, got a would you rather for you… would you rather give a rim job or get your prostate massaged as you orgasm?

Okay talk about it hit me faster than I thought I think he gave me the 100 proof. sneaky bastard. And at this point the filter is never going to go back in place, and all I seem to be able to think about is doing dirty things to this man. I mean who wouldn’t?

Mason: (chuckles) I think you’re trying to shock me. Would it surprise you to know I’ve had neither? Lena though, well she could talk me into trying anything once and then do it over and over again, and like I mentioned before, she has magic hands and a sexy mouth so if she wants to put them in or on any part of my body, just tie me down and call me willing.

Me: Ohhh myyy gawwwdd you are a womans wet dream!!! Lena is so fuckin lucky!

Me: How do you feel about someone watching you while you have sex? I mean I am free after this if you don’t mind an audience since I am going to guess that Lena doesn’t share.

Mason: No you got that right, she doesn’t share. Lena would likely hurt you and then me…(grins). I laugh but I’m actually being honest. To answer your question though, I don’t think I’d go out and invite someone to come into the bedroom to sit down and watch us, but if someone happens to look up into a window and catches a glimpse – well that’s another story (he says ending with a flirty wink)

against the window 🙂

Me: Well then maybe I will just camp out side your building. Not creepy at all right? (laughing very loud at this point)

Me: What do you call your dick? Does it have a special name?? Like Little Chef Wee-wee? (at this point I am feelin pretty good and can’t help but laugh at myself I thought that was pretty damn funny)

Mason: What do I call it? (laughing) I call it – Lena’s.

Me: She is one damn LUCKY girl! Did I tell you that yet? damn lucky!

Me: Okay so I am not sure how much you can tell me but what the HELL was with that bitch Trisha? Don’t get me wrong but what happened with the two of you? Oh and let Lena and Shelly know if they ever need some back up I will so be down to beat some ass!!

Mason: Well I’m not one to kiss and tell, lets just say Trisha was in the past and is in no way, shape or form in my future. I’ll let the good Dr’s know you’ve got their back though.

Me: What is the freakiest thing you have ever done when it comes to sex? Oh and you know I will never be able to look at peaches the same again… or even a see through shower for that matter you know that right?!

Mason: You mean other than what I already told you? You’re a naughty one aren’t you? (arches a brow and smirks) Asking Lena into my bathroom was one of the oddest yet sexiest memories I have – it’s something I will never ever forget. It’s burned into my brain.

Me: As is it burned into mine sweet cheeks! Ohh is it ever burned into mine! (giggling)

Me: So you sexy beast of a man (I slur just a little) what is the best thing you can do with your hands? (I reach over and run my finger up the back of his hand and want to squeal in joy! He didn’t pull away and run… heeeheee)

Mason: (flips hand over and squeezes finger, licking his bottom lip) Better be careful. If Lena walks in you may loose that finger and fingers are so…useful?

I can not look away as he licks his bottom lip I want to run my tounge over that lip.. oh sweet baby Jesus I am so freaking turned on right now and he isn’t even trying.. right? Haha damn it all to hell I am going to have to make a run to the bathroom to fix this little problem.

Me: So how long and girthy are you? Have you busted out the tape measure??

As much as I don’t want it to end I hear Wendy call him and tell him they need him back in the kitchen for something so he leans over and kisses me on the cheek and tells me it was nice to meet me and if I want to hang around Lena will be by later… I giggle like a little girl. I am a little tipsy so I figure I will have a few glasses of water to try and sober me up or I will just call a cab if I need to. Either way can you say BEST DAY EVER!

Me: Thank you so much Langley for taking time to sit with us for a few… WAIT a minute… you didn’t answer that last question!!! (I narrow my eyes at him)

Mason: (Moving out of the booth he stands) Some things are best left to the imagination wouldn’t you say? All I’ll say is Lena hasn’t complained yet.

Have a wonderful night Brandy, and please be careful going home ( he winks and walks back to the kitchen)

Me: Ohhh my gawwwddd… THANK YOU Ella for introducing me to him! I can die happy now!!!! You are the fuckin BEST!!!

Ella: You’re welcome (smiles) He’s a force to be reckoned with that’s for sure.

Me: Okay so… don’t look at me like that I know you have wanted to do dirty things to him too.

Ella: (nodding) He is certainly nice to look at but I am a very happily married lady and he, well he is very engaged and in love. Lena is a very lucky lady.

Me: Yes that she is!!! Very lucky!

Me: You are awesome by the way… and Exquisite was great!! Cannot wait for MORE!!! Thank you for doing this!! Oh so before you take off… since I have to stay and sober up a little… was there any sex scenes you took out that you wanna share with me so I can play them over and over in my head while I sit here? Pweeeze? (I stick out my lower lip in a pout and bat my eyelashes at her)

Ella: Well you met the man. What do you think? (wink) That’s all I’m going to say. Thanks for having me, this has been an absolute blast and I look forward to working with you again.


See my thoughts on Exquisite HERE

HERE is the reading order as well. (but only book 1 is out right now)

You are awesome Ella Frank. Thank you for this interview it was so much fun! Will be looking forward to Shelly’s book! 😉

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