The Forever of Ella and Micha –>Teasers – Jessica Sorensen

I went onto Jessica Sorensen’s website/blog and found her teasers for the second book… Here they are I cant wait to see what happens…
Teaser 1–>
I tug Ella eagerly toward the front down, shoving people out of my way. When we step outside, I grab her arm, whirl her around, and pick her up, urging her legs around my waist.
“Where’s you’re car?” I ask, pressing her warm body against me.
She loops her arms around the back of my neck and her eyes sparkle underneath the streetlights. “It’s parked out back.”
I turn into the alley and walk blindly down it as I kiss her fiercely. I trip over the curb at the end, but I regain my balance without breaking the kiss. My hand grips her ass and the other one explores the soft skin of her thigh.
“Did you wear this skirt just for me, so I’d have easy access, ” I murmur against her lips as I inch my fingers up it.
Laughing against my mouth, she pinches my ass. “You at least have to get us in the car before you start doing stuff to me.”
“Yeah right.” I caress her tongue with mine, tasting her thoroughly, before pull away. “I’m planning on throwing you down on the hood right here, right now.”
Teaser 2–>

“They went to raid the vending machine.” His eyes roam across my body and my skin tingles. “So it’s just you and me.”
I bite down on my lip. “So it is.”
He slides his legs off the bed and lets his unyielding gaze weigh on me for a moment. “I should probably take a shower.” He has a look on his face like he’s entertaining himself. Without saying another word, he grabs some clothes and struts off to the bathroom doing that sexy walk he does when he knows someone’s watching him.
I end up passing out and when I wake up, the room is dark and soundless. The blankets are pulled over me and someone’s warm breath feathers against my cheeks. I was under the impression that I’d be sharing a bed with Lila, but I’m hoping the warm body sleeping very close to me isn’t her.
“Are you awake?” Micha whispers.
I let my eyes adjust to the dark and make out the outline of his face. “Kind of. “
I can hear him sucking on his lip ring. “I can’t sleep. I have too much pent up energy.”
“Over what?” I utter softly.
“Over you,” he says in a low voice. “And the fact that you’re sleeping only inches away from me without a bra on and all I want to do is touch you. It’s driving me crazy.”

I crave his touch, so slowly, I hitch my leg over his hip. His breathing speeds up and then the palm of his hand slides up my bare leg, leaving a trail of heat along my skin. He doesn’t say a word as his hand…

Teaser 3 –>
She fiddles with the button on the front of my jeans and deep groan escapes my throat as we collapse onto the mattress. “God, I’ve fucking missed this.”
She leans away, with a smile quirking at the corners of her lips. “Is that the only reason you’ve missed me? Because you needed to get laid?”
I brush strands of her auburn hair out her face. “No, I miss everything. Your laugh, your smile, the way you pretend to be mad at me, when really you think I’m funny.” I kiss her cheek softly. “I miss the way you taste.” I press my lips to her jawline and her neck arches. “The way you smell.”  I suck on her neck, rolling my tongue along her skin as my hand glides up her thigh and to the edge of her panties. “The way you feel.” I slip my fingers inside her and a moan falters her lips as her body bows up.
“Micha…” Her eyes get lost as I feel her the way I’ve wanted to for the last month.

“Yeah, I miss that too,” I say and reconnect my lips with hers.

Teaser 4–>

“You have got to be kidding me?” I mumble as Micha struts into the kitchen with a pleased grin on his face as he rubs his hands together. “No way. Music was not part of the deal.”
He braces his hands on the doorframe and the light highlights the muscles on his chest and the shameless blaze in his aqua eyes.  “Now most guys would have gone with some sexy song you had to dance to, but I’m a lyrical man myself and I think this song fits perfectly.”
The lyrics make my cheeks heat. “In no way shape or form did I offer up a striptease.”
His tongue slips slowly out of his mouth and when he pulls it back in, he draws his lip ring with it as his fingers comb through his disheveled hair, leaving strands sticking up. “Pay up, pretty girl.”
Pressing my lips firmly together to bury my nerves, I reach around to the back of my bra, and unclamp it. Wavering temporarily, I inhale an insecure breath, release the fabric from my fingers, and allow it to fall to the floor.
His eyes drift to my chest, unashamed, as he sips a beer. When he pulls the bottle away from his lips, he makes a motion with his finger. “Continue.”
I want to smack him upside the head, but unbutton my jeans. With my knees shaking, I step out of them and stand vulnerable in the spotlight, something I despise. Thankfully, I’m wearing boy-cut panties so at least my ass is covered. His eyes lazily move up my long legs, across my bare stomach, finally residing on my eyes.
“You can sit down now,” he says like he’s the boss.
Proving a point, I walk across the kitchen and steal a beer from the fridge. “I don’t have to sit down just because you tell me to—”
Warm fingers grip my side and reel me around, snatching the beer from my hand as my back presses against the fridge door. Micha stands only a sliver of space away from me, eyes fierce, lips tantalizing, his expression yearning with need.
He leans in to kiss me, but my hand against pushes at his chest, and his bare skin is warm as I hold him back. “No way. You didn’t win anything but a show.”
Lowering my head, I duck under his arm, but he snags my wrist and pins it above my head kind of rough. We’re drunk and neither of us are thinking rationally, but my interest in what’s coming renders me motionless.
Teaser 5–>
His aqua eyes sparkle like the ocean in the sunlight. “We should wrestle.”
I shake my head from side to side. “No way. The last time I wrestled you you sat on me for like ten minutes, laughing your ass off because I couldn’t get up.”
“First off, get your story straight. I was straddling you, not sitting on you,” he says. “And second off, I only stayed on you for that long because every time you tried to get away your body would rub against me and I was getting turned on.”
“We were like fifteen,” I protest. “You didn’t see me like that yet.”
“I was fifteen,” he retorts. “And you were a girl.”
I giggle at his goofy smile. “Alright, let’s wrestle, but I’m not holding back.”
Sucking on his lip ring, he climbs off the bed, slips off his shirt, and tosses it onto the floor. “Neither am I.”
I drop my face into my hands, shaking my head, aware I’m about to walk into a mess, but Anna told me to be my own judge of situations. Right now, I’m having fun and don’t want it to end, so I get to my feet and stand up on the mattress.
“Just don’t break anything,” I warn, pointing at the glass lamps all around the room and the portraits on the wall. “And don’t break me.”
He smiles darkly. “Oh trust me, I’ve got big plans for you when I win.”
I start to head for the side of the bed, but he matches my move and blocks my path with his arms out to my side.
To throw him off, I skitter to the other side, but then whirl and backtrack, shooting for the open gap as I leap onto the floor and hurry toward the sofa.
“This isn’t supposed to be a game of tag.” He winds around the couch toward me and I dash to the other side. “You have to at least try to pin me to the ground.”
I back toward the bathroom, debating whether or not to lock myself in there. “As soon as I’m within arms reach, I know I’ve lost.”
He prowls toward me, his arms flexing as he pops his knuckles. “Come on, challenge me. You know you want to. That is unless you’re too scared.”
He’s intentionally trying to get under my skin and it’s working. I search for a solution and smile when I find one. With trembling fingers, I grab the bottom of my shirt and slip it off my head, shaking my hair out as it falls to my shoulders.
He leisurely takes in my bare skin and black bra. “Nice move.”
I inch toward him and he matches my steps so we meet in the center of the room. I extend my hand for him, with no other plans then to graze my fingers along his stomach muscles, but he seizes my wrist and crashes our bodies together.
He lifts me up and my legs secure around his hips as his long legs stride toward the bed.
“This isn’t wrestling,” I say, throwing my head back, laughing.
His lips upturn to a conspiratorial grin as he brushes my hair out of my eyes. “I’m not going to throw you down on the floor to do this.”
“Do what?” I ask as he falls down on the bed, landing on top of me.
“Do this.” With an evil look in his eyes, he gathers my wrists in one hand, rendering me captive while putting a leg on either side of me.
Writhing my body I ask, “How do I tap out?”
He leans in closely and strands of his blond hair tickle my cheeks. “You don’t.” He tickles his finger along my ribcage and I jerk upward.
“Don’t you dare,” I advise, squirming to get away “I mean it. It’s not funny and this time I’ll get you back.”
His fingers move along my stomach, dithering, before he squeezes my side. My muscles tense as I squeal. “Micha, please don’t,” I beg, forcing back the laughter. “I’ll do anything you want, just don’t tickle me.”
He draws his hand away, looking pleased. “And that’s how you win wrestling.”
I stare up at him with anger in my eyes, but my body is ecstatic with being concealed underneath his. “That was a dirty move.”

“What can I say, I like to play dirty.”

Teaser 6–>

Micha senses my uneasiness and his arms enclose around my waist. “Take a slow breath and just relax and enjoy the scenery.” He smothers my neck with kisses until I settle back down.

“It’s beautiful,” I whisper. “Like really amazing.”
He sucks on the sensitive spot below my ear, before moving his mouth away. “It is, isn’t it?”
Shivering from the cold and his touch, I lean back against him and he rests his chin on top of my head. “And it’s real.”
Not many people would get what I meant, but he does and his arms strengthen around me. People wander around us, but I remain still, discovering what it feels like to have a peaceful moment where my thoughts aren’t bunched up in my head.
Somewhere along the line, I begin to cry, but do it noiselessly, hoping he won’t notice.
His fingers seek my cheeks and wipe away the tears. “Why are you crying, pretty girl?”
“It’s nothing…. It’s just that this is so normal,” I admit, dabbing the tears with my fingertips. “I’m sorry. I don’t know why I’m being such a baby.”
He kisses my head and guides me closer.  “You’re not being a baby. You’re being real.”
Feeling some of the burden fall off my chest, I pull his arms around me even more, never wanting him to let me go.

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