3 New Up & Coming Authors

So I have come across a few new authors who are working on their first novel. I am looking forward to their work… Here they are…

Amanda Stone 

She has a FB page and you can follow her progress as she posts updates and teasers.

She has the inspiration for her characters posted in her photos. 🙂

Synopsis  (Title TBA) :

18 year old Kelsey Rien is ready to leave her past behind her and start anew at college with her best friend Jessi. Ready to meet new people, make new friends without everyone knowing the horrific details of the event that would forever change her life 6 years ago.
She never expected new friends to come so easily and her heart to stop when she locked sight with a blinding set of grey eyes. Kane Riley has a ladies man reputation. He a ‘loves ‘em and leaves ‘em’ type they say, but is there more to the tatted, pierced, motorcycle riding, local bar bouncer than everyone else sees?
When Kelsey’s past comes back at her full force can she be strong enough to hold on to the people she loves the most or will she let them go so their fates don’t become her past relived?

Teaser 1:

Text between Kelsey and her bestie Jessi!

Hey! You were pretty wild last night! I thought you might blow off class for once and take a you day, I know your head has to be killing you. 😉

I look up and find her staring at me, a slight smile tugging at her lips. I try to give her my best bitch don’t mess with me look but if I’m being honest it’s probably coming off more along the lines of I’m constipated please bring me some toilet paper.

Teaser 2 :

-subject to change-

He grabbed my hand and led me out the back door. “Um, where are we going?” I asked, as we walked around the corner to the side of the building, straight to a black motorcycle with neon green flames. “We’re leaving before I do damage to that kids face.” He said as he swung his leg over the bike and looked at me, obviously waiting for me to hop on. “What?” he said puzzled.

“I’ve never been on one before.” I nodded toward the motorcycle.

“It’s just a bike Kelsey.”

“Yeah, just a bike and a bike has no air bags or seat belts.” I added

“I would never let anything happen to you. Promise.” He held up two fingers like a boy scout.

“I seriously doubt you were ever a boy scout.” I said as I placed a hand on his shoulder and threw one leg over the bike. Man what a smart move it had been to wear jeans tonight. When I was finally on the seat and had my feet on the pegs, I grabbed the sides of his shirt but he took my hands and pulled them around to rest on his chest. “That’s not tight enough,” He laughed as he kicked the kick stand up and took off into the night.

Nichele Reese

She has a website that you can follow her progress as well as see the character inspiration and play list for the book as of now the title of the book is Juilliard or Else. 🙂

She has the 1st chapter posted HERE.

Here is a little info on what the book is about:

This is a twisting story of young love torn in two. Abigail McCall loves nothing more than Ballet dancing, her dream is to dance at Juilliard. Coming from rich and powerful parents David and Carol McCall. They have kept Abigail in a different world than she knows. But what happens when she leaves her rich parents house and on her own to go to attend The Juilliard School of Ballet. Her new roommates ‘Rachel and Jade’ help Abigail break out of her tight shell and have fun. When they meet a new group of guys at a coffee shop, Tucker is with them.

Tucker comes from a broken home and a mother who doesn’t care what happens to him, but he could care less. Tucker is a tattoo apprentice for his friend Zane. Tucker is drawn to Abigail and her beauty but is he enough to keep her interest?

Carol McCall is determined to keep Abigail in line and not embarrass her while attending Juilliard. Even if it means to pay Tucker off and get him to leave Abigail alone.Carol then brings in a distraction for Abigail, with Jackson Blair.

Jackson Blair is the new good looking lawyer for David McCall’s Law Firm. He’s considered ‘Hottest Bachelor of New York’ and he has his eyes set on Abigail.

Torn between two worlds, Jackson is everything Abigail needs in her life, safe and approved by her parents. But her body and heart wants Tucker more than anything.

Who will Abigail choose?

Erika Taylor

She is currently working on a book called Looking Forward and you can follow her progress on her website.

She has her character inspiration posted up on the site as well. 🙂

She has the 1st chapter posted HERE on her site as well


Jesika’s world was knocked upside down one year ago when her husband died. She’s slowly putting back the pieces of her life while trying to adjust at being a widow and single mom. Besides her son, her best friend Mallory has been her beacon in the dark, pulling her through day by day. In her mind, there is no way she would ever be interested in another man…until Derek comes strolling in her life.

There’s something familiarly comfortable about Derek that makes Jesika feel at ease with him. He brings a side out of her that she’s kept locked up and hidden since the death of her husband. She can’t understand why he seems to care so much and act protective over her when they barely know each other.

Derek is keeping a few secrets from Jesika that he’s scared will make her run like hell as soon as she finds out. Will Jesika be able to push him away when it seems as though fate is pulling them together? Or will it be someone from Derek’s past that tears them apart?

Every relationship has it’s obstacles; and Jesika and Derek refuse to keep living in the past and denying themselves the life they finally deserve. A life together full of love and happiness; but as Jesika knows all too well, you can’t control what life throws your way, all you can control is where you go from there. No matter what happens in your life, you have to remember to keep looking forward.


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