Q & A with Marine/Model Alex Minsky

Okay this is not my normal book post BUT it does still have something to do with books (for the most part… ok not completely) In one of the book groups I am a part of, someone posted a picture of Alex Minsky the one below to be exact. She had posted that his name is Alex Minsky and he was a Marine who lost his leg in Afghanistan. The minute I read that and saw the picture he immediately became a character from one of the books I have read. (yes, I know, for anyone who is not a bookworm like myself this will come across a little strange. But for those who love books the way I do you will understand what I mean haha) For anyone who has read the Rescue Me Series by Kallypso Masters know exactly who I am talking about. Damian!!! For those who have NOT read the series and would like a book about hot Marines with BDSM mixed in for good measure it is a must read! The first book (which is a prequel to the series, so it gives you the back story for the three guys) is free right now on Amazon so go get it! I also told the author about him and she said she would provide an e-copy of Nobody’s Perfect (the book that is about Damian)  for a giveaway; since he has quickly become what some of us see when we think of Damian.

For those who would like to enter for your chance to win an e-copy of Kallypso Masters Nobody’s Perfect you can enter HERE. (contest is now over)


 I sent Alex a message and asked if he wouldn’t mind answering some questions for me and he agreed. He is one of the funniest people I have had the opportunities to get to know and has the best sense of humor! He is very sweet when he wants to be I am sure, (I wouldnt know or anything) but he is also a smart-ass which means we got along just fine. I don’t think he expected to become so popular with in a weeks time. So many are talking about him and sharing his FANPAGE on facebook. Many believe he is an inspiration and I would have to agree; to go through something such as he did and not give up but just kept pushing forward is something not everyone can do. He is a great guy and hopefully will soon be in magazines everywhere. It would even be awesome to see him on TV telling his story.. (ahem Ellen?!? so everyone send her an email to tell her about him! I already have!!) Email Ellen Here.

Here it is a little bit about Alex…

I went online and found a little more information about him and what had happened also how he got noticed by a photographer. This is what I found…(got to love Google)

There was a little bit about him on this site Barrier Free LivingIt explains how a photographer Tom Cullis had noticed him at his gym, and found exactly what he was looking for in Alex.

Cullis was on the hunt for a model for a RuskinAthletic gear shoot, and the creator Hubert Pouches had told Cullis he wanted imagery that revealed “the reality of life andbeauty in someone who struggles to live each day as inspiration and appreciation for life.”

The OC Register has an article that tells a little about him growing up also about his accident and military time. It has some really cute pictures of him from when he was younger as well.


Alex Minsky, was deployed to Afghanistan as a mortarman with the Marine Corps. He spent just two weeks there before the explosion rocked his vehicle. He suffered severe brain injuries, a broken jaw and other wounds to the right side of his body. Doctors amputated his right leg below the knee. As a teenage bass player, he skipped class to practice with his heavy metal band — In Her Arms — and did so badly in school that he transferred to a home-study program on the advice of administrators. Minsky, who attended Carl Hankey Elementary School and Newhart Middle School in Mission Viejo, improved his grades enough to graduate from Capistrano Valley High in 2007. Then, while working at Costco a few months later, he surprised everyone by announcing he would join the Marines. During boot camp Alex was awarded a position as guide, and led a group of 80 recruits. He graduated in three months and transferred to Camp Pendleton for weapons training. After another three months Alex was assigned to the Second Battalion, Third Marine Regiment in Hawaii, where he trained for nearly a year before being sent to Afghanistan.

And now without further ado…here is what I was able to strangle out of him…

He is 24 years old and single. (not any longer single 😉 )

Hello, it’s me your Majesty. Anyway, so, okay, yeah, I’m a little nervous (if you couldn’t tell from my rambling).. so we will start with 5 things you want everyone to know about you?

Hey Brandy whats up its Alex. Or your Majesty sorry shit. (laughing) 5 things I want people to know about me? I don’t know, ummm yeah let me kind of think about it alright.

Okay so then out of all the tattoos that you have if you had to pick 3 which 3 would be your favorites and why?

If I had to pick three? Just thinkin about it, on my right arm when I was 19 and in the Marine Corps I got the Marine Corps emblem. It was the first one I ever got on my right arm. I got it so that I wouldn’t be scared later in life to you know cover my whole skin, cuz that was my intention right from the beginning. It actually saved my right arm. When I was hurt and got taken to the hospital in Afghanistan the doctor or surgeon was a Marine. When he saw the tattoo it had big ol cuts and shit and was all messed up, but he saw the tattoo and was all “Dude we could totally save this” so they stretched my skin. They pulled and stretched and put these huge staples. That’s why I have such a big scar that I have right now on my right arm. I had to do all kinds of physical therapy and all this crazy stuff, they said it is a miracle I have my right arm and have full motion and power in it. So I like that one because it saved my right arm.


Next I’m gonna go with early stuff  my heart that says Mom in it. That’s right on my heart. It was the first one I got ever, I was 17 and my buddy did it in a kitchen somewhere. I got it for my mom because, I love my mom.


And third well I gotta say the back, my back, it is intense, it is by far what I get the most compliments on. Everybody that ever sees it loves it and I love it too. The whole meaning behind it and everything, it sums me up really good.


For those who wonder what it is, it is a picture of the album cover for Dead to Fall and he has the song title Villainy and Virtue at the top. It took about 40 hours to do. He explains what it means to him.

The words are Villainy and Virtue and what that means to me is, it’s like the good and evil inside of us, inside of myself. The bad guy inside of you is always fighting the good guy inside of you and you have to realize that. And when you do bad things your inner demon is fighting with the angels or saints or whatever. So the reason I have it is well, for one thing, I wanted a huge fucking back piece and it looks amazing; another thing is to you know, keep myself in check, make sure that I know that the good and bad will be fighting but that I need to not let the bad win. To not do evil bad shit but do good shit.

What made you choose to join the BEST branch of the Military? (for those who don’t know it is the Marine Corps! my hot ass husband is one also! 🙂 )

It was never even a question for me, once I decided I wanted to join the military in general at 18. I instantly just  knew the Marine Corps was the hardest and the best and I wanted to do it.

What is the best advice your momma has given to you?

Stay humble. To always look at the first step first, to keep your eye on the prize. So keep your eye on the prize but that first step is first so you got to start somewhere.

For someone who is going through a similar situation that you have been through what kind of advice would you give them? Because it can’t be easy to have gone through what you’ve been through.

There is a lot of advice I would give. That’s just the kind of person that I am. I really love to help people. But the thing that helped me the most, what I still have to constantly remind myself is what someone had told me once. No man can stop time and it will get better with time. How I took it was, just stay the course and to keep your shit in perspective.

If you see a girl across a room and you want to get her attention what do you do? 

Throw my prosthetic foot at her and then hop over on my good foot and ask if anybody has seen a leg anywhere that I can borrow. — (I could not stop laughing at this one!)

Favorite Sports team?

I am an athlete and I love athletes, so I love Tom Brady.

Favorite Movie?

Step Brothers or back in the day Rock Star with Marky Mark. Remember him? Marky Mark Wahlburg sorry. — (did he really just ask if I remember Marky Mark?? I mean REALLY??)

Favorite Band/Musician?

Keith Buckley from Every Time I Die. Look it up. Google Keith and Jordan Buckley and you’ll see what I’m talkin about. Sexyness

Favorite Junk Food?

Dark Chocolate…not mucky fuck that shit (meow) (yes he meowed at me lol and said that mucky is milk chocolate haha since I had no clue what the hell he was talking about)

Okay why get Void over the name and not just do a cover up piece type of thing?

I wanted it to be a message to her. A cover-up wasn’t blatant enough. But Void I thought would be ironic and kind of like a ‘Take That’


How the hell do you come up with some of the ones you have, like I’m with stupid on your foot? I don’t think I have ever seen so many tattoo’s that make me laugh. Well that one and the ‘Don’t Laugh’ one. I am assuming you have a great sense of humor which from what I can tell, you do! I would think it helps you get through hard times too. A lot of people like them though, as I am sure you know. 🙂

I decided a while ago to start getting ironic and funny tattoos  Made me laugh. And a lot of the time it had to do with my dick or my foot, my fake foot, cuz well I don’t know, you got to make humor out of that I guess.


If you could have a super power what would it be? 

It would be to speed up time, so I could get this fuckin intervew over with faster.

(laughing) Okay buttmunch you want me to narrow it down to 3-4 more questions I can if that will make you happy princess?

Yeah, what are they? Go.

What is your biggest turn on/off in a female?

Brains. Its a turn off if they don’t have any and its a turn on if they have them. Yeah.

What would be your dream job?

To be a model, a working model. To stay busy and get paid just for looking pretty. — (sure many would agree you are on to somethin.)

My favorite one

If you had to pick one picture that you have posted on facebook or instagram which would you pick that best depicts who you are as a person?

The one where I am picking my nose. Because I really do that actually. Not even kidding, I have a problem. I get nose bleeds.

Diggin for gold

And last but not lease what is your favorite book? 

Everything by Chuck Palahniuk –(he wrote Fight Club and others here is a list from his website)

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day, life, scheduled everything for appeasing little ol me, before you get all famous and everyone else wants a piece of you. You have made me laugh a lot and it has been fun getting to know you!

Thank you ma’am I’ve had a fuckin ball makin you laugh you son of a gun. –(there he goes with the ma’am crap again! haha)


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11 responses to “Q & A with Marine/Model Alex Minsky

  • Becki Wyer

    Awesome interview. Thanks Brandy and Alex.

    • Momma's Books

      Thanks for reading it. I am glad that he gave real answers and not something that would be safe. That is what makes him so desirable as a person. You want to get to know him because he is fun and positive and real!

  • Paula

    Great interview Brandy and Alex. Thank you for sharing.

  • debbie harth

    i think i want hang out with him, and hear more stories about his tats! he sound like fun!

  • Margie Hager

    Great interview. I really admire Alex for making the most of the situation he has found himself in and I’d like to sincerely thank him for his service. Alex’s story and his fun positive attitude reminds me of another brave soldier turned author friend of mine. Scottish author A B McKinley released his first romance/military novel last year based on true life and his own experiences in the British SAS where he was also severely wounded in Afghanistan and not expected to ever walk again. He beat those odds and managed to beat back death again since then. If you are interested in reading a good story look into his book, Kilted Desire – Sands of Betrayal. Book 2 in the 3 book series is supposed to be released on Dec 15th, 2012.

  • Kallypso Masters

    Brandy and Alex, what a fun interview! I was laughing out loud right along with you. Now I need to share this all over the Twit/FB world so everyone can get to know Alex better.

    And, Alex, if you’re reading this, I’m definitely going to pick your brain (No, not your nose!) to help me with some questions I have about Damian and his amputation issues before I update Nobody’s Perfect in January when the print version comes out.

    You just keep fighting the fight for the good shit! So far, looks like you’re winning! And I love your wise momma!


  • Joey M

    I don’t know about the don’t laugh tattoo. I have seen some of his modeling pictures and it doesn’t look like there is any season to laugh. It looks quite nice,

  • Amanda L. Pederick

    What a fantastic interview! Thanks to you both 🙂

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