Interviews with Kit Rocha – authors of Beyond Shame

Okay after reading Beyond Shame I had to get in touch with the authors. I LOVED this book! I had never read anything that was dystopian theme at all what so ever (no I have not read the hunger games yet). So to be honest at first I was not sure what to expect but let me tell you what.. it was filled with so much hotness and I loved everything about it! I can not wait for MORE! Here are the questions that I came up with for the girls to answer I hope you all enjoy it! 🙂 I am also going to be doing a giveaway I will be providing an e-copy of Beyond Shame for those who would like to enter, you can enter HERE( there have been issues with rafflecopter so if link does not work copy and paste::: )


How did you come up with the storyline for the Beyond series?

Bree: The world was based on an idea we’d come up with a few years ago, one that was basically a post-apocalyptic prison colony.

Donna: Eden and the surrounding sectors aren’t exactly a prison colony, though I’d love to get back to that aspect of the world later. Because, in my mind, they totally exist.

Bree: Yes. As with all of our ideas, it expanded and mutated into something a lot larger than we’ve had a chance to put on the page. Yet.

Did you have any inspiration for the characters as far as who they might resemble?

Bree: I always have a picture I use as a reference for every character, but I usually keep it a secret. 😉 I want readers to be able to come up with their own image–especially if they don’t like the picture I picked!

Donna: Yeah, when I read a book where the hero is described as looking like Brad Pitt or something, at best, it yanks me out of the story. Because I’m all, “Wait, like…Ocean’s Eleven Brad or 12 Monkeys Brad?” And even if I approve, being jerked out of the story is bad.

Totally get that…because I have read some books and when I see the character inspiration I’m like yeah no, not at all what I had pictured.

Did you have to watch porn to get some good ideas for scenes in the book? (haha)

Bree: I don’t think any of these scenes were inspired by porn, but there are worse references for how people can bend.

Donna: I watch porn because it’s fun. James Deen, HOLLA.

Bree: Okay, that too. LOL

hahaha fun and new things to try. 😀

What is some of the best feedback you have gotten?

Bree: I’m happy that so many people have loved the relationships between the women in the book.

Donna: I’m going to agree, though it makes me sad that it’s so unusual as to be remarkable. Girlfriends are necessary!

yes, it seems to be easier for other women to like when women are catty instead of close. (I wont lie I do love when there is a horrible woman so I can have someone to hate) But  I did enjoy the connection with the girls right off! 

How do you guys write since there are two of you, So that it doesn’t seem like it is two different people writing? Because I would have never guessed!

Donna: Thanks! Usually, we’ll divide up the characters and develop their backgrounds and motivations. When it’s time to write, we trade the manuscript back and forth constantly.

Bree: And then Donna waves her magic editing wand over the whole thing to smooth out any inconsistencies. (I’m sure it’s a lot harder than that, but what she does seems like magic to me!)

If you had to pick one of the O’Kanes which would it be? (so far I have to say I LOVE Jas but something about Bren has gotten my attention… and well Mad as well.. 🙂 I cannot wait to find out more about them!)

Donna: I have a soft spot for Cruz, as well as a few gentlemen who’ll be showing up soon.

Bree: I gotta agree about Bren. Though I have a soft spot for Ace. He’s so adorable…and so foul!

Ahh yes…foul is ALWAYS good! lol 

When writing this series what were the hardest and easiest parts to write?

Donna: The easiest part is the banter. The hardest is probably the fight scenes.

Bree: Action always takes more coordination, I agree.

What did your family and friends think about Beyond Shame? Did they get all hot and bothered like I am sure so many of us readers did? Lol

Donna: I don’t know of any of my family members who’ve read it. My cousin Jennifer, maybe. The friends who’ve read it all blushed. I guess that’s good? LOL

Bree: My mother read it. She sent me a text message and said it was intense. And that was all the discussion that was had. (I’m hoping to avoid that one at Christmas.)

Is there anything you do or take to help the creativity flow? (like have a few drinks)

Donna: A little wine never hurts when it’s time to pen some marathon sex. Otherwise, I need my music. We have playlists for books, for universes, and for individual characters. That helps a ton with mood.

Bree: My biggest challenge is getting people OUT of my office. It’s hard to write an intense scene with my husband hanging over my shoulder going, “Who’s that character? What are they doing? What do you want for dinner? Did we pay the water bill?” (But I forgive him, since he’s very good about cooking dinner when I’m busy writing!)

What is your favorite thing about sex? (other than orgasm)

Donna: Getting to go to sleep after? (I have kids; sleep is important!)

Bree: Not having to go to sleep after. (Ha!)

Haha sleep is GOOD! (I have kids who still like to get up at 6 in the morning)

What would you say is the weirdest thing about you?

Donna: I can’t watch detective shows or crime documentaries without arguing with the television.

Bree: I don’t really care about using fancy bath & body products and makeup, but I love making them.

What is your favorite show to watch on TV?

Donna: At the moment, it’s Tattoo Nightmares on Spike TV.

Bree: Parks and Recreation

Have you ever wished you were a man? (I mean I love being a woman and well all the power the ‘cookie’ has but I have wondered what it would be like to have sex as a man well and never to have a period ever again! Haha)

Donna: Nah, I like being a chick.

Bree: Never having to have a period again? I’m listening… Ha, no. Just kidding. Even with all the baggage and sexism and crap, I still am pretty okay with being a woman.

When you were little what did you want to grow up to be?

Donna: A writer–but everyone said that was silly.

Bree: An astronaut, a UN translator, a rocket scientist, a mad scientist, an artist, an opera singer, a firefighter, an FBI agent, a teacher, a programmer or a writer. Writer is perfect, though, because I can make characters do all those more exhausting careers!

What is one of the funniest things that have ever happened to you?

Donna: I have goldfish memory about some stuff. I constantly turn on the TV (for background noise), then walk into my kitchen to grab a drink or whatever. By the time my DVR boots up, I freeze, all, “…who’s that talking?” It’s so stupid.

Bree: I do that too! Also, sometimes my cats close each other in closets. I had a very scary run a few months ago where I was pretty convinced my closet was haunted because there was all sorts of crashing coming from it, but it turned out the cats had gotten the door open (???) one had gone inside and the others had closed the door again. Ack!

Hahaha that is funny I have freaked out also when hearing something but for me I have done it with my phone thinking I turned the radio off on it but no. And CATS can be sneaky!! lol 

Best advice you have ever been given? (in any aspect of your life)

Donna: Never stop learning. And if you don’t like your situation, change it.

Bree: First make it work, then make it right, then make it elegant. It was advice about computer programming, but I apply it to life, too. I’ve also heard the writer version of it attributed to Nora Roberts as, “You can’t fix a blank page.”

In a nutt-shell what are the other books you guys write about? I saw you have a paranormal series as well.

Donna: We write everything–straight-up paranormal romance, steampunk paranormals, fantasy paranormals…

Bree: A lot of paranormal, as it turns out. As Moira Rogers, we’ve written dozens of novels, novellas and short stories, ranging from sexy to vaguely obscene, but all have to do with paranormal creatures fighting to find love and happiness.

Thank you both so much for taking the time to answer my questions! I am looking forward to the next Beyond Book!! 

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