Interview with Michelle A. Valentine and the guys from Black Falcon + Giveaway

Michelle is going to be riding up with the guys here to my neck of the woods (she needed a break from the Ohio weather) to head to a show in San Jose coming from San Diego they are picking her up in LA at the airport. I told her she HAS have the driver take them up the 101 to the 1. The drive will be longer because it is kind of a detour but the views will be worth it! I sent her directions as to where I wanted to meet up with her. I mean who wouldn’t love to meet up on a beach to do an interview?
The day comes and I get ready. I decide to pack up an ice chest full of ‘goodies’ because well that is what you do when you go to the beach. 🙂 load it into the back of my car and head out. I pull in the parking area and wait. I picked this place because it is out of the way and off the beaten path so they wont be bombarded with crazed fans and they can just have a little fun at the beach for a while. I look up and see the big bus pulling up. YAY! I am so excited that I am going to be able to meet the guys. But I need to focus because right now it is about Michelle… or at least at first that is what this is about!! The weather is clear and the sun is out but there is a cool breeze. I just love Moss Landing.


(The door opens and I head over to see Michelle step out.)

Hi, I’m Brandy, I am so glad you were able to make this stop so I can pick your brain. I’m glad the clouds are not out today! (I cant stop myself from trying to look around her into the bus, she raises her eyebrow and smirks, I look at her and feel embaraced. Okay its about her right now get it together woman!) Yeah so we kind of have to walk up that little hill right there (I say pointing in the direction of the beach) then we can sit and enjoy the beach and chit-chat… oh and well I brought an ice chest with some goodies and snacks in it, but there is NO way I am going to be able to carry it up and over that… maybe you have some ‘guys’ who can help?? (I say with a grin and trying again to look around her into the bus)

(She laughs at me and tells me that the guys are all still sleeping because well they are lazy but told me to give her my keys and she handed them over to the driver and told him to let the guys know when they get up that there is an ice chest they need to carry over to the beach and that we were going to head over there because we are not going to wait for them. I can’t hide the small pout that come across my face. But we head up and over the hill to the wide-open and empty beach. I look over at her and smile because she looks like she is taking in every thing around her and enjoying it. I ask how her drive was up the 1 and she shows me some photos that she took. She seems to be thankful for the small detour because of the views along the drive. We find a spot take off our shoes and sit down. I reach in my bag-in all the extra stuff I grabbed that didn’t need to go in the ice chest I found my notes with the questions I had for her, grabbing that as well as a pen out I decide to get started.)

I have seen that you are a nurse who has a love for a tat covered rock stars –who doesn’t by the way- what type of nurse are you?

Tatted up men are yummy, aren’t they! I am a pediatric special needs nurse. My job is pretty awesome. Not only do I help the kids, but I get to have fun with them. The field is really rewarding.

What was your favorite part to write?

Let’s see…my favorite part has to be the beginning. I love when Noel is a cocky asshole. I’m always drawn to men like that—the bad boy who takes what he wants. Noel totally fits that bill in the beginning of the novel.

How many books will there be total I saw you had two listed on your website will there be more then that? And what will the next one be about? –saw you post that Riff is going to get a book do the twins get their own too or is it going to be a shared one?

There will be a total of four books in the series, along with, hopefully, four novellas. I want the books to be from the heroine’s point of view, while we follow up with the couple from the hero’s point of view in the novella. I may also do a spin-off novel for Striker and his band Embrace the Darkness if I feel brave enough to try an entire novel with a hero who has a British accent.

Who have you been inspired by?

Musically, I am inspired by hard-rock. Those musicians put everything into their music, and live it as a lifestyle. As far as writing inspiration goes, Young adult literature has impacted me a ton. Authors like Stephanie Meyer, Simone Elkeles, Melissa Marr, Richelle Mead, Claudia Grey, and my all time favorite Rachel Hawthorne have molded me as a writer.

Okay if you had to pick one of the guys to be with who would it be? (don’t know if I could make that decision because I don’t know enough about Riff and the twins… but you.. well you know ALL about them don’t cha? 🙂 but have to say something about Riff has gotten me)

Noel and Riff are both very deep guys. It would be a hard choice between those two for me. Noel has had some major drama in his life, but Riff has really been through some shit. Both have struggled, and yet wear their hearts on their sleeves. But I have to say Riff won a spot in my heart when I met him and he told me all about his Golden Tickets. Still, I don’t think I could choose between the two.

Do you listen to music as you write or do you need it completely silent?

I AWLAYS have music on. Silence distracts me more then anything.

Okay so when I read a book I act like a crazed person and go on a hunt for pictures of the people and well my husband has seen some of the guys that I have saved pictures of on my computer and just looks at me and says REALLY?? What does your hubby say about all the hotness that you surround yourself with when you have to get in the “ZONE”?

Ha! That’s awesome! My husband is just kind of used to it, I think. He just rolls his eyes and goes on about his day. He’s seen me at rock shows with real rockers in action. I don’t think he’s shocked to see I go gah-gah over tatted up men.

What do you prefer? e-reader or books? (I love both the but prefer an actual book to hold when it all comes down to it but an e-reader you can carry hundreds of books in a small space!)

I used to buck the idea of e-readers…thought I’d miss paper too much, but honestly, I like my e-reader more now. Gasp! I know. It’s so easy to carry around and I can have as many books with me as I want.

How did you come up with the names of the guys? I mean I get Riff since he plays the guitar, and we get to find out what his real name is right –in his book?

I’m a very random person. I seriously think of things on a whim. The guys’ names are no exception. I pulled Noel’s name from the show Felicity. Noel was always my favorite guy on that show. Riff was named because he played guitar, like you said, and Tyke came from someone I kind of know. Trip was totally random, but I liked it and thought it fit.

Do you have any hobbies you enjoy doing –other then writing?

I am a music freak. I go to hard-rock shows as much as I can. I’m going to hit up a Marilyn Manson concert next month. But other than that, I really enjoy party planning, decorating cakes, drawing, reading, movies and all the time I can get with my family.

How have your personal experiences effected your writing? I saw you say you have actually been to Rock on the Range. So you know first hand how it is so writing about it should make it easier I would think.

Oh yeah, definitely. Rock on the Range is like Christmas for me and my husband. We go every year. Rock music is a culture in itself. The look, the tattoos, everything is an artist expression and I love it. My dad was a musician, along with my brothers. I was raised around music and I learned very early on it’s a very powerful thing.

How do you write? Do you go from start to finish or mix it up and jump around?

I usually write straight through, let my critique partners Emily Snow, Kelli Maine and Katie Ashley read it and tell me how I need to change it around. From that point the mixing up and jumping around starts. For instance, in the very first version of Rock the Heart, Noel was sweet from the beginning and they were having sex by chapter two. Chapter one was the concert scene, and instead of the “Ball Busting Bitch” line he asked her to meet him on the dock, and the second chapter was the dock scene where they actually had sex on the dock.

What do you do when you get ‘writers block’ to help get the writing flowin again? I would think a good orgasm would do the job!

Ha! You would think! Most of the time it takes me getting out of the house and doing something totally non-writing related.

What is one of the most ridiculous things that has ever happened to you?

Gah! That’s a really hard one to disclose without going into lengthy detail and giving away the names of the innocent. LOL Maybe I better just keep that my secret. 😉

(As she finishes up answering that last question we can hear hollerin going on and it is getting louder so I know it HAS to be the guys headed our way. My stomach gets into knots and start to get all excited like a little fan girl. I am going to get to meet Black Falcon!!! Inside I am jumping up and down and ready to flash them and throw my panties at them. But on the outside I have to keep it together I don’t want to come off as a groupie. I look over at Michelle and she laughs at me, I guess I am not hiding it as well as I thought I was. Great!! This is gonna be great if I stay this transparent. I need a drink (yes it helps calm me down and loosen me up. okay I can do without the loose but I need to calm down) But the bottles of alcohol I brought are in the ice chest. I am looking out at the water because I refuse to look back watching and wait for them like a puppy. I see in the corner of my eye my blue ice chest being sat down. I turn my head and see the twins one on each side of the chest. Ohh sweet Jesus they are just so freaking yummy! Ohh to have one in front of me and one behind, (get your head out of the gutter)… They smile…oh god and here we go -start the waterworks- thank god they can not hear what I am thinking..and I stand with Michelle so I can introduce myself to the guys but have to squeeze my thighs together to bring down the pulsing between my legs. Aww hell and this is just two of them. Riff and Noel come up over the hill a few seconds later. Got to say I am with Lane on Riff he is attractive but if I had to choose on looks alone I might just have to go with the twins. (I don’t have to pick just one do I? They are a package deal right??) They all meet up and look around at the completely empty beach and smile. I think they like it! I HOPE they like it.)

Hi guys I’m Brandy I am so glad you were able to make a stop here. I love this place and since Michelle said she likes the beach I thought it would be perfect for you all to enjoy for the day. (okay I need to stop rambling they are all looking at me like they want to laugh. I am sure they are used to dealing with women like this. I have to keep telling myself to KEEP YOUR SHIRT ON! NO FLASHING!!)

*Riff totally checks out Brandy*

(I totally see Riff looking at me, oh all that is holly okay I take back my earlier statement I WANT Riff) Thanks so much for carrying the ice chest up and over that hill there was no way in hell I was going to be able to do it I was able to get it to my car but that was about it. Matter of fact I need a little somethin’ from it right now. You boys want a little dranky drank?? Michelle? But shhhh not supposed to have alcohol or glass bottles. (I walk over to my bag and pull out a bunch of red plastic cups and cant help but smile…as I see the bag of oreos I got in there.)

(Riff walks over to the ice chest to see what is inside and sees a small container of milk and looks confused I can’t help but giggle. But anyway I hear a Hell Yeah…and see him pull up a bottle then another. Then I hear someone say… SHOTS! Oh lovely the last time I drank shots was at another interview I did and it didn’t go over as smooth as I wanted. But it sure was fun so what the hell! We all do a few shots and I am starting to relax then Riff makes me a drink. Okay time to get started…)

So how exactly did you all meet up and decide to form a band?

Riff: *leans into Brandy* You don’t really want to hear that lame story, do you? Everyone knows we met up in a bar playing separate gigs. I’d much rather get to the good questions I know you got for me. *Riff bites his pierced lip*

(OOOOMMMMMGGGG I think I just about orgasmed! What the hell cant I just jump him right here right now???!!!)

Okay boys what do you first notice or love about a girl? And no it can not be her “cookie”!! (yes that is what I call it the ‘vajayjay’ so maybe that is why I am secretly in love with Riff because he loves cookies so much! Haha)

Riff: I’m a leg man, myself. Long slender legs like you have *Rakes his eyes down Brandy’s body and grins*…well, that gets me every time.

Trip: Since I can’t say cookies, can I just say tits?

Tyke: *smacks his brother in the back of the head* Smooth, moron!

(Hahaha okay I can not help myself from laughing at Trip. But I cant stop myself from looking over at Riff and smiling. Thank god for gymnastics in highschool my legs have always been one of my favorite body part! :))

So I would have to say that Michelle is doing a great job writing your stories even though we have only gotten Noel I can not wait for the others. Are you okay with how she is portraying you all?

Noel: I can say, personally, I think she’s doing a kick-ass job. Lane got a little pissed she told you guys so much detail about our sex-life, but hey, I’m not complaining. When I read it, I thought it was fucking hot.

Well Noel I would have to say that many of us readers would have to agree it was pretty hot!!

So who IS the sex god?

Noel: *grins* I proudly claim that title, although I’m a committed one-woman man now.

Okay Riff what is it about Oreo’s?

Riff: *smirks at Brandy* I love licking the cream between the cookies.

(Oh sweet lord this man is going to kill me! I am literally going to pass out and just die!)

Why do you like women who play hard to get?

Riff: Women who play hard to get are fucking hot. I don’t want a chick that’s the fucking town door knob.

(Damn it I need to play hard to get, stop melting at everything he does!)

What is the kinkiest thing you have done?

*They all look back and forth at each other before turning back to Brandy. In unison they say, no comment and then laugh.*

(Well cant blame a girl for tryin. I am sure they are some good stories!)

So Trip and Tyke…all women want to know…okay well maybe its just me but do you share women, or is menage not your fortay? And by menage I mean you two and a girl not two girls and one of you. Lol

Trip: *Grins* We’ve been known to share once in awhile.

(can not wait to hopefully hear about one of them experiances in the future. At this point I think we need a quick break I am feeling a tad buzzed how sad am I? They are all fine and functioning I on the other hand need some food in me.)

Okay guys I need some food in me before those shots completely put me over the edge and thanks Riff for this drink you made but its freaking strong so I need some food! So sandwiches!! Turkey, sound good cuz if not then ya gonna have to starve!? So you boys go play for a little while and we will make the sandwiches…

(They barely let me finish before they took off all running toward to the water I wanted to laugh, damn it why didn’t I bring my camera!? I will kick myself for that for the rest of my life. Okay time to start sandwiches!)

Okay Michelle time to get started on these sandwiches. (I look over at her and she is just staring at me. I ask what’s the matter she laughs and lets me know how much she enjoys being volunteered to do work because she lets me know we have to make more then just one for each of them. Oh JOY! So I take this time to ask more questions.)

So what exactly made you decide to do these books? I mean I saw that you have a love for rock stars but why them?

I don’t know. Noel and Lane have been in my head for a couple years, but when I got the idea I was writing YA and didn’t really know how to make it fit into the genre I was writing at the time. Noel just really stuck with me and I fell in love with him as I wrote.

Which one of the guys is your favorite? I won’t tell! Lol

I can’t possibly choose a favorite child. A mother loves all of her children equally.

So Missy, do you have tattoos and piercings?

I have tats. I plan on getting more. Piercings only in my ears, as a nurse everything I get has to be concealed.

So have you ever made it backstage at a concert and got some one on one time with a rock star??

Yes, and yes! I’ve hung out with a couple rock bands before and being back stage isn’t all that glamorous. LOL

Who was the first concert you ever went to?

Hank Williams Jr and Lynyrd Skynyrd when I was about six or seven. LOL Score one for having bad-ass parents teaching me right from the jump!

(After using all of the bread it looks like we are feeding an army. They come back and practically inhale the food. I pulled out the seeds, fruit, and go to my bag and grab the cookies out also. And head back over to where everyone is siting on the blankets. And put everything down then go grab the milk out and the extra cups.)
Okay so I can see some of the tats you guys have so do they all have special meaning? What would be the one most important one?

Riff: Tattoos are my worst addiction. There’s over thirty in all. This one. *Pulls up shirt and shows his chest* The one over my heart is my favorite. It’s my sister Anna’s name. She died in a car crash we were in as kids. It means the most to me. *pulls shirt back down*

Noel: The one on my back, the cross, is for faith. I believe you have to have it in all aspects of the unknown. The star on my shoulder I got when I signed my first record deal. It was my lame attempt to remind me someday I’d be a star and prove everybody wrong about me. Those are the two that mean the most to me.

(Oh how I want to lick those tats on Riff. Taking mental photos for later!)

And well a follow up…what piercings do you boys have?? (I cant help but grin because yes my mind is in the gutter! I NEED to know if we have prince alberts or apas! Haha)

Riff: Piercing, yeah, I’ve got a few. One here. *Points to bottom lip* And, of course you just saw that both of my nipples are done.

Trip: I’ve got a lady-pleasing piercing! *Wiggles his eyebrows*

(oh lawd, I giggle and turn a little red.)

Any fetishes?? The women of the world want to know what your sexual weaknesses are!

Riff: Guess you’ll have to wait until ROCK MY BED to find out about that, because I’m not spilling that secret now. *winks*

Well love how about you just show me… (I smile and wink back at him. oh this is why I try not to drink it comepltely removes my filter!)

So Noel and Riff, things better now between you guys?

*Noel and Riff look at each other*
Noel: Yeah, we’re good.

Trip and Tyke, you guys seem to be pretty quiet keep to yourselves I may be wrong, so tell me what is the craziest things you guys have done?

Trip: I’m majorly into extreme spots. I sky drive as much as I can.
Tyke: We’re just waiting our turn to tell our story.

And last but not least a would you rather: would you rather be a girl with a dick or a guy with a poonany? Lol

Noel: *Raises eyebrows* What the fuck? Um, neither. *rest of the guys laugh and agree*

Thank you guys and Michelle for taking the time to visit with me it was AWESOME! (I move my hair into a messy pony tail and I look over at Riff and watch him as his face breaks into a wide grin. That was why I wore these earings! I shyly smile back then turn away. Hard to get is what he will get haha) now lets go build a sand castle!


Here are the earings 🙂

I am doing a giveaway and will be sending an e-copy of the book to the winner. You can enter the giveaway HERE! (once again rafflecopter is not working correctly so if need be, copy and paste –> )

For those who would like to follow Michelle you can follow her facebook page she gives updates on her books as well as teasers.



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