Teasers for Fight With Me by Kristen Proby

This is set to release Januaray 4th, 2013. I was lucky enough to get an early copy and LOVED it oh so very much! Kristen has put up a few teasers along with the first two pages of the first chapter on her website.



Teaser 1

“This is nice.”

Nate’s running his fingers through my hair.  We are lounging on the plush sage green couch in the living room.  Nate lit a fire in the beautiful stone fireplace, and it’s warm and comfortable.  After our run on the beach I took a shower while he fixed lunch, then he joined me.
“How did your kitchen get stocked?” I ask and close my eyes, loving the way his fingers feel in my hair.
“I made some calls,” he murmurs.
“Must be nice to have minions.”
He chuckles and tugs playfully on my hair.  “I don’t have minions. I have millions.”
I hear the playfulness in his voice, but I keep my eyes closed.  I don’t want to know how much money he has.  I know he’s excellent at his job, and he is clearly wealthy.
“None of my business,” I murmur.
“Don’t go to sleep on me.”
“You like it when I go to sleep on you.”  Hmm… he’s still playing with my hair, and the fire is warm.  “I don’t remember the last time I was this relaxed.  We have to come here often.”
“We can come here whenever you want, baby.”
Nate turned on the satellite radio while he was fixing lunch, and the music is flowing through the whole house through the sound system.  Jason Mraz is singing about not giving up and I smile.
“I love this song.”
“You do?”  I feel him reach for the remote and he turns up the volume.
I open my eyes and look up into his handsome face.  How did I get this lucky?
“You spoil me you know.”
“I hope so. That’s the goal.” His thumb brushes across my cheek.
“You don’t need to.  I’m happy with just you.”
“This is me, baby.”
I sit up and cup his face in my hands.  His hair is still tied, and my fingers are itching to run through it.
“Can I take your hair down?” I ask.  His eyes flair.
“You can do whatever you want.”
I pull the tie out of his hair and run my fingers through the thick, ink black softness. “Don’t cut it.”
“Okay.”  His arms are wrapped around me, and his eyes are traveling over my face, patiently watching me as I touch his hair, his face, his shoulders.
“You’re so handsome,” I whisper.
Nate leans down and lays his lips over mine, just resting them there, breathing me in.  I never knew such a light touch could be so intimate.  Finally, he kisses me sweetly and pulls back.
“I have something for you.” He whispers and I grin.
“It’s about time, ace.”  I quickly straddle his hips and settle my center over his crotch.  “This morning feels like days ago.”
Nate laughs up at me as he cups my ass in his hands and pulls me closer.  “Well, that’s not exactly what I meant, but I love the way you think, baby.”
“Oh,” I kiss his cheek and nibble over to his ear.  “What do you have for me?” I whisper.
“On second thought,” he wraps his arms around my middle and before I know it I’m on my back across the couch, tucked under him.  “This is an excellent idea.”
Teaser 2

This is a teaser from FIGHT WITH ME, releasing January 4, 2013.  Remember, this is not a final draft, and may be edited or deleted before publication. This is intended for adult readers.

“I don’t do well with half-truths, Nate.”
“Look, I’m sorry.  I wanted to be here with you today.  It’ll be fun.  My dad owns the place, he was my trainer and my manager when I fought, so of course this is where I work out.” He shrugs and looks around the gym.
I eye him for a moment, enjoying the view.  “Where do you want to start?” I ask.
“You still want to work out?”
“Yes, we’re here.  Let’s go.”
“Okay, let’s warm up with the jump ropes and see what you can do.”  He grins and leads me over to a matt, handing me a jump rope.
Should I mention to him that my brother Will used to make me train with him for football season? No.
Nate sets his watch timer for two minutes and I jump easily, using the form my brother taught me.  Nate watches me, also jumping with ease. I’m hardly panting when the two minutes are up, and inside I’m smug.  I keep a bored, bland look on my face.
“Next?” I ask.
“You’ve done this before,” he murmurs.
I shrug and drop the rope on the mat.  “What’s next, ace?”
“Can you do a pull-up?” he asks, his eyebrow raised.
“I can do one or two,” I respond and smile.  I have to call Will later and thank him profusely for being such a hard ass on me.  Thanks to him, exercise comes easily to me, and my body is in excellent shape.  I love to sweat.
Nate guides me over to the metal bars.
“Do you need a boost?” he asks.
I look up at the bar.  It’s probably about seven feet off the ground.  “I think I got it,” I respond.
“Ladies first.”  He motions for me to go first.  I rub my hands down my pants, then hop up, gripping the bar.  I find the space between my hands that I like and begin to pull myself up, using a style Will taught me that he uses in Crossfit.  As I come down, I push in an arc away from the bar, then swing back up, pulling the bar under my chin.
God, this feels fantastic!  I manage twenty pull-ups, then drop to the mat, shaking my arms and panting.
“Your turn,” I plant my hands on my hips and look up at Nate, who is gazing at me with a huge smile plastered on his handsome face.
“What?” I ask, but I know I just shocked the shit out of him.  I glance around to find all the men in the gym are watching me, their mouths dropped.
“Who trained you?” he asks.
“My brother.” I shrug like it’s no big deal.  “Your turn, ace.”
“Okay,” he’s still smiling as he leaps up and easily begins raising and lowering that sexy body up and down on the bar.  His arms – holy Moses, those arms – flex and bunch with each repetition.  I wish he’d take his shirt off so I can watch his chest. He effortlessly executes forty pull-ups and then drops to the matt.
“Not bad,” I smirk and jump back up, gripping the bar.  I begin the push and pull again, loving the burn that’s moving through my arms, shoulders and back.  After twenty I drop back down to the mat.
Without speaking, Nate hops up and completes forty pull-ups.
“Warmed up?” he asks, panting and sweating and I just want to lick him.
“I want you in the ring.”
I raise an eyebrow at him.  “There’s quite an audience here right now, Nate.”
Teaser 3
“Ready?” Nate asks, smiling down at me. We just stepped onto the sidewalk outside his building, which happens to be just a few blocks up from the market and waterfront. We’re going to walk down today.

He’s delicious in faded blue-jeans, black sweater and black leather jacket. The weather is still cold, although we’ve been blessed with a dry day today.
“Ready,” I confirm and he twines our fingers as we stride toward downtown at a casual pace.
“You look beautiful today,” he murmurs and kisses my hand. I’m also in blue-jeans, tucked in knee-high black boots, a gray t-shirt under a heavy red sweater, cinched with a thick black belt around my torso, and a black scarf wrapped around my neck.
“Thank you. So do you.” I lean my head on his shoulder, then kiss it, as we wait at a crosswalk. “So, what are we shopping for today?” I ask.
“Greens and veggies for a salad and fresh lobster.” He pulls our linked hands around to the small of my back and leads me across the street, watching for crazy drivers. I love how he protects me, and watches out for me, while still making me feel like we’re partners.
“Sounds delicious.”
“Anything you want to grab while we’re here?” he asks.
“Tiny donuts and Starbucks.” Pike’s Market boasts the very first Starbucks café ever built, just across the street from the vendors. There is also a booth that serves delicious, fresh tiny donuts that melt in your mouth. They are both must-haves when I visit.
“Let’s do that first.” Nate’s hand tightens around mine as we descend the steep hill leading down to the Market.
When we reach the cobblestone street below, I take a deep breath and look around. This is the heart of Seattle. Business men and blue collar guys, families and couples, and people of all shapes and sizes and colors. There are musicians on the sidewalk, singing and playing instruments for change, and they are incredible, drawing quite a crowd.
I love the sights, sounds and smells.
“I’m so glad you suggested this.” I smile up at my handsome man. “I haven’t been down here in ages, and I love it.”
“Me too.” Nate kisses my forehead and leads me into Starbucks. We order our drinks and wander through the market, starting at the end with my tiny donuts, so we can munch on the hot, soft goodness while we wander.
“SALMON!” Someone yells, and a large gray salmon goes sailing through the air in front of us. A man in orange pants held up with brown suspenders catches the fish and throws it back to the guy in the same outfit behind the fish counter.
Nate and I smile at each other, and watch the fish throwing show for a few minutes, sipping our coffee and eating our tiny donuts, soaking up Seattle.
More fish sail back and forth, the men yelling and putting on a fun show. Nate and I pick out two large lobsters, and they are packaged in a box with a handle for easy carrying.
With his hands full of lobster and coffee, I push a bite of donut in his mouth and we continue through the market, winding through a sea of people. It’s impossible to shop at Pike’s Market in a hurry. There are too many people, especially on a weekend, even in winter.
Nate and I choose our salad veggies and he buys me a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers.
“Thank you, babe. These are lovely.” I bury my face in them and breathe in their sweet fragrance and smile up at him.
“Like you.” He kisses my nose, tosses his empty coffee cup in a nearby garbage, and presses his hand on the small of my back, leading me out of the Market and onto the sidewalk.
I look up and freeze. Fuck.
“What’s wrong?” Nate asks and follows my stare. “Shit,” he whispers.
Teaser 4 
Here is a little somethin from Kristen first:
Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you have read UNDER THE MISTLETOE WITH ME and read the bonus chapter at the end that was the prologue of FIGHT WITH ME in its entirety. If you haven’t, you can buy it on Amazon HERE .  As a special Christmas treat, here are the first two pages of FIGHT WITH ME! This book releases on January 4th. 🙂

The first two pages from the first Chapter

Chapter One

Late Spring
I love my job. I love my job.  God, sometimes, I hate my job.  I read the terse email from my boss, Nathan McKenna once again and swallow hard.
Friday, April 26, 2013 13:56
From: Nathan McKenna
To: Julianne Montgomery
Subject:  Working Late
I need you to work late with me tonight, possibly into the weekend.  Please gather all the files on the Radcliffe account and meet me in my office at 6:00 pm.
Damn it!  For eight long months I’ve managed to steer clear of my boss, and I know I’ve been incredibly lucky that I haven’t had to work alone with him after-hours, but we recently lost the other junior partner in our department, and that leaves just me and Nate.
Large, beastly butterflies have taken up residence in my stomach.
Since that one night last summer, Nate and I have maintained a level of professionalism that I’m very proud of, despite the fact that whenever I see him I feel a pull of electricity that makes my thighs clench.  I did invite him to double-date with Nat and I on the night of one of Nat’s husband, Luke’s movie premieres, but I managed to keep that night completely platonic.
It almost killed me.
Since then, it’s been for the greater good of keeping a job that I enjoy that I steer clear of Mr. Sex-on-legs.
Not that he’s been clamoring to get me back into bed.  The morning after The Best Sex In The History of Mankind, after I snuck out of his bed, he had been pissed. He’d called and texted, wanting to know what the hell happened, and I’d avoided him like the plague for a good two weeks, telecommuting from home and taking vacation time.
Then, he just stopped.  All personal communication halted, and when we are together during business hours, he is the epitome of cool professionalism.
There are days that it pisses me the hell off.
And now, because the moron who had been in our department couldn’t take the demanding schedule of our job quit, I have to work alone with Nate.
I sit back in my chair and look at the time.  Five thirty.  I pull my glasses off and toss them on my desk and hang my head in my hands.  So much for spending the weekend with a pint of ice cream and a good book.
I can do this.  Pull it together, Montgomery.  I’ve posed naked in magazines.  I’ve had dinner with gazillionares and hung out with movie stars.  I have four older brothers who tease me incessantly, and taught me how to kick ass.
I can handle the sexiest man I’ve ever seen in my life for a few hours without ripping my clothes off and having my wicked way with him.
I think.
I pull myself together, check that all my calls and emails are set to forward to my iPhone, and go to the bathroom to prepare myself for this evening.
I’m happy with what I see in the mirror.  My long light blonde hair is still holding the loose curls I rolled into it this morning.  My makeup is subtle and professional, setting off my blue eyes.  I smooth on a fresh coat of nude lip gloss, straighten my simple cranberry-colored dress and skim my eyes over my slender figure.  I was blessed with excellent genetics.  I’m not as sexily curved as Natalie, but I was blessed with decent boobs, a perky ass, and a figure that got me onto the pages of Playboy magazine.  Three times.  I work out hard to maintain my shape.
Content with my reflection, I walk briskly in my black Louboutins to my office, gather the files Nate requested along with my phone and walk down the corridor to his office.  His personal assistant, Mrs. Glover, is sitting at her desk.  She’s an older woman with grey hair and shrewd brown eyes.  Her smile is deceiving.  She scares the hell out of me with her sharp efficiency and her crazy ability to anticipate Nate’s every move.
“Hello, Ms. Montgomery, you can go on in.”
“Thank you.” I nod at her and smile and head for his office, knocking twice and then opening the door.
“Come in, Julianne.  Thanks for staying.”  Nate looks up from his computer and nods, his face completely blank.
“Sure.”  Nate’s office is vast, with large-scale, dark office furniture.  The chairs sitting in front of his desk are plush, black leather.  There are shelves from the floor to ceiling with hundreds of books and files, meticulously in order, no doubt by the efficient Mrs. Glover.  Behind his desk are large windows with a view of the Space Needle and the Sound.
It’s beautiful.
I’m not sure Nate even pays attention to it.
I perch at the edge of one of the black chairs and set the files on Nate’s desk, expecting him to get right to the point.
“How are you?” he asks, his voice soft.
“Um… fine, thank you.”  What the hell?
“I’m sorry about the short notice.”  He leans forward and braces his elbows on his desk, lacing his fingers, and keeps steady eye-contact.  God, those gray eyes are distracting.  Almost as distracting as his hands, and the delicious way he…
“It’s part of the job.”  I open a file and try to pretend that my cheeks aren’t flushed.  “So, what’s up with this account?”
“How are Natalie and Luke?”
“They’re fine.”  I sit back in the chair now and eye him speculatively.  Why are we having a personal conversation? “Natalie is due in just a few weeks.”
“That’s great, good for them.”  Nate grins, that elusive, sexy, melt my panties grin and I find myself returning it.  His hair is pulled back off his face, as usual.  His chiseled jaw is freshly shaved, and he’s wearing a black suit with a black shirt and blue tie.  He never takes his jacket off to roll up the sleeves, and I briefly wonder why, then remind myself to get back to the conversation at hand.
“Yeah, they’re excited.  I’m hosting the baby shower next weekend.”
“I promise not to make you work next weekend,” he winks at me and I about fall out of my chair.
Who is this man, and what has he done with my boss?
“So, about the account?” I ask as Mrs. Glover knocks on the door.
“Dinner’s here, sir.”
“Thank you, Jenny, bring it in.”  Nate rises and takes two large bags out of Mrs. Glover’s hands.  “That’s all for today.  I’ll see you on Monday.”
“Have a good weekend, sir.  Ms. Montgomery.”  She nods to both of us and then exits the office, closing the door behind her.
“I had Chinese delivered.  I got you your usual.”  He smiles and resumes sitting in his chair, unloading bags.  He seems very happy with himself this evening, much more approachable and friendly than he has been since last summer.
What’s his game?
“Thank you,” I reply, realizing that I’m starving.  I load a plate with rice, sweet and sour chicken and egg rolls and we dig in, eating in silence for a few minutes.  I feel Nate’s eyes on me, so I decide to put my big girl panties on and just take the initiative.
“So, what’s up with this account?” I ask again and take a bite of chicken.
“I don’t have any idea, I just wanted to have dinner with you, and this is the only way I can see you.”
Holy fucking shit.
I stop chewing, my eyes wide, and I just stare at his perfectly sincere face.  “Excuse me?”
“You heard me.”
I frown and set my plate carefully on his desk.  “So, we’re not working on this account?”
“I don’t understand.”
Nate lays his chopsticks down, wipes his mouth with a napkin and sits back in his chair, watching me carefully.
“I just wanted to share dinner with you, Julianne.”
“Why?” And why does he insist on calling me Julianne?
He frowns again.  “Do I have to spell it out?”
“I guess so.”
“I like you.  I enjoy your company.”  He shrugs, looking lost and a bit insecure.  I’m so not used to seeing emotions on his beautiful face.
“But you’re my boss.”
“So, we could both be fired.”
“It’s just dinner, Julianne.”
“You’re not looking at me like you just want dinner, Nate.”
He cocks his head to the side and a smile kisses his lips.  “How am I looking at you?”
“Like you’d like to fuck me on this desk.”  Holy. Fuck!  Did I just say that?
Nate’s smile disappears and his eyes narrow.  “Watch your mouth.”
I swallow hard and blink rapidly.
“There are many places that I’d enjoy fucking you, including this desk, but right now, I simply want to enjoy a meal with you.”
“Watch your mouth.” I whisper and his smile is back.

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