Blog Tour ~ Interview with Collin ~ Ember’s Curse by Gena D. Lutz

I have been lucky to have read this book before I was asked to participate in this Blog Tour. Of course I said yes I would love to help get her book out there.  I do love a good paranormal book and I am usually afraid to start a new series because, well, they can very easily get cheesy and I didn’t know anyone who had read it so I couldn’t ask their opinions. I took a chance and jumped in and let me say for me I am glad that I did I enjoyed it a lot and it reminded me as to why I LOVE paranormal books. Action, Love, Hotness, Werewolves, Vampires, Nymphs.. there was so much to love about it as far as I was concerned.

You can read my review on the book –> HERE

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There is also going to be a giveaway for 2 winners to win an e-copy of the book you can go and enter the giveaway…

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I was lucky enough to be able to get an interview with Collin, and Ember stops by.

Interview Time:

I walk into Haven and cant help but feel his presence. I instantly spot him and smile because well I am nervous as hell. I want to just touch him! He is so hot and I know if Ember were here she would probably want to rip my throat out for thinking what I am so I need to be good, that means NO DRINKING! I make my way over to him, he stands and smiles. God this man is just yummy. I walk up to him and take a deep breath.


B ~ “Hey Collin, I’m Brandy.”

He reaches out to shake my hand and I place my hand in his. So warm, I just wanna hug him and stay there. Okay I need to remember Ember will kill me for thinking these things! I am just so excited to meet him! 


B ~ “Thanks for taking time to sit with me. I am sure you have a lot of things you must have to do with the pack and getting things taken care of and in order. So let me go ahead and get started.” 

Collin ~ “It’s cool. I have a few minutes to kill before Ember gets here.”

B ~ “Okay so I know I loved you right from the get go plus you are hot so that doesn’t hurt! The minute you saw Ember what did you thinking before everything happened or did you have a chance to think anything?”

Collin ~ “Man. It’s hard to put what happened to us into words. Meeting her literally knocked me on my ass. But my very first thought after seeing her beautiful face was…I am now the luckiest man in the world.”

Man if I couldn’t have loved him more I just fell a little more the minute he said that. I wanna keep him! Okay it is a damn good thing that he can not read what is going on in my head. Damn it I can feel my face turning red time to get back on track! 


B ~ “I get that werewolves are territorial but what do you do when you have women throw themselves at you? I mean it has to happen on a daily basis, you do own a mirror so you must know how hot you are!”

Collin ~ “That’s not really an issue. Everyone knows who my mate is. She is an alpha wolf…the little she-wolves wisely keep their distance.”

There is no way in hell I would live very long being in a pack with this man. I would so do dirty things to him! *my eyes wonder down his body. I hear him clear his throat* Dang it I did it again. Stay focused woman! 


B ~ “How the hell did you stay so calm in so many crazy situations?”

Collin ~ “When you are a leader of wolves you must stay in control at all times. Any sign of weakness and your pack loses faith in you. I guess staying calm in heated situations has become a survival instinct.”


B ~ “What is your absolute weakness when it comes to Ember?” 

Collin ~ “There’s this little thing she does with her tongue when we are… Oh, I should probably keep this PG.”

B ~ “Oh damn…please don’t!! I would love to hear what turns you on!” *I cant hid the grin I have on my face* Damn it Brandy… you so could have pulled that out of him! your loosing your touch woman! I knew I should have had a drink that always loosens me up! Just when it was getting good too!  Dang it why, why did he stop??


B ~ “Any little ones planned for the future?”

Collin ~ “I want a house full of little rug rats. Ember growls at me every time I mention the possibility, she is going to take a little convincing.”

B ~ “When you met Dane what did you first think? That kid stole my heart instantly!” 

Collin ~ “I thought he was a pretty tough kid for what he had been through. He earned my respect immediately. Most men I know aren’t as brave. He is now my son and I love him deeply.”

Ohhh that look he has in his eyes melts my heart I wonder if Dane knows how lucky he is to have the love that Collin has for him anyone can see he would do anything for that kid. 


B ~ “How do you feel about Ember being in the position she is now?” 

Before he gets to answer that question Ember walks in and over to him. The love they have for each other could never be questioned that is for sure. I can see it in both their eyes. And it makes me envious.

Ember Stilwell ~ Prime Werewolf Vampire

B ~ “Hi Ember I didn’t if I was going to be able to see you before I finished up with our man Collin here. I was asking him how he felt about you being in the position you are in now with your pack.”

Ember ~ “Who’s man? You might want to veer back over into your own lane girl. I have crazy road rage.”

I can’t help but smile I lover her no bullshit attitude. And as dangerous as it probably is I kind of want to see how far I can push her. Her and I are looking at each other we both turn away when we hear Collin clear his throat. *evil grin*


Collin ~ “I was about to tell her that your pack is lucky to have you and I couldn’t be more proud.”

B ~ “Well one last question and since you’re here now Ember is here now I would love to know your answer also, I just need to know. The whole being able to know what each other is thinking how handy is that during sex?” 


Ember ~ Grrrrrrrr….

haha I couldn’t stop the image that came to my mind. and giggled.

Chihuahua growling

Collin ~ “I guess that’s the end of the questions.”   

B ~ “But…but…” *sighing* “fine, I knew I should have asked this one before she got here.” 

I look up and see the deadly stare from Ember and know I need to just stop “poking the wolf” I can’t help but laugh at myself for that pun. I look up and Collin now has an eyebrow raised almost like he is amused over the little display of jealousy Ember is emitting. It isn’t my fault I’m so funny! 


B ~ “Well thank you for your time even though the best question was cut short. It was nice meeting you Collin, as well as getting the opportunity to say hello to you Ember.” 

I stand from my seat and make my way to where they are standing next to each other. Ember puts her hand out and I know I want to hug Collin before I leave so I just reach out and hug her, I figure she cant get too upset since I am hugging her also. Right?!  I release her and immediately wrap my arms around Collin before she can object and cannot help the moan that escapes from me. He isn’t exactly hugging me back I think he is completely dumbfounded right now but I don’t care. He smells so damn good! I know she is going to want to kill me but this is worth it!


Ember ~ “Three seconds. That’s all the time you get to take your little paws off of him. And that’s only because I kind of like your spunk. 1…2…”

I reluctantly let go of Collin, I cant help but smile though. I would so have fun hangin out with her! I wave bye to them but when I turn to walk out I run into a hard chest. I step back and look up into the face of none other then Milo.. oh he is so good looking up close and personal. I swear I am not a slut I think laughing to myself. I smile and say hi. I hear Ember behind me mumble something to Collin and he laughs. I introduce myself and ask if he happens to be coming or going because I need a ride since I took a taxi here.


Milo ~ “Sure gorgeous. As long as you don’t mind riding on the back of a bike.”

B ~ “I don’t mind at all as long as you don’t mind my legs and arms wrapped around you.”

Milo ~ “I wouldn’t consider that an imposition. You’ll have to watch out for my little lady Mojo here though. She likes to bite.”

B ~ *grinning and biting my lip* “So do I” *running my finger along his arm*


Looking back one last time I yell out as I walk to the door. 

B ~ “Later bitches”.  Swatting Milo on the ass as I walk past him. 


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