Blog Tour ~ Review ~ Rock The Band by Michelle A. Valentine + Interview with Riff

16300420Book: Rock The Band

Author: Michelle A. Valentine

  • Series: Black Falcon #1.5

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After Noel Falcon professed his love to the one girl who truly holds his heart in the palm of her hand, he decides to try his damndest to keep Lane Vance in his life forever this time. There’s no way he’ll let her slip through his fingers again without a fight.

The instant they are together Noel begins to plot a way to ask his headstrong lady-love to be his wife, but every attempt to pop the question is foiled by a string of mishaps that prevents him from the perfect moment to get the job done before he goes back on tour with Black Falcon.

Distance is a bigger challenge than Noel expects, and the one-eyed beast of jealous raises its ugly head when Lane takes on a job working on an ad campaign for Embrace the Darkness. With Striker—a man that’s made it clear in the past he’s very interested in more then her business sense—lurking around her constantly, Noel wants to claim Lane now, more than ever.

*ROCK THE BAND is a 27,000 word novella from the Black Falcon Series*

My Thoughts:

I love this group! I had read the first book and was excited that I found it. I love love love Riff. Even though he is not in this one much because it is a short read about Lane and Noel in Noel’s point of view, I still LOVED it! I got a little taste of Riff and as much as I wanted to cry because it wasn’t nearly enough I was completely drawn into the story. I loved being able to get Noel’s POV and along with it more closure on them. I did enjoy the twists that came with it. It was fun as well as heart warming at some parts.

I won’t lie Rock The Heart was a great read but I did feel like it did end and leave you wondering what was going to happen. When I found out that she was doing this I was so excited because I felt like I was able to get more closure. But damn it if I didn’t want more when I was done. It was such a quick read (yes I know that is what a novella is) all I know is that I cannot wait for another fix!

I loved being able to see a different side of Noel, we started to see it in Rock The Heart but here you can’t help but fall more in love with him and how in love he is with Lane, and what he wouldn’t do just to be with her. I heart him so! I mean who wouldn’t love him after reading this? He has time off from tour and spends it with her at his place, we get to see how in love the two of them are.

I absolutely loved that it picked up right where Rock The Heart ended. We get a little bit about the twins (which is FUNNY when they talk about a mistake one of them made with a girl hahaha) and some Riff, which sets up nicely for the next book (which is Riff’s). Even though my heart breaks knowing that he wont ever truly be mine I am looking forward to learning more about him, along with seeing more of Noel and Lane and where their journey takes them from where this one ends.

What I love is that they are all separate books about each member of the band BUT you still get all of the guys in each of them so you don’t feel like you are missing them. I look forward to all the books to come in this series (3 more) and hopefully she might add in a few more novellas (fingers crossed) in between. I can’t get enough of these guys and I am sure anyone who has read and loved the first book can agree with that!


5 stars

Interview Time:

I try to hide my excitement as I am walking into the restaurant in the 5 star hotel I am styling at which by the way is amazeballs!. There is no hiding that I absolutely love Riff. Since I am getting to meet him alone I went all out and look my best I primped and got all prettyfied. I remembered from the last one that he is a leg man so I made sure to get a short dress to wear, and when I came across the cutest necklace charm I had to buy it just for today. I mean I can’t look at Oreo cookies without thinking of him so when I saw a small silver charm there was no question, it was MINE!


We are supposed to meet up at 5 but I am just a little late (got to make an entrance right? Make em wait a little 🙂 ) I tell the lady I have a reservation under (and I can’t help but laugh as I say it) Long Dick-Dong. She grins and tells me to follow her. I am getting the butterflies in my tummy I get to see him again but this time alone since the interview at the beach I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I’m so excited and nervous. I am walking behind her so I didn’t see him right away but once she moved to the side so I could take a seat I saw the most beautiful man. I don’t care what people say, who may not care for him he is gorgeous! He takes my breath away when he looks over at me and smiles then slides out the booth to stand.


B ~ *grinning* Hey, how are you doing? Thanks for meeting up with me, hope I didn’t keep you waiting.

R ~ *Kisses Brandy’s cheek* Damn, girl. You look amazing. It’s good to see you again.

Ok I know I just left my room but I need to go try and calm myself down so I ask him to excuse me while I go to the restroom really fast. The booth didn’t look that small but when I got back and slid into my seat he was very close to me. The waiter must have come when I was gone because now he is placing two drinks down on the table. Riff must have order this drink for me. I know I shouldn’t drink because I swear I go into heat when I do. But he ordered it so I will drink it. I took a sip and it was yummy. I don’t know what it was though.

B ~ mmmmm.. What is this? It is yummy!

R ~ Sex on the Beach. *winks*

When thinking of Sex on the Beach a drink is so not what comes to mind.

Sex on the Beach

B ~ thank you for ordering but I can’t drink tonight alcohol does things to me that are not very lady like.

R ~ *tilts head* In that case, I’m ordering you another.

Oh Mr. Funny guy… he will regret this for sure. But who am I to deny him.

B ~ okay so lets order our food and then we can get the questions done so we can enjoy dinner. *smiling*

R ~ Sounds good to me.

We order our food and even though I tell him no more drinks he orders me another one. I tell the waiter no and he says ok but then out of the corner of my eye I see Riff shake his head yes. Ohh I don’t think he knows what he is about to get himself into..

B ~ It was nice to see that things are getting back to normal with you and Noel! You guys are doing good I take it? But your guys, so I am guessing your not going to hug it out? Would love to see that! *giggling*

R ~ *Laughs* We kind of did hug it out. Noel’s like my brother, so I’m not opposed to a hug with an apology.

Great so now all I can think about is Riff and Noel hugging. NICE!


B ~ Okay so what was your initial thoughts when you saw that little box Noel had?

R ~ * Sighs* I saw warning flashes. Nothing good ever comes with getting that close to a chick.

B ~ I did miss you. I know Rock the Band was Noel’s POV and about them but I always look forward to seeing you. I AM looking forward to getting to know you better! How hard is it for you to open up?

R ~ It’s been tough, but Michelle Valentine has managed to get me to talk about things I never thought I would tell anyone and it’s been freeing.

Oh I need this book like now!

B ~ Okay … the appetizer is here, now that means… time for some personal questions. *rubbing hands together in joy* and you HAVE to answer!

R ~ *Laughs and raises an eyebrow* Okay.

B ~ What is your favorite color?

R ~ Red

B ~ Hardest decision you have had to make?

R ~ *sigh* Once I was at a very dark point in my life, and I made a very tough decision, but I can’t go into detail about it here. Michelle made me promise that information only comes out in my book.

B ~ Okay I guess I will have to wait and read about it along with everyone else. *pouting* Okay please tell me that you sing at some point! I would LOVE to hear you!

R ~ I do sing. I’m not as gifted as Noel in that department, but I can hold my own. I was the front man before we found him.

B ~ Okay so I know you got your lip, and nipples pierced… I know Trip has a “special” piercing…so I need to know do you have anything below the waist pierced? If not, you gonna? *wiggling eyebrows*


R ~ *Shakes head* Trip can be very bad influence. Maybe if you’re good I’ll let you find out about that one.

Oh lawdy I think I stopped breathing. I am sure I am as red as a beat. I need to cool off. Damn it, the only drink I have in front of me are the Sex on the Beach’s he keeps ordering for me. So I take a big drink.

B ~ What is one of the funniest things that has happened while on tour?

R ~ Trip falling in love with a hooker. It was priceless.

B ~ *laughing* I can’t wait to find out more about that story.

Our food comes and along with that another drink so this is now my 3rd I don’t know what this man is trying to do to me but screw it, I will probably never have this opportunity again, right now he is still single so the more drinks he buys me the more likely I am to jump him right here right now… but damn it I need to pull back. He likes a girl to play hard to get. Awwww to hell with it, I know what I want playing hard to get is not my thing. Ohh I need another drink but tonight is gonna be FUN! I warned him. So when I reach over to get my fork my hand grazes his and I instantly flush and feel a jolt through my body. Ohh lawd. Keep it together. Gotta stay strong! The force is strong with this one. I down the last of my drink when the waiter walks by and this time I raise up my finger to let him know I would like another. I take a bite of my food and then try to get back on track. Questions… that’s right that’s what I am here for. Not to get a taste of this fine man next to me. But just look at him… I mean come ON!


B ~ Okay sexy, where is the craziest place you have had sex?

R ~ Behind some speakers during one of our opening acts, right behind the stage curtain. There’s a certain level of excitement added when you can be caught at any minute.

Man after my own heart. That is all!!! 🙂

B ~ What is an absolute turn off for you?

R ~ Lairs.

B ~ *feeling very “happy” from the drinks* Did you know you have beautiful green eyes?? *I run my finger lighty up the back of his hand*

R ~ *Leans closer* Glad you like them.

Okay need to get back on track I can so loose myself in this man!

B ~ Okay *laughing to myself* you men all seem to think that when women have a “sleep over” it’s pillow fights with us in our underwear, for those of us who wear them. *winks* So, how kinky do things get when all you men are together on that bus? *raising an eyebrow* I have a feeling you might kill my fantasy right now though. *laughing*

R ~ We’re pretty disgusting actually. I’d tell you all the crude shit that goes down, but I think you’d be grossed out.

Yeah I kinda figured that but I think I will let my imagination win that one… I like what I see in my mind vs. what he just said 🙂 I cannot take it anymore. I am done with questions it is time for some fun now! Time to “crack the whip” so to speak…


B ~ We are having dessert in my room. *running my finger up his inner thigh stopping right where I want to so badly touch* You are going to be a good boy and come with me, understand?

R ~ *Grins wickedly* This just might be the best interview I’ve ever had.

I wave over the waiter and tell him to charge the bill to my room and grab Riff by the collar and pull him into me and nip at his ear. And we are off… for a night I am sure to never forget! 🙂


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