Review ~ Hot Ticket by Olivia Cunning

12710035Book: Hot Ticket

Author: Olivia Cunning

Series: Sinners On Tour #3

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Book #3 in reading order of events in book series, per author

There are things in bassist Jace Seymour’s past that he is unwilling to share with anyone. To cover his guilt and anguish, he seeks dominatrix Mistress V (Aggie) to temporarily placate his inner turmoil.

Aggie doesn’t have much use for men–besides the power rush she gets when they’re begging for mercy at her feet–but Jace isn’t like her usual clients. His cool defiance and unexpected dominance in the bedroom drives her to distraction and quickly steals her heart.

When circumstances threaten Jace’s position in Sinners, Aggie must help him regain his rightful place in the band while showing him that time and love can heal all wounds.

My Thoughts:

Okay I was waiting for this one! I am reading them in the order that Olivia wrote them in not the order that they were released so I had to wait a little longer then some to get a sinners fix, with that being said I say SHAME on you SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca publishing for printing the books out of order. I have heard that for some, because of that it ruined the reading for them since they get teasers in Trey’s book (since his is supposed to be last in the series) It has nothing to do with Olivia since she also was not happy with the order of release. Anywho… back to the matter at hand.

But I was not disappointed I did finally feel like I got why Jace was so closed off. And ohhh my the sex was pretty damn hot! I honestly had thought that I would have been more attached to Jace in this story and yes I did get pulled into him and was left feeling happy with the outcome. Maybe it was Aggie I wasn’t really feeling. I wasn’t a big fan of hers from the get go. But we all knew that was who was going to be it for him. Though she could be pretty bad ass so that was a plus.
There were things that happened in this one that had me kinda all over the place my heart broke for Jace and I just wanted to hold him, then slap him for closing up because he was such a tease with letting a little out then closing off again. (Such a man)

There were a few things that were brought up like the issue with Eric and Jon that one I know I will have to wait for the next book to find out what the deal is with them.
We find out that there is a secret that Jace is keeping from a bandmate that was a surprise.
There were as always funny moments that had me laughing so hard

“Your balls are touching mine,” Jace said between clenched teeth.

“What’s a little sac connection between friends?”

“If you come on me, I will kill you,”

How could you not die laughing at that alone? I mean I had always wondered if they ever thought things like that and when finally reading that in a book I was laughing hysterically.

I did enjoy this one but I have a HUGE love for bdsm books and although she did a good job in writing it, I understood why he would not submit. But a TRUE Domme would not submit, unless she is a switch, right? That was one part that had me a little confused. I do understand that there are times it does get turned on and off so that was not unbelievable. It was just a tad hard to understand how they got so close so fast when they never really talked much, but then when you grow up broken and in dysfunction it works out I guess. Because well in reality it can sometimes.

Olivia did a great job not leaving you wondering what Aggies issues were too she was able to work in a little back story for her as well so that was good I thought at first okay so am I going to be left wondering why she is the way she is but nope!
The pieces of Eric that were in there I loved I had a feeling that I would be drawn to him no matter how much I wanted it to be Jace for me. Eric and Trey are my favorites. My heart breaks for both of them in this one. Knowing how much Trey loves Brian but can’t have him. And then hearing Eric talking with Jace outside the tour bus.
She finds a way to write so these guys worm their way into your heart and stay there forever!

I am looking forward to Eric’s story then I can right on to Trey

As far as I am concerned ANYTHING Sinners I will read because they were the first Rock Star books I read and will always be special, for starting me on a love for Rockers I never knew I had!


4 stars

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