Review ~ Betrayed by R.P. McCabee

Walk on a roof edgeBook: Betrayed

Author: R.P. McCabee

Series: No

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In a time of global political upheaval comes the crime thriller novel, Betrayed. The primary complication in this action packed novel of retribution and suspense is a real Ponzi scheme that was uncovered in 2007 as the Bernard Madoff Ponzi crime was breaking on the national scene. With refreshingly honest and raw insight, R.P. McCabe explores a broad spectrum of social ills resulting from the contemporary tragedy of Ponzi crime and the subsequent collapse suffered by hundreds of thousands of American families. Yet, in the face of the impending certainty of grave retribution that is imminent, Mr. McCabe manages to entertain and inform his readers. This thriller is a hallmark story of our times filled with suspense and action that creeps up on you just as the psychosis that is consuming Wally Stroud threatens to replace the man he thought himself to be. Victims of Ponzi crime around the world will relate to the tragedy suffered when Wally and Poppy Stroud are betrayed in this story of heartbreaking loss and retribution. The Strouds discover that they have lost their entire life s savings to two nihilistic criminals in an elaborate Ponzi scheme. The suspense and action build in this thriller as it becomes obvious that Wally and Poppy will once more be betrayed and abandoned by the regulatory agencies they have turned to in desperation. Wally slips into a state of attenuated depression. Consumed by his own grief, he does not see that his wife, Poppy, has tumbled into an even deeper chasm of despair. The action begins to intensify when Poppy commits suicide. Now feeling further betrayed by his wife, Wally s depression devolves to a long slide into psychosis. As with any well crafted crime thriller, the suspense becomes riveting. You know retribution is coming. R.P. McCabe takes us along on that suspense driven journey with vivid, heartrending truth. The resolution in Betrayed is stunningly unforgettable. Even then McCabe does not leave his reader and shut down the action. The denouement of this crime thriller is no less satisfying than the journey we are treated to throughout Betrayed. Mr. McCabe weaves his story of retribution with clever crafting of action counterbalanced by sublimely agonizing suspense, holding his reader in a state of suspended animation with appetizingly mature literary prose and crisp dialogue. Readers of Stieg Larsson or David Baldacci novels will find an especially satisfying read in Betrayed.

My Thoughts:

Okay this is NOT my normal read. To be honest I had not read the blurb and didn’t know exactly what it was about, but figured it out not much after starting the book I did enjoy it for the most part. It did draw me in right from the start that first chapter did keep my attention and kept me wanting to find out what exactly happened.

The ONLY draw back for me was that it just took so long to get to that point. I mean I understand that the author was trying to get across to the reader how horrible it is when people are sucked into a Ponzi Scheme but at the same point I kind of felt like there was a little TOO much detail on the little things.
I did laugh at parts and I also cried, oh did I cry. I could never imagine what it feels like to have something like that happen to myself or a loved one. I was happy with how things ended that is for sure! (well maybe not completely with how some things went)

Wally broke my heart so many times I just wish I could hug him.

It took me longer to get through this then I wanted to and that was because well the detail in some of the smallest things felt like it kind of drug the story out a little.

You will get so drawn in at one point and not be able to put it down because you need to know what happens.


3 stars

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