Review ~ Shimmers of Pearl by Arianne Richmonde


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Book: Shimmers of Pearl

Author: Arianne Richmonde

Series: The Pearl Trilogy #3



BOOK 3 of The Pearl Trilogy.

Pearl Robinson’s life was teetering on the edge of perfection. Everything was about to blossom, not least a marriage made in Heaven with her fiancé, Alexandre Chevalier – the kindest, sexiest, most handsome man she could ever have wished for.

But her own insecurities, fears and murky shadows from her past led her to make certain choices that could change the course of her fate altogether.

Pearl now finds herself alone and bereft, a victim of unexpected Deceit. She has been lied to… tricked. But by whom?
The decision is hers. Should she trust the man she loves? Can she accept his past which threatens their future? And will the dark secrets he finally reveals meld them together as one, or split them apart once and for all?


This is the last in the trilogy and I was lucky enough to jump right into this one after finishing up the second book. I couldnt get started on it fast enough! I needed to know what the hell happens. I mean after that cliffhanger how could I wait to read!? lol

Okay so in this one we learn a lot of info. Things that make you go…”OHHHH okay now that makes sense!”  for example she explains the reason for the names of the “cookie” and why she used them. Then there are moments that I was so sure things were going to go a complete different direction because at this point I trusted NO ONE! haha I was even talking to my iPad as I read. Telling Pearl “Don’t do it” or “Don’t say it”. You would think that I was insane walking around with my iPad talking to myself.

There are things that just make you want to hate Alexandre, but it is just so difficult to stay upset with him. You just want to take him out of the book and marry him yourself. (could you imagine, I would have a house full of men if that were possible).

I do absolutely LOVE the fact that we get a few parts in this one from his point of view. Because I was wondering what was going through his head a lot of the time. This one was a good ending although what ended up happening I felt like it was a little abrupt and I don’t know…just kind of felt like it could have taken a different direction then the one that it took. BUT it got the job done I guess.

If I had to try and explain any negativity with in the book the only thing I can think of is that  in this one it would that it felt as if it were a bit rushed towards the ending. I did like it and there was hotness for sure. So over all…it was a good trilogy, with the second book being my absolute favorite!  I usually never am in total love with the last book in a trilogy but maybe that is in part because that means that it is done. 😦

3.5 stars


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