Release Day Launch ~ Rock With Me by Kristen Proby


Book: Rock With Me

Author: Kristn Proby

Series: With Me In Seattle #4

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Front Man Leo Nash from the world-famous rock band, Nash, is the last person on earth Samantha Williams would trust. She’s already learned about loving a celebrity the hard way and isn’t signing up for another lesson. Every time Sam gives Leo attitude, he wants to knock that chip off her fragile little shoulder. What the hell did he ever do to her, anyway? He’s not used to women treating him like he’s poisonous, and he isn’t about to let her run away every time he gets close. He’s had enough of people running away to last him a lifetime…when this one runs, he gives chase. But, catching Sam isn’t as hard as he thought. The sexual attraction between them is so thick, Sam can practically hold it in her hand. There’s no way she can deny herself the promise of pleasure being with Leo would provide. But, pleasure always comes with pain and when secrets are revealed and trust is challenged, who will run and who will chase?

reviewKristen did it again. I absolutely LOVE every book in this series so far! I look forward to each and EVERY one of them! They make me laugh and even cry. This is Sam’s story and to be honest I really wanted to NOT like her because of how she acted in the first book Come Away With Me. But she really isn’t all that bad I suppose. I did get upset with her at one point in the story with how she handled a certain situation that came up. But I ended up loving both Leo and Sam. I loved Leo from the start, middle and end. 🙂 There was one moment where…well I am sure some would get upset with him for how he reacted and what he did but…all I could think was dayuummm that was HOT!

Leo is an outsider, when it comes to the Mongomery’s. He is a rock star, so he is famous and well known.

So for those who have not read this series yet, I would suggest to read in order. (reading order here) But if you want to understand the connection here ya go…

Here is Leo’s connection to the Montgomery’s:

He grew up with Meg, he looks at her as if she is his little sister. Meg is dating Will who is the brother of Caleb, Matt, Issac (Under The Misteletoe With Me) and Jules (Fight With Me) Montgomery.

The connection of Samantha to the Montgomery’s:

The Montgomery family pretty much adopted Natalie (Come Away With Me) into their family when she lost her parents so Caleb, Issac, Matt and Will all treat her like a little sister. Jules is her best friend. Nat meets and ends up with Luke Williams who was a movie star. He has a brother Mark and sister Samantha.

So there you have the connections with the family!  🙂

I absolutely love that we get all the other family members in each book. They are all awesome! When they are all together, forget it. I end up laughing the entire time I am reading. (okay well except for one time).  The closeness between that entire family is something to envy. I know that I am always looking forward to the next book, I wish she had written them all before putting them out so she could put them out one week after another so there would be no waiting. Yes I know, I can wish though right?!

She does the best job mixing erotic, romance and humor. I will read every book she puts out, I have yet to be disappointed as I am sure many would agree she does such a great job. I know for me when I get emotionally involved in a book it’s a good one, and she has done that with just about everyone so far. I read and want to go and hang out with the Montgomery gang have a fun night of bowling or games, but then I have to remind myself they are not real they are fictional!

I knew there was going to be the attraction between Sam and Leo, we could kind of see it starting up in Play With Me and we get to see it develop in this one. I do have to admit at first I wasn’t sure about it because we all know Sam as the smart mouthed girl who doesn’t take anything from anyone. She wasn’t really being her normal feisty self at a couple spots and I had thought to myself…okay this isn’t like her…then boom she is back. I sighed in relief thanking all things Kristen Proby for not all of a sudden turning her into a mushy girly girl that we ALL know she is not. I loved how they brought out the best in each other. And learning little things about Leo from Meg was fun too! That ending though… right before the epilogue ohhh it had me wanting to yell…WAIT, WHAT HAPPENS??? Now I will have to wait for the next book to just to find out what happens. Well played Proby well played… brandy


Kristen is giving away 3 e-copies of Rock With Me


author bio

Kristen Proby

Kristen is the author of the Amazon and USA Today bestselling With Me In Seattle series. She has a passion for a good love story and strong characters who love humor and have a strong sense of loyalty and family. Her men are the alpha type; fiercely protective and a bit bossy, and her ladies are fun, strong, and not afraid to stand up for themselves. Kristen spends her days with her muse in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys coffee, chocolate and sunshine. And naps.

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