Review ~ Taken by Kelli Maine


Title:  Taken

Author: Kelli Maine

Series:  Give & Take #1

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He steals her away to a deserted island, to the one place she’s dreamed of being-the one place she can’t go. He’s used to buying whatever he wants, but he can’t buy her.


How can she resist the magnetism of his body, the longing ache deep inside her? She wants him to take her-on her terms.


Every attempt he makes to love her only hurts her. How can they go on like this? This is the story of how she was . . .



Okay let me start by saying if you are expecting something dark, and something that has BDSM you will not be happy with this.  The other thing that some people have had an issue with is the view it is written in. I will say that this is the very first book I have ever read that is in second person.  Here is an example of what she does:

“You smile. Dimples pierce your cheeks. Your eyes flash. I can’t resist.”

The writing style is not for everyone and it did take me a minute to get used to it. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it because of that but I ended up liking it. It felt like I was in Rachel’s head and could hear what she was thinking when it came to him. I mean usually when I look at my husband and I think to myself it is more along the lines of:

“You are so hot right now, I am so gonna jump you later”

Not so much

“He is so hot right now, I am so gonna jump him later”

BUT that being said those are the first two things I needed to address for anyone wanting to read this book. I enjoyed the story, seeing how she adjusted to what happens. We don’t get the complete story as to why just yet. We get glimpses as to why he does what he does but there is more that lies beneath. Yes I would have to say that at first I was like ‘really?’ with how everything is going. I mean I get the whole starting to feel for your captor but I just didn’t get it at first.

BUT then it kind of makes sense. I mean he does what he does because he is desperate. He doesn’t hurt her he just needs her in that particular place for his own reason which we learn a little more about as we read. Many may not have understood his theory on not touching her. I completely understood,  he wanted her to trust him and that was his way of showing that he would never hurt her, or make her do anything she didn’t want to.

All in all it is a good story and I was left wanting to know more. I does not lack in the hotness department I will say that much. I mean how hot can it get when there isn’t any touching at first? Well I was surprised to say.. it was pretty hot! So do not be disappointed thinking there won’t be hotness to it because there was. I just don’t want people to think it is a “dark bdsm” style book because it isn’t. It is a sweet and sensual read.


Merrick Rocha




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