Book Blitz ~ Luck of Love by Tiffany Aleman & Ashley Poch

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Title: Luck of Love

Author: Ashley Poch & Tiffany Aleman

Series: Luck #1

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10 synopsis

Blake Riley thought she could leave her traumatic past behind when she left for college. Starting a new life and moving forward never sounded so good. Living carefree with her best friend in Ocean City New Jersey gave her the freedom she had always hoped for.

But sometimes life isn’t so carefree.

When Blake finds herself torn between the affections of two men, emotions that have been buried for years will be exposed. Derrick, a powerful CEO of a popular casino resort, instantly captivates her. Being drawn into his domineering passion, she bares herself to him in a way she least expected. With Landon, a successful attorney, she can be someone new; someone free from her haunting past. Each man evokes a different side of Blake. As both relationships grow stronger, walls will slowly begin to crack.

What will happen when the past slowly creeps its way into the present?

With two worlds filled with secrets and lies, it’s only a matter of time before they crash and truths are revealed.

author bio



I am 27 years old, with a wonderful family. My husband is in the  Army, and we have two wonderful children. Ashley and I have been best of friends  since we were 13. I recently graduated from South University with my Associate’s  Degree as a Paralegal. I enjoy listening to music, playing with my kids, and  going to the beach, and anything that has to do with the outdoors pretty  much.

I’ve always liked to write, but never really had an interest in  reading until the summer of 2012. I am so excited to be taking my writing  journey with Ashley, and we cannot wait for everyone to get their hands on Luck of Love, which is the first installment in the Luck Series. I have many authors that I consider my favorite so I’ll just name a few: E.L. James, SC Stephens, Molly McAdams, Rebecca Donovan, K.A Linde, Marie Coulson, and S.H.



Ashley grew up in Texas but now has joined her husband to reside  in North Dakota. She is a military wife and mother to two adorable children.  She’s always wanted to travel  having grown up in a small town. Her interest in reading sparked last summer and  now she’s a lost cause without her e-reader.  Since she loves to travel, the places she gets to go in her fictional books are what any girl could ask for.

When Ashley isn’t glued to her computer you can find her outdoors either playing with her children or relaxing and enjoying the sun reading a good romance novel.

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