Review ~ Taken by Storm by Kelli Maine


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Title:  Taken by Storm

Author:  Kelli Maine

Series:  Give & Take #2

10 synopsis


Maddie Simcoe knows the devastation that comes from keeping secrets. Now, she’s desperate to move on from the heartbreak that almost destroyed her — trading wild passion that once made her knees weak for a life of comfortable stability. But before Maddie can start over, she must return home to put the past behind her once and for all…


When Maddie blows back into MJ Rocha’s life, nothing will stop him from proving to her that walking away from him was the biggest mistake of her life — not even the engagement ring she wears. Her every look, every touch tells MJ that the fire that once raged between them still burns hot, and MJ won’t give up until Maddie gives in to the inferno.


Trapped by a hurricane roaring through Turtle Tear Island, MJ and Maddie find shelter in each others’ arms. While the lightning flashes, MJ and Maddie are helpless to fight bonds of desire that tie them together. But just as they’re about to surrender to the torturous longing that consumes them both, the storm unleashes violent secrets from MJ’s past…secrets that could wash away all MJ and Maddie’s hopes of forever…



I was excited about getting to this one after reading the short story No Takebacks. It leaves you with a moment of “really?!?!?… That’s how you are gonna leave us?!?”
Starting this one was nice I am particularly happy that I didn’t have to wait long since I had it waiting on me to finish up book one and the short story. 🙂  I jumped right into it.

This one is not written in second person. I know that is a big issue that some did have with book one! She did say that this book three will be back in second person since it is back to Rachel. I personally don’t have an issue with reading it in second person because it is so different and I like different every once in a while. It did take a minute to get used to it though, but once you do all is good.

Okay back to this one. I have to say that I love love love MJ. He is just as messed up as his daddy that is for sure. But oh how they are so HOT! I just know I was so excited to know that Merrik wanted to take his son in and try to be there for him. I mean for anyone who has had a missing parent dreams of that day. The day that your parent comes and tells you they are sorry and want to be there for you in any way they can from there on out.

The difference is Merrik didn’t know about MJ. Whereas in many of our lives our other parent knows about us but just chooses to be gone. I love the relationship between Maddie and MJ. They grew up together, she isn’t one of those girls who want him just for his money and who his family is.

When things start to go good for the most part (other than a few arguments here and there…) you think things are back on track and well it is just like any other romance where one person pisses the other off. 🙂 BUT before you know it… BAM… you are hit in the face with a secret! one I for damn sure didn’t see coming! all I could say was “NOOOO WAYYY…” then I was mad and wanted to kill Enzo myself. Oh how I hate that man!

Things happen and things are brought to light…All I know is I couldn’t wait to get started on the second little novella she did… Of course that one gives you nothing about what happens at the end of this one haha it just gives you another little addition to what may come. (different twists are always fun!)

I am looking forward to seeing where this all ends up because well at this point I honestly don’t have a clue, I have an idea of where I ‘think’ it might go but after the twist in this book well who knows where it will actually end up. I am enjoying the ride.



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