Review ~ Dark Desire by Bec Botefuhr


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Title: Dark Desire

Author: Bec Botefuhr

Series: Dark Brother #2


10 synopsis

After the shock of finding out about Jagger’s wife, Willow ran. She needed time, needed space to fix her heart. The love of her life has a big choice to make. Her or his wife.

When she returns, Willow is forced to face Jagger and his wife Sharleen. She has to face up to the choice he will make. He loves her, she knows that but she also knows his loyal side can be a lot stronger than his heart.

Come on this thrilling adventure filled with lust, romance and deadly people ready to tear Willow and Jagger apart once more. Willow is about to find out everything she thought she believed in…was wrong.


I jumped right into this one and couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen. I wanted to know WHY, WHAT, and HOW!

We get to find out a little more as to what is going to happen. I love the connection that Willow her sister and her girlfriend build with the guys. The banter is great! I do enjoy reading banter between people that makes me laugh. This did have that. I absolutely loved Jaggers ‘brothers’ in this one. I was not completely sold on them in the first one but this one sold me. They are good guys and well hot.

We also get to learn more about Jagger, have to say I love him! Which well lets face it, is a turn on. I loved watching him squirm a little and the guys well… They cracked me up when they were telling her that she needs to go after what she really wants, that she needed to make him jealous so he would know what he truly wants. As Angel says:

“Treat em mean, keep em keen – right?”

Then yet again we get another twist that is just completely a surprise. I don’t know how many have read this one, but I KNEW one thing. When that one ‘thing’ came to light well lets just say I was not surprised but did want to kill em‘! Oh evil, evil. Then again another turn. I have to say this was much better than the first one and had me so pulled in I finished it in a few hours. The one thing that is great about these, they are not long so you can sit and read them in a few hours. I finished it and requested the last in the trilogy. I was so torn at the end and needed to know that the ending was not how it is going to stay.

I mean I knew it wasn’t since well, there was one more book to go but still. I wanted to know that things would change.


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