Review ~ Dark Poison by Bec Botefuhr


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Title: Dark Poison (previously titled Dark Passion)

Author: Bec Botefuhr

Series: Dark Brother #1


10 synopsis

Willow didn’t have an easy life. Her Mother’s in a mental institution and her Father’s dead. When she finally feels like she’s moving on, darkness invades.
Jagger is part of what Willow likes to consider a gang. When he captures her and reveals that her Father is alive and is holding vital information, everything she ever believed is turned upside down.

Now she’s trapped, put in the middle of a gang war and being held captive by a dazzling and beautiful man. Jagger has the power to change everything she’s become, but he also has the power to destroy it…

So what happens when Dark Passion ignites between them?


My girlfriend asked me if I had read this series and I told her no so she sent it right over. It was a quick read and I was excited to see what it was about. She and I have similar tastes in books so I knew I would likely enjoy it.
As soon as it starts it pulled me in I wanted to know what the hell was going on. I wanted to know more.

I instantly liked Johnny and wanted to know why he was doing what he was. I just knew that there had to be more to it. I kept telling myself  ‘he can’t be evil right? Right? Please don’t be an evil asshole bastard!’

You want to love  him and want to know what is going through his mind.

I loved Willow from the start I think a lot of people can relate to just feeling like the not beautiful one, the one no one really notices and so when someone shows interest, and someone as hot as Johnny, well, we want more! So you can’t blame her for being instantly interested!

“Beautiful?? I’ve been called hot, sexy and even fuckable but beautiful? Never beautiful.”

There is so much that is in him that is dark and the same goes for her. We don’t find out right away her past and the darkness in her life. There is a twist that well I wasn’t expecting in this one at all. I do love twists that leave me saying “WTF?” but at the same time there were a few parts that I just saw coming, and there is nothing wrong with that either. It is always good to have an idea of where the story is going.

There is dirty talk and for me I think that was the only thing that was kind of off at times. I read it and liked it but to be honest I think it felt a little off for me. Like some of the things that he says is not really what a man would actually say, but that may be just how I feel.

That ending?! Oh my!!! That was a WOW for me I wanted more as soon as I hit that ending. I sent my girlfriend a text and said “SEND ME THE NEXT!!!” I had to know how it all turns out!


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