Review ~ Dark Endings by Bec Botefuhr


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Title: Dark Endings

Author: Bec Botefuhr

Series: Dark Brother #3


10 synopsis

This book contains adult content 18+

He’s been gone for months. She doesn’t know if he’s alive. She’s been aching for him.

Willow has suffered, she’s been doing the best she can without him. He saved her, he gave up his life for hers. The gang left her alone. She had nothing.

Now they’re back. They want to help. They’re giving her hope. Can Willow get Jagger back before it’s too late? Is she willing to risk her life for him? Is she willing to give it all up to save him?

Come on this wild conclusion to the Dark Brother series, and fall in love all over again! Willow and Jagger will take you on a journey, in search of true love!


I jumped right into this one just like the last one. I had to know more. I think that she should put them all together to make one big book, but thats just me. I would have loved to sit and read it from start to finish in one book. BUT, thats just me. 🙂

I was surprised to say the least at a few things. One would be the one you find out right at the begining. I would say that was the one thing that did leave me to wonder. I know that it has been months since what happens in the last book but at the same time there is no explanation as to why what happened had happened, it is just kind of left out there.

Other than that one part, I would have to say that I absolutely was furious with the boys, then of course they pulled me back in and made me love them all over again. I wanted to also hate Jagger at some points, but just couldn’t.
This one is such a rollercoaster of a ride.

Once again we find out something that I have to say I knew right from the get go… 😀 once it is brought to light I wanted to yell “I KNEW IT, why don’t y’all listen to me??”

I do know that there is one man in particular that I wanted to castrate. You will get through most of the book on edge wondering where things are going, how are things going to play out, if what is supposed to happen will actually happen.

I wish I could say more but what I want to say would be a spoiler for anyone who has not read the book.

~ favorites~

“I’m going to hold you because I know sometimes loneliness can be the darkest of feelings, and above all else, you deserve one night without feeling that soul crushing emptiness that I know you’ve lived with since…”

what’s living without happiness? It’s an empty, vacant world with no joy.”




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