Review ~ Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover


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Title: Loing Hope

Author: Colleen Hoover

Series: Hopeless #2


10 synopsis

In Hopeless, Sky left no secret unearthed, no feeling unshared, and no memory forgotten, but Holder’s past remained a mystery.

Still haunted by the little girl he let walk away, Holder has spent his entire life searching for her in an attempt to finally rid himself of the crushing guilt he has felt for years. But he could not have anticipated that the moment they reconnect, even greater remorse would overwhelm him…

Sometimes in life, if we wish to move forward, we must first dig deep into our past and make amends. In Losing Hope, bestselling author Colleen Hoover reveals what was going on inside Holder’s head during all those hopeless moments—and whether he can gain the peace he desperately needs.


This one I was looking forward to because I really wanted Holders POV. Have to say I enjoyed it and even ended up tearing up there towards the end.

It started out like a totally separate novel I was very excited to learn all about Holder before he met Sky.
After that it was a lot like re-reading Hopeless there were a few things like the notebook that were fun to see.

I absolutely love Colleen Hoover’s writing. She wrote his point of view and yes there were moments that I did feel like I was re-reading the first book BUT the entire book did not have that feel to it overall.
There were things we never knew about because Hopeless isn’t in his perspective.
If you loved Holder in Hopeless you will absolutely fall even more for him in this one. I love the banter between him and Sky and when we get to know Daniel well got to say I love that guy he is hilarious!!

We don’t really get to know Daniel in Hopeless and I have to say that I kind of wish we would have. I wanted more of him! He was just so much fun!

It is to be expected, that when an author re-does a book in another point of view it will be a repeat of the first book. I mean we are getting the same story for the most part. But Colleen starts and finishes it in a way that you don’t feel as if you are reading Hopeless again.

Not a lot of authors can do that, and to be honest I have not read many books that do this. She is the second author that I have read the same story twice in different points of view. Have to say she does a great job of not making it feel repetitious.

You get to go into Holders head and learn how he thinks and feels and sees things. It is kind of eye-opening how he deals with the whole Hope issue. There was something that I didn’t see coming and it kind of broke my heart a little. Okay well I kind of did see it coming but at the same time didn’t. Yes I know…how can I see it and not see it? Well you will know what I mean when you read it!

Holder and Sky have just been through so much and they are only 18 & 17. You don’t want to believe things like this happen but they do. All you want is for them to just find a small bit of happiness. Okay more him than anything at first then when we learn more about the Hope situation your heart breaks all over again. Seeing it through his eyes.

I am usually not a big fan of a book being redone in an alternate POV but Colleen does it so well it has started to make me question why I ever questioned it to begin with.


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