Review ~ Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski

Sometimes life takes you off course . . .



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Title: Edge of Never

Author: J.A. Redmerski

Series: The Edge of Never #1


10 synopsis


Twenty-year-old Camryn Bennett thought she knew exactly where her life was going. But after a wild night at the hottest club in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, she shocks everyone-including herself-when she decides to leave the only life she’s ever known and set out on her own. Grabbing her purse and her cell phone, Camryn boards a Greyhound bus ready to find herself. Instead, she finds Andrew Parrish.

Sexy and exciting, Andrew lives life like there is no tomorrow. He persuades Camryn to do things she never thought she would and shows her how to give in to her deepest, most forbidden desires. Soon he becomes the center of her daring new life, pulling love and lust and emotion out of her in ways she never imagined possible. But there is more to Andrew than Camryn realizes. Will his secret push them inseparably together-or destroy them forever?

Due to sexual content and language, this book is recommended for 17+ – Adult Contemporary Women’s – New Adult Fiction 





Ohhh Myyy…. I honestly don’t even know where to start with this.

This one is one that had me on a good emotional ride. I am still thinking about this one even hours after finishing it. I had heard that this book was good and so this one falls under the “why the hell did I wait so long to read it” list. I wish I would have read it earlier! I will try not to make this a long review, I will try not to give away anything as well because well I hate when reviews give away spoilers.  I promise you I will try! 🙂

To start off I honestly felt disconnected from Cam. I felt like she just wasn’t opening up or trying to open up. I completely understood the reason as to why. I mean when you have crap happen to you that just crushes your spirits and make you feel completely lost and alone and numb to everything around you, you would disconnect from everyone and everything around you.

But once she packs up her bag and decides to leave town…it instantly peaked my interest because I always wondered what would happen if I just ran away. Being able to be completely unknown to everyone around you. Then we meet Andrew. Have to say I would run away if I could meet me an Andrew! 😉

I will be 100% honest…it didn’t pull me in right away. It did take me a while to really get to that point. I was about 15% into the story before it made me wonder hmm… the whole restroom thing, than I had thought now WHY would you not get a little freaked out when you see him get in the cab and drive away but then there he is? I know I would be all “stay the hell away.” But at the same time us women are born with a little thing called intuition, and I believe that we all know right away if someone is no good or not. We just may not always listen to it. We try to convince ourselves that the little nagging feeling we get in the pit of our stomach must be wrong. So yeah. I can also understand why she doesn’t completely freak out and run in the opposite direction. After that whole ordeal well I kind of fell in love with Andrew myself. How he was with her was just so sweet and caring.

I love a book that has great banter between the characters. This had that, they cracked me up. I just loved everything about the two of them together when they talked. It was fun watching the relationship between the two of them grow into a friendship that I knew would never be forgotten between the two of them. Then there is this sexual tension that I could just feel emanate from the book. I wanted to scream at both of them…come on already!

If you are ever in a mood to read something that has that “it was meant to be” kind of reads this is definitely one of those. One that has that they were meant to be together kind of feel. It just has to happen right? The whole way through the book I kept telling myself that. They HAVE to be together! Why else would they have met on the bus? It HAS to happen!

There are a few little bumps in the road when it comes to things in her past she isn’t wanting to share. Then there are also things in his life that well we don’t find out about till later because he just doesn’t want to talk about himself much. He will answer her questions but he avoids offering up himself the way he can get her to do.

There are a few parts that are just HOLY HOT DAMN! Then there are parts that just break your heart. Than others that will have you wanting to ball up on the couch and cry because it just hurts so much.

Overall it is a great story!


~ favorites ~

“Can’t tell twelve from twenty these days, it must be something the government has been puttin‘ in the water…”

“You dwell on the past, you can’t move forward. Spend too much time planning for the future and you just push yourself backwards…”

“The heart although reckless and suicidal and a masochist all on its own, always gets its way.”

“To lovers and dreamers and anyone who hasn’t truly experienced either.”







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