Review ~ Twisted by Marjorie Brody


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Title:  Twisted

Author: Marjorie Brody

10 synopsis

Sarah Hausman must hide a secret-even from herself. If she acknowledges the truth, it will destroy everyone she loves.
Timid fourteen-year-old Sarah wants her controlling mother to stop prying into what happened the night of the freshman dance. Confess to the police? No way. Confide in her mother? Get real. The woman is too busy, too proud, and too jealous of Sarah to really care if her life disintegrates. Besides, her mother will say Sarah is totally to blame for what the boys did-which Sarah believes is true. So she doubly needs to shield the truth. Not just from Momma. But from everyone. Including herself.
Beautiful, confident, eighteen-year-old Judith Murielle lives the ideal life. She has college plans, respect from family and friends, and a fiance she adores. But as a mysterious connection pulls her toward Sarah, Judith’s perfect world unravels. Acting as Sarah’s sole confidante, Judith gains the power to expose her secret. Will the truth be worth the sacrifice? Or will Sarah stop at nothing to keep Judith quiet?


Okay this is not like any books I have read so far. And to be honest it took a while to pull me in. I was confused at first. And maybe for me part of the reason I wasn’t pulled in so easily or fast is because it is a fourteen year old girl who is raped. I know things like this happen but, having a daughter it isn’t something I ever like to think about.
That being said it did take a while to pull me in to the point where I just couldn’t put the book down. I did get sucked in at about 84% I hate that it took that long to get me hooked. But I will say OMG once I got there I stopped anything and everything to finish it.
I had to even stop to talk about it with my husband he thought my guesses were wrong but I was hell bent on it. At the same time I was questioning them myself and trying to figure out how other things went together. So it was something that had me guessing.
Once I got to the part where everything comes together

It is definitely one to make you think one that will make you wonder and keep you on edge there towards the end. It was different for me.


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