Review ~ Love UnCharted by Love Belvin


Title: Love UnCharted

Author: Love Belvin

Series: Love’s Improbable Possibility #3


10 synopsis

Rayna thought her life had been cautiously stabilized, in spite of losing her sole source of support. Azmir throws a monkey wrench in her world to include himself. However, not without Azmir exposing a few of his own imperfections. No matter what mistakes he makes, trying to secure a place in Rayna’s heart isn’t an easy feat. He fights at all cost to remain there, even if it means destroying all competition, including the woman herself, by breaking down the ice walls that surrounds her heart.


Ohh this one was a good one I am ready for the next already!!!

I loved that we got to see a completely different side of Azmir. I can honestly say I am not sure if I still like him. Haha he kind of scared me. I mean I knew it was there, he is hood and you can never truly get rid of who you truly are deep down, but the fact that it came out so much in this one made me wonder where it is all going and what is going to happen next?

For me the only reason this was not a five is because Rayna did kind of irritate me. I understood why she did what she did but there was so much back and forth and unsureness with her that I felt like she wasn’t as strong as she used to be. I know it’s because she had let her walls down as far as Azmir goes, but it kind of made me want to scream at her. I completely get that over time you learn to trust and love someone in a way that it is hard to just walk away. That there are going to be things that happen that will make you question certain aspects of a relationship. But we get to know her and she is so strong willed at the beginning and it slowly gets broken down.

We get to see in this one just how much she cares about this man and how she just can’t seem to say no to him. At one point there was some stuff going on with them that made me wonder if it is supposed to be forced the way it kind of was. And for some it may be a bit of a trigger if you have been in similar situations at one time or another but it just made the story that much better for me. Although, I would have liked to see her have more of a reaction after, be pissed, cry, just feel something more than what she did; or at least I would think that would have made it better for me. BUT maybe the lost and unsureness is part of how she is dealing.

There is quite a bit that goes on and a few moments that I could relate to. Okay more than a few moments.

I am looking forward to knowing where this story is going and how it is all going to play out.

I know I had a few moments of “OH hell naw”. When I got to those I wanted to hurt someone. Azmir, about one situation in particular would have been castrated. I can’t wait for the next one.

It’s always fun finding out that things just don’t go how I think they might, I just love that for me I have not been able to predict what is going to happen next in this series. I think I know where it’s going then I get a surprise…nope not at all what I had thought.

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