Review ~ Guilty Pleaures by Kitty Thomas


Title: Guilty Pleausres

Author: Kitty Thomas


10 synopsis

Vivian Delaney leads a life of privilege, but behind closed doors she feels isolated and trapped in a gilded cage. Unable to achieve sexual pleasure with her husband, she finds herself in the capable hands of Anton, a massage therapist intent on awakening her to her full sexual potential. By any means necessary.

As their secret meetings progress, she falls farther down a rabbit hole where the line between rape and illicit affair grows increasingly blurred. Anton will accept nothing short of her complete surrender as he molds and shapes her to be sold to the highest bidder.



Oh I would have to say that I have found a new author that I absolutely love. She has a dark and twisted way of thinking. (well, of writing) and I LOVE IT!

I was reading this and couldn’t wait to see where things went. I wanted to know what was going to happen. I was excited! This story is not like any others that I have read, that alone made me very happy!

Hell anything I read by Kitty Thomas is different then my normal reads!

This is a different book with a different twist. A twist that I was so excited about!

I would have to say that for me this was a good one! I am so glad I read it. I do have to say that there is only one thing that I don’t like about her writing. It is always too short. I always am left wanting more from her, more of the story. I want to get more more more.

Her writing will make you wonder where it’s going, you try to figure out what she is thinking and where it is going. Sometimes you can figure it out sometimes not so much. Either way I enjoy her writing very much, and I enjoy looking forward to more of her stories!

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