Review ~ Out of Turn by Tiffany A. Snow


Title: Out of Turn

Author: Tiffany Snow

Series: Kathleen Turner #4

10 synopsis

Breaking up is hard to do, as Kathleen Turner discovers. After a falling-out with her ex, high-powered attorney Blane Kirk, she’s moving on the best she can. Unfortunately, someone from her past is set on revenge and nothing short of killing Kathleen will stop them.

Keeping his brother’s ex-girlfriend alive isn’t something new to assassin-for-hire Kade Dennon, but this time can he protect her from himself? She’s a woman he can’t convince himself to walk away from, no matter what it costs him.

Regret is a constant companion for Blane as he realizes the truth behind the lies he’s been told. Can love heal the past, or can some mistakes not be undone?

Murder reunites Blane, Kade, and Kathleen as the police put Blane in their crosshairs. Blane may lose everything unless he and Kade can find the real murderer before it’s too late. But if they can’t set aside their love for the same woman and work together, it will tear them apart.

In Out of Turn, Kathleen is caught between two warring brothers, and the consequences may be fatal.


This is a series that I don’t believe is out there enough! I absolutely love this series I was unsure on what to expect when I had started this series because I was not sure of the cover. (hate to admit it but yes I at times do judge a book by the cover) Let me say one thing though I am SO VERY happy I took the chance on this one and started it.

It has hot and steamy mixed in with suspense and thriller. I can honestly say that I am a fan of a good book that can keep you on your toes but I never really went out and looked for a suspense filled book. I usually look for romance filled with hot and steamy goodies. I was thrilled to find a series that has a good mix of it all.

I would suggest that if you are going to start this series don’t read it one after the other. Take a break in between the books. I read books 1-3 without a break and well I have to say there were moments of me saying to myself “come on, how did you NOT see that coming?” or being convinced that Kathleen would have brain damage in reality if she hit her head that much. So when I recommend it to people I will tell them to not read it back to back. 🙂

Now with this one I have to say that I was Team KADE from the get go! And it took me a long time to find my perfect Kade! 🙂 But this book there is a lot that goes on, a lot that was left hanging at the end of the last book. I couldn’t wait to get this one. I needed answers. I want to say that YES we did get some! We got some stuff in this one that was OH so good!

I don’t want to give away anything because I have to say that if I read a review that gave away spoilers to this book I would be pissed! SO just know that it was SO good!!!!

I will say that the twist that did happen I didn’t totally see coming. I guess I should have but I was so into other parts of the story that I just didn’t see it.. I want to do a great review of this book but I just can’t tell about some of the stuff without giving things away and so I hope that this review will come across well. But if it seems to ramble just take away one thing from this….

THIS BOOK WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is one quote from the book that I loved…who is it from though? *evil grin*

“I’ve never needed anyone the way I need you. You and I have something, and if this is the only chance I’m going to get to convince you of that, then I’m going to take it.”

I am so sad that the next book is supposed to be the finale to the series. I can’t wait though to find out how things play out.







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