Review ~ Sempre by J.M. Darhower


Title: Sempre

Author: J.M. Darhower

Series: Forever #1


10 synopsis



Seventeen-year-old Haven Antonelli has never known freedom. From the time she was a little girl, she and her mother have been slaves; victims of human trafficking orchestrated by a vast Mafia network. But when Haven attempts to escape and is caught, one man gives her a choice: go with him or die. Agreeing to leave with Dr. Vincent DeMarco, Haven arrives at his home and meets the doctors defiant yet intriguing son Carmine. Though Carmines privileged upbringing is a world away from hers, Haven senses the things they share. And soon her tenuous friendship with Carmine blossoms into an unexpected love.

Carmine has breezed through life breaking every rule, scorning attachments until he meets this strange, timid girl his father has brought home. Her innocence draws him in, in a way he cannot understand, and makes him feel in ways he never thought he’d experience. And when he learns the Mafia isn’t through with her, he becomes bent on protecting her . . . no matter the cost.


I put off reading this one because it was all over the place. I am usually not one to read a book because it is popular. I kind of wish I would have read it earlier though. I enjoyed this one! I wasn’t sure what was going to happen or what it was about because I don’t like to read reviews, synopsis, or anything anyone says about books until I finish them myself. I want to make my own opinion about them. So to be honest, I wasn’t sure exactly what this book was going to be about. All I knew was that it was a twilight “fan fic”. I have not read Twilight and have no desire to so, that might be in part the reason I put it off. I read fifty before I knew it was fan fic. I am not a big fan of “fan fic” I am not sure why, but if I read a story I love I am in no desire to read another person’s version of the same story with the same characters. I would probably read it if they just started it out using different characters. I don’t know I just don’t quite get the reason people do it or why. After reading this I sat and thought about the movies (since I haven’t read the books) and tried to figure out HOW they got the twilight characters and how they fit because I didn’t see it AT ALL. But maybe it is more like the characters in the books. Anywhooo… Back to what I was talking about. 

I loved the story. Was not sure what was going to happen. How things were going to play out or what to expect. I am so happy that the story didn’t come across cheesy. I really enjoyed the whole thing! The Mafia aspect just made it awesome, I thought. It gave you hints here and there. It lets you know that the family is involved (well the father) and so it’s there but not in your face. It isn’t so much a Mafia story with romance, it is more a romance story that has some ties to the Mafia. If that makes any sense. I enjoyed it because we can use our imagination for some parts when it comes to the Mafia. It isn’t a book about Vincent, his brother in law or Sal so it isn’t a full on Mafia story SO if that’s what you’re expecting you will be disappointed. At first I was confused and didn’t know who Haven was, what her reason for being was. But you find out more as time goes on. I can say that I didn’t see it coming. I had no idea what was going to happen.

There is this issue with the whole Master/slave thing. I kind of was ehh about that part. I have read books that deal with human trafficking as well as forced submission and kidnapping. So to me this was more along the lines of kidnapping her mother and Haven growing up knowing that she will be nothing more than a servant, (which yes can be another word for slave) But I didn’t really have that feel to me. More like prisoner, that would be the feel of it. Or at least the feel I got from it. So the Master/slave aspect could have been taken out, or at least that’s how I felt.

I did get to some points where I just fell in absolute love with Carmine! Oh, he was so cute and such an ass. I loved him. And Dom?! Oh, I loved him too! I wish we would have gotten more of him. This was a long book and I personally am a big fan of a good long book, as long as I’m pulled into them. If I’m not interested in the story, it could be a bad thing. I didn’t think that with this one being as long as it was that I was going to be left with many questions but I was. I also saw that there is a second book so I do hope that it goes over some of the things that were kind of just left there.


  • What happens with Carmine and Haven?
  • What happens with Vincent?
  • What happens with Carmines Uncle Corrado?
  • Does the secret come out?
  • What happens with Carmine and the choice he made?

So all in all before I found out that there is a book 2 I was going to say it was a good book but felt unfinished with some questions not answered.

All in alla good story, I have to say that it is a top one for me, I do wish I would have read it earlier. I just really liked the story. It held my attention and I couldn’t stop thinking about it when I wasn’t reading it. That is when I know I have found a good one. One that has me thinking about it even after I finished it or even when I had to put it down to make dinner. 🙂

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