Review ~ Plausibility by Jettie Woodruff


Title: Plausibility

Author: Jettie Woodruff

bea11-addtogoodreadsbadge 10 synopsis

If something is plausible, it’s reasonable or believable.

Giving a deceptive impression of truth and reliability at such an early age is certain to cause you to believe what isn’t real. Aquilla Chavez was raised by a loving father, and a brother who may have loved her a little too much.

Aquilla was spoiled, adored, bringing cheer when disaster threatened a family. She was exposed to a life of crime all while, lovingly being sheltered and protected from it.
Will she ever reclaim the one man who she believes to be the love of her life? She didn’t want to be where she was forced to be. She wanted nothing to do with the person she was involuntary turned into. Aquilla had one goal, one goal that would save her from the catastrophic life she was suddenly thrown into. She had to find him.
She had to try, or was this the plausibility of a life she was meant to have? Was the life she was torn from the disastrous life? Could this be where she was meant to be? How would she ever know? What if he found her? What if she never saw him again? What if….She didn’t want to?
And I must add the warning once again. If you are into lovey dovey, sappy romance, you should probably move on. This book contains explicit sex, drugs and adult language. Not your typical
every day romance.


So I read a review of this giving it 5 amazing stars. Talking about how dark and gritty it is. NOW… that alone made me HAVE to start it next. I jumped right in and couldn’t wait because I was looking for something that was dark, bdsm, and taboo… That being said. This was NOT that. I was disappointed because I went in thinking it was going to be something that it wasn’t.

Now for those who have never read a book like this they may find it taboo and dark and gritty. The sex, well it was a little gritty at times. I will say that much. I did enjoy it when it happened. NOW I think that had some things been saved for reveal until later in the storythat would have made this book SO MUCH more interesting and taboo!!! I can honestly say that I didn’t find it dark at all really. Maybe in an emotional way, it could be considered on the darker side. But I wouldn’t personally tag it as being a dark read.

Now it was kind of predictable for the most part at the beginning. What I did love about this one was it was a nice long one! I do enjoy a good story that is nice and long. It may not have been what I was expecting, but I did like the story. I enjoyed Quill. She cracked me up over and over again. She has a twisted sense of humor, which I loved!

There are things that happen and I wish I could talk more about it, but I don’t do reviews that give spoilers! So something happens and things change for her. She is spoiled and always has been protected and guarded from anything bad that her father was involved in. He treats her like a princess and her brother was always there to protect her from any and everything possible. She was not allowed to go to school or go out of the house for the most part. So she clung to her brother like a second skin when she was younger. They move around a few times so as a little kid she couldn’t sleep and he was always there to make her feel “home” and he loved her, she was his family.

We find out VERY early on some things and I REALLY wish that would have been discovered later in the book because it would have made it much more ‘taboo’. Or at least I think it would have. I enjoyed the connection between Quill and Seri.

Now to get on the BDSM aspect of it. I thought, oh yay! I haven’t read a good bdsm story in a while. Well, it will still be a while longer until I get one. I couldn’t believe that people actually categorized this as bdsm. Really??! I can honestly say that the only parts that some could say it has bdsm in it would be that Julius expects things to be done his way when it comes to sex. We see a small glimpse into something that could make it bdsm but it is only really a glimpse. It doesn’t get really into detail.

This is a stand alone book and I enjoy that also. I love a good series, but I also enjoy a nice long stand alone that I can finish and feel closure.

I hate giving some reviews and this one kind of falls under that for me. Why? Because I don’t want to give spoilers and I try not to give away anything more than what is in the synopsis. In this one it makes it a little difficult. Because I want to talk about some things, but DON’T want to ruin it for any other person who wants to read it. 🙂

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