Review ~ Tied With Me by Kristen Proby

Tied With Me -FrontCover

Title: Tied With Me

Author: Kristen Proby

Series: With Me In Seattle #6


10 synopsis

A man whose lifestyle is so different from her own…

Nic Dalton’s cupcake bakery is thriving. She serves both rock stars and locals alike, content with her growing business. But one adventurous night out with her best friend, Bailey, turns her life upside down. She meets a handsome stranger who makes her skin sizzle and her heart race. Their one night together is explosive and unexpected, but when he has to suddenly leave without taking her phone number, Nic resigns herself to never seeing him again.

What will it take to trust and submit to his every desire?

Matt Montgomery is one of Seattle’s finest. He works hard, loves and protects his family fiercely, and is loyal almost to a fault.

And he has a penchant for bondage.

Matt enjoys the way a woman looks wrapped up in his ropes, and makes no apologies for his preferences. When he meets Nic at a fetish festival, the small, beautiful woman catches his eye, drawing him to her. His one night with her was everything he’s ever looked for in a partner, but is cut short because of a family emergency. Even before he sees her again weeks later, he knows he’ll never get her out of his system.

And he’ll do whatever it takes to make her his.


I was so excited for this one. I absolutely love this series. It is one of my first family saga series and I have come to love them. I will be looking for more once this one is all done. It is a genre I never even knew I loved, thanks to Kristen I was able to find that out.

Now, I loved Matt from the get go. I was intrigued when I found out he seemed to be interested in some kinkery. I couldn’t get his story fast enough. I was so very excited once I got it and was able to find out exactly what he is all about. He is so quiet in all the other books so I was drawn in. They always say it’s the quiet ones. 😉

For starters, I instantly knew I would love this story because it is about my Matt. I knew it wasn’t going to be a “hardcore” bdsm story. Because that is not how Kristen writes. Matt came to her with something that is a little different then his brothers as far as what he likes in the bedroom. And we all know that everyone is different. Because in all fairness, everyone in the series, well they all are a tad kinky in their own ways.

This was fun because he has one special thing that he enjoys more than anything… Can you guess what it is? 🙂

This has light bdsm so if you are looking for some crazy intense scenes you will not be happy. But for all the readers who have read Kristen’s book they all know what to expect. You get some good hot and steamy scenes and a great story. So I honestly believe that you will not be disappointed.

The connection between the two was well written and I got it. I completely understood the dynamic and where things were going. She did a great job explaining bdsm so that anyone reading the book can understand what it is that Matt was into as well as what he was expecting and wanting.

There were a few scenes that for me were ohhh my… I enjoyed him very much. The perfect gentle Dom if you will. I think, for me, if I was trying my hand at kink for the first time I would want someone exactly like him to play with.

I always fear that I won’t care for the person I fall for in a series once I get to their book, but that didn’t happen here and I am oh so thankful that Kristen did such an awesome job making my Matt as awesome as I thought he would be. I know that she was a little nervous about writing this one because it was her first that had any bdsm aspect to it, but I can say as a reader and lover of bdsm books she did a great job. It wasn’t too over the top, and if she had done that it would have killed it for me because that just isn’t how I pictured him at all. She also wasn’t too uniformed where you read and thought “this is so not realistic at all what-so-ever” you won’t get that whole “want to be Domfeel from him, that I have found in other books that I have read.

The story between the two, how they met, how they care about each other but want to fight it because it “can’t” be right. I can honestly say for me personally I loved everything about this one. And usually I end up not caring for a book that I am anticipating as much as I was this one!

I was sucked in and wanted to know how things were going to turn out, how things would end up. Okay, well I had an idea how they would end. But it was about the journey. I love when they all get together all the siblings just crack me up. We don’t get as many as we do in the others and honestly, it fit in because Matt, although he loves his family, he likes to keep to himself, she kind of is the same way. She is busy with her business. She is also scared and thinks that if she gives him the time that he will try and control every aspect of her life. I know that anyone who knows nothing about bdsm would think that is what it is. And in some aspect that is what some are into. Matt on the other hand only wants control in the bedroom. I have noticed in other books as well as this one the main concern that a Dom has is the safety of their sub, in all aspects of their life.

I look forward to the next one in the series. Even though the book is about one couple we get to still see the gang. I think that is one of my favorite things about every one of her books. We get to see how they are all doing along the way.


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