Review ~ Given & Take This Man by Kelli Maine


Title: Given

Author: Kelli Maine

Series: Give & Take #3


10 synopsis


For Merrick and Rachael, Turtle Tear Island has become their own private paradise with days of unimaginable bliss and sizzling nights in the bedroom-and beyond. But Rachael and Merrick’s happiness is shattered when his daughter, Nadia, suddenly becomes increasingly demanding of his time and devotion. It soon becomes clear that Merrick will have to make an agonizing choice: the woman whose love saved his tortured soul or the daughter he never knew existed . . . 


Rachael can’t stand the thought of losing Merrick after everything she’s sacrificed to be with him. She had thought she and Merrick were done with secrets, that the passion that burned so brightly between them had forged an unbreakable connection, but she begins to wonder if she ever really knew the man at all. Now the love they’ve fought so desperately to protect may not be enough to save them . . .


I was happy to read this one to finally get closer to an ending. I will say that through just about the entire book I was right there with Rachael. Oh, there were things that were driving me nuts about Merrick. I mean, how can he be so stupid, and just an idiot!?? I mean I get why he was in love with his new daughter and wanted to do everything he could to make her happy and keep her in his life. He would give anything to be able to try and make up for missing so much of her life.

There are a few things that happen that just left me at a loss. Rachael is not a mean person and that drove me nuts because I wanted to scream COME ON!!! Just beat someones ass RIGHT NOW!!! But she would take the high road and it kind of drove me crazy.

There are some things that happen that just leave you thinking WTF? I know I was.

The only issue I had was that there is something that happens that it kind of felt like after that it was a quick end. It just didn’t feel completed if that makes sense. It felt like a rushed ending. I think there could have been more added to make it feel more complete, but that’s just my opinion. I just felt like the build up was good, it had pulled me in and I was looking forward to where things were going than boom, something happens and that’s that.





Title: Take This Man

Author: Kalli Maine

Series: Give & Take # 3.5


10 synopsis

A man never wanted a woman as much as he wants her.

Merrick Rocha is the kind of man who makes a woman yearn for more. And for Rachael DeSalvo, he’s the kind of man who could easily fit into her picture of happily-ever-after. With each touch, each kiss, her body is thrilled as she never knows what to expect next. Their wedding day-and night-are no exception.

Now, as they come together as one, free to trust as deeply as their bodies connect, Rachael is finally ready to . . . 




This was a sweet little ending.

It is a novella so it is not a long one, but it rounds up the ending of the nuptuals and it was actually cute.

I did enjoy reading about how it ended up. There were things that were left at the end of the other book that I was hoping we were going to get more insight about in this wrap up but didn’t.

I liked the sweet ending I truly did. I am glad that it ended on a good note.

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