Review ~ Love Redeemed by Love Blevin

Book 4 Cover

Title: Love Redeemed

Author: Love Belvin

Series: Love’s Improbable Possibility #4


10 synopsis

Love Redeemed – the conclusion of the of the Love’s Improbable Possibility series:

Life’s complicated… 
Life’s not fair…
All is fair in love and war…

Find out in this riveting conclusion how Rayna reconciles her inability to trust and willingness to explore love in ways she thought she wasn’t worthy of. See love redeemed for someone who thought it was not in the cards. Also, experience Azmir’s lessons on love, forgiveness, and acceptance as his world is transformed to include a life partner. 

I am SO glad that I was able to read this series. It is written in a different style which I love. I am so happy I was able to enjoy this series. I some will not enjoy it because of the urban feel to it, but I think that made it that much better. I love reading about anyone who came from a place that could have ruined them and turn it around and make something of themselves. I love the way that Love writes.

There was so much that could have happened; and in some moments in this book, it happened. I got to some parts that I was SO happy happened because they were long awaited. I even sent a message to the author and told her “Thank you!” for having one part happen. I will say that to some extent Azmir is a bit much to handle. I love that he is so set in his ways and expects nothing but perfection. I wasn’t sure how things were going to happen, or finish up, but she did a great job I thought.

With the ending we get a feel of completion. A feeling of knowing that things worked out the way they should. I know many who are in relationships where they feel they can’t always talk to their significant other about anythingwhich is kind of how Rayna and Azmir are. It is a very realistic aspect of their relationship that I liked. Wanting to tell him something, but not sure how he will take it or handle the situation so you just keep it to yourself. It almost always comes back to bite you in the ass, but Azmir is not exactly the easiest person to talk to.

They always say that men are the type that if you come to them with a problem they want to fix it. So you have to watch what you say to them. Because if they feel like they can’t do anything to help or fix it, they feel like they are coming up short somehow. I personally don’t understand this because sometimes we just want someone to talk to. Men are very hard to understand and Azmir is no exception to that.

I can say that this is the first book in a while that I read that wraps everything up really well. There are not many questions left. You know where things are going and how things are going to be from then on out. I love Azmir but I think being with a man like that so demanding as well as controlling would drive me nuts. They are fun to read about though. To see how they work things out, how they deal with situations. There are so many things about him that all of us would love to have in our men. I mean, who wouldn’t want someone like him?

Following the journey of Rayna was so fun. She had been through a lot and watching her grow and come into her own was done so well. Not once did I feel that I was left with a story that was lacking or just so over the top, because I can honestly see this happening.

I really wish more people knew about this series. Hopefully it will be more out there and more people will enjoy it the way that I did. There is something that is so intriguing about Devine and something that is so easy to connect with when it comes to Rayna. I know for me it was easy to connect with her.

Over all, it was a good series and I loved it as I read it! I was so drawn into each and every book. I was left wondering what was going to happen and where it was going to go. I will say that with this one we do get conclusions to situations that happen in the previous books. I only felt like we didn’t get enough of the in person situation when things are being dealt with when it comes to a few things. We kind of got an overview of what happen when it is brought up later. I kind of wish we could be ‘right there’ when some of the stuff happens. But I know when Azmir deals with things he doesn’t do it personally. 🙂 He has people for that.

There will be more not about Rayna and Azmir but about Azmir’s friend Jackson. (Love’s Inconvenient Truth ??) 🙂 I LOVE when we get little hints in books at what’s to come.
Thank you Love for allowing me to follow along this journey with you! 🙂


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