Review ~ When Everything Isn’t Enough by Ed Wyns



Title: When Everything Isn’t Enough

Author: Ed Wyns

Series: #1


10 synopsis

What happens when three lives with deep, conflicting needs cross paths? Meet: David Tanner – A man who believes he’s lost everything that makes him a man but doesn’t understand he’s losing the most important thing to him… Mia Collins – A woman who suddenly realizes the man she’s built her life around no longer wants what she desires to give him… CJ Fields – A self-made man who finds himself irresistibly drawn to a woman who definitely is not his type… They are on a collision course that threatens to destroy each of them in “When Everything Isn’t Enough”


This one sounded so interesting from the blurb and I couldn’t wait to start it. Let me start off by saying that I was not a big fan of the cover. The main reason would be because I have never been a big fan of putting people on the covers when you can see their faces, not unless you are planning on making the characters look exactly like them. For me it was not my favorite. After finishing the book I looked back at the cover and will say that the people on the cover look NOTHING like I had imagined in my mind as I read, especially the female. But that has nothing to do with what is inside 🙂 but many do judge a book by its cover.

Now let me say that there are things that happen in this book that may be hard for some to read. There is a lot of sex and that to me was not an issue. But there is sex between teens and it does get pretty descriptive and that along with some things that happen to children that is described and may be hard for some to read (molestation, murder, rape) I don’t like to give things away, but I think when it comes to some of the things that are in the book that some people should know before starting because they may be a trigger for them. There is also cheating and fidelity issues and I know that there are many people who would rather stay away from books with that in it.

I will have to say that when I started it, I was curious as to where things were going to go. It starts off in the present (2003) but soon changes to the past, when David is a teen (1984).  This is going to be where if anyone has a problem with the book will have it I believe. I am by no means into reading about teen sex, but I don’t think that this was written with the intent to be a teen erotica story. It is written to explain where David came from. How things were for him growing up and what he went through. Now that being said anyone can say that it could have been left out and that may be so BUT I think that would have taken away from building up his character as well as his relationship with Mia. I think it went well with the story (but there were parts I think could have been less descriptive).

The story starts off in 2 POV’s We have Mia’s as well as David’s. Later in the story we get C.J’s. I kind of wonder why we got his POV, but not Nikki’s. There is so much backstory for David and Mia and I did enjoy it because I grew up to marry my high school sweetheart so I enjoyed seeing that in a book.  I am a big fan of reading a story that has the male POV written by a man. I know that many women write male POV’s and it works, but no one can nail it the way a man can. As I read the book and would get David’s side of things as well as his cousins I can say that I loved it because it was so dead on (at least I thought it was, so many guys I know think the same way). I even asked my husband a few things and he pretty much said yup, we are guys that’s just how we do things. So even if it seems cold, cruel or just like an asshole move at times that is just how some men are, and I believe it worked well in this case.

Now when we end up back at the present time (2003) and things take a turn my heart kind of breaks for David. I said it before but will say it again seeing infidelity along with other issues he has to deal with from a man’s POV is so different than other books I have read. We always get the woman’s side. Probably because most of the books I have read are written by women, so who can write women best? Women. They know what specific things feel like so they can write it well. I have not read many books that have infidelity from the man’s POV. I will say that I’m not a fan of reading about it, but I do get sucked in from time to time and it gets me everytime I do. I wanted to scream, cry, beat and break things. It was pretty hard to read, and that is for personal reasons (probably the reason some won’t read them) it can bring back memories of things that one has actually been through.

Now this book touches on things that many would find taboo. I enjoyed the book/ journey. Seeing how a boy who grew up and could have gone down the wrong road, but decided to make something of himself. To do better with his life, just to have things ripped out from under him and make him question who he is as a man. There is a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of this one. I am looking forward to the next one. I want to know how things play out and what happens.


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