My Reviews

Here is a list of all the reviews that we have done so far and the list will continue to grow I am sure!

*alphabetical by authors last name*


Adrian, Lara – Ashes of Midnight

Adrian, Lara –  Darker After Midnight

Adrian, Lara – Deeper Than Midnight

Adrian, Lara –  Edge of Dawn

Adrian, Lara – Kiss of Crimson

Adrian, Lara – Kiss of Midnight

Adrian, Lara – Midnight Awakening

Adrian, Lara – Midnight Rising

Adrian, Lara – Taken by Midnight

Adrian, Lara – Veil of Midnight

Allred, Alexandra – White Trash

Allred, Katherine – The Sweet Gum Tree

Ashley, Katie – Search Me

Ashley, Katie – The Proposition 

Ashley, Kristen – Fire Inside

Ashley, Kristen – Law Man

Ashley, Kristen – Own the Wind

Aster, Avery – Undressed

Aster, Avery – Unscrupulous

Augustine, L.M. – Click To Subscribe


Baker, Lauren – Finding Home

Banks, Maya – Four Play Anthology

Belle,  Kate – Breaking the Rules & Bloom

Belle, Logan – The Librarian

Belvin, Love – Love Lost

Belvin, Love – Love UnExpected

Bennett, Cindy C. – Geek Girl

Bentley, Stacey – Serendipity

Berto, Rebecca – Drowning in You

Black, Shayla – Dangerous Boys and their Toy

Black, Shayla – Four Play Anthology

Black, Shayla – Ours to Love

Blake, Lexi – The Dom who Loved Me & The Men with the Golden Cuffs 

Botefuhr, Bec – Dark Desire

Botefuhr, Bec – Dark Ending

Botefuhr, Bec – Dark Poison

Brody, Marjorie – Twisted


Castille, Sarah – Against the Ropes

Chase, Emma – Tangled

Clearwing, August – Never Have I Ever

Colbert, Gillian – His Gift

Cole, Kresley – The Professional (part 1)

Cunning, Olivia – Double TIme

Cunning, Olivia – Hot Ticket

Cunning, Olivia – Take Me 

Cunning, Olivia – Tempt Me 

Cunning, Olivia – Wicked Beat

Cunning, Olivia – Try Me


Davis, Eden – Dare to be Seduced

Davis, Kyra – The Stranger

Day, Sylvia –  Reflected in You

Dee, Bonnie – Bone Deep

Dee, Bonnie – Finding Home

Delagair, Lindsay – Untouchable 

Delagair, Lindsay – Unforgivable 

Delagair, Lindsay – Untraceable 

Devlin, Julia – The Burn List

Dylan, K.M. – Cult of Beauty


Elsborg, Barbara – An Ordinary Girl

Elsborg, Barbara – Strangers

Elyot, Justine – Confessions of a Kinky Wife

Evers, Shoshanna – Enslaved


Fernando, Chantal – Maybe This Time

Field, Gwendolyn – Escape from Paradise

Fisher, Tarryn – Dirty Red

Fisher, Tarryn – Theif

Frank, Ella – Exquisite


Gammon, Sherry – Souls in Peril

Garnier, Red – Claimed by Him

Garnier, Red – Taken by Him

Gayle, Eliza – Tucker’s Fall

Graves, Tracey Garvis – On The Island

Grey, Kristiene – Seeing the Edge


Harmon, Amy – Making Faces

Hart, Megan – Tear You Apart

Harvey, B.J. – Lost For You

Harvey, B.J. – Lost In Distraction

Hoover, Colleen – Hopeless

Hoover, Colleen – Loing Hope

Hoover, Colleen – Slammed & Point of Retreat

Hoover, Colleen – This Girl


Jackson, Vina – Eighty Days Red

James, E.L. – Fifty Shades Trilogy

James, Ella – Selling Scarlett

Jamison, Jade C. – Bullet

Jones, Lisa Renee – Being Me

Jones, Lisa Renee – If I Were You

Jones, Lisa Renee – Revealing Us


Kacey, Jennifer – Together in Cyn

Kenner, J. – Release Me

Kenyon, Sherrilyn – Inferno

Kenyon, Sherrilyn – Styxx

Kenyon, Sherrilyn – Time Untime


Leighton, M. – Down To You

Leighton, M. – Up To Me

Lester, Joan Steinau – Mama’s Child

Leverich, Kelsie – Pretending She’s His

Leverich, Kelsie – The Valentine’s Arrangement

Leverich, Kelsie – Feel The Rush

Linde, K.A. – Avoiding Commitment & Avoiding Responsibility

Lutz, Gena D. – Ember’s Curse

Lutz, Gena D. – Roxanne Desired


Maine, Kelli – Taken

Maine, Kelli – Taken by Storm

Maine, Kelli – The Submission of Alistar Ingram

Masters, Kallypso – Masters at Arms

Masters, Kallypso – Nobody’s Angel

Masters, Kallypso – Nobody’s Hero

Masters, Kallypso – Nobody’s Perfect

Mathewson, R.L. – Checkmate

Mathewson, R.L. – Perfection

Mathewson, R.L. – Playing for Keeps

Mayburn, Ann – Guarding Hope

Mayburn, Ann – Still

McAdams, Molly – Taking Chances

McCabee, R.P. – Betrayed 

McCarthy, Kate – Fighting Redemption

McGuire, Jamie – Beautiful Disaster

McGuire, Jamie – Walking Disaster

McKenna, Cara – After Hours

McKenna, Cara – Curio

McKenna, Cara – Willing Victim

Me, Tara Sue – The Dominant

Me, Tara Sue – The Submissive

Millay, Katja – The Sea of Tranquility

Miller, Raine – Eyes Wide Open

Moon, Kele – Crossing the Line

Moon, Kele – Star Crossed 

Moriarty, Liane – The Husband’s Secret

Mummert, Teresa – Suicide Note

Mummert, Teresa – White Trash Beautiful

Mynx, Sienna – Mi Carina

Mynx, Sienna – Mi Carino


Nellenbach, Karla J. – Sliver of Hope


Park, Jessica – Flat Out Love

Park, Jessica – Left Drowning

Proby, Kristen – Come Away With Me

Proby, Kristen – Fight With Me

Proby, Kristen – Rock With Me

Proby, Kristen – Safe With Me

Proby, Kristen – Under the Mistletoe With Me 


Reber, Tina – Love Unscripted

Reber, Tina – Love Unrehearsed

Redmerski, J.A – Edge of Never

Redmerski, J.A. – The Edge of Always

Reisz, Tiffany – The Angel

Reisz, Tiffany – The Mistress

Reisz, Tiffany – The Prince

Reisz, Tiffany – The Siren

Rice, Lisa Marie – Dangerous Lover

Richmonde, Arianne – Forty Shades of Pearl

Richmonde, Arianne – Shadows of Pearl

Richmonde, Arianne – Shimmers of Pearl

Richmonde, Arianne – Pearl

Rios, Phalla S. – Not at First

Ritchie, Krista & Becca – Addicted To You

Roberts, C.J. – Captive in the Dark

Roberts, C.J. – Epilogue

Roberts, C.J. – Seduced in the Dark

Robinson, K.A. – Torn

Robinson, K.A. – Twisted

Rocha, Kit – Beyond Control

Rocha, Kit – Beyond Pain

Rocha, Kit – Beyond Shame

Romig, Aletha – Concequences

Romig, Aletha – Convicted

Romig, Aletha – Truth


Shea, Rebecca – Unbreakable

Sheehan, Madeline – UnAttainable

Sheehan, Madeline – UnBeautifully

Sheehan, Madeline – UnDeniable

Silverwood, Cari – Take Me, Break Me

Sinclair, Cherise – If Only

Sinclair, Cherise – Master of the Abyss

Sinclair, Cherise – Master of the Mountain 

Sinclair, Cherise – The Dom’s Dungeon

Sinclair, Cherise – This Is Who I Am

Sivec, T.E. – A Beautiful Lie

Sivec, Tara – Futures and Frostings

Sivec, Tara – Love and Lists

Sivec, Tara – Seduction and Snacks 

Sivec, Tara – Troubles and Treats 

Sivec, Tara – Watch Over Me

Slatton, Traci L. – The Love of My (Other) Life

Smith, N.K. – Hollywood Lies

Smith, N.K. – Old Wounds

Snow, Tiffany A. – No Turning Back

Snow, Tiffany A. – Out of Turn

Snow, Tiffany A. – Turn To Me

Snow, Tiffany A. – Turning Point

Sorensen, Jessica – The Secret of Ella and Micha 

Stein, Charlotte – Sheltered

Stephens, S.C. – Thoughtless & Effortless 

Stephens, S.C. – Reckless

Sterling, J. – The Perfect Game 

Stone, Amanda – Breathe Into Me

Suzuma, Tabitha – Forbidden

Swann, Ninette – Just the Messenger


Tan, Cecilia – Slow Seduction

Tan, Cecilia – Slow Surrender

Thomas, Kitty – Comfort Food

Thomas, Kitty – Guilty Pleasures

Thomas, Kitty – Tender Mercies

TijanCarter Reed

Toland, Lori – Dangerous Submission

Torre, Alessandra – Sex, Love, Repeat

Towle, Samantha – The Mighty Storm 


Valentine, Michelle A. – Demon at my Door

Valentine, Michelle A. – Rock My Bed

Valentine, Michelle A. – Rock My World

Valentine, Michelle A. – Rock The Band

Valentine, Michelle A. – Rock The Heart 


Ward, J.R. – Lover At Last

Ward, Natalie – I Love You to Death 

Warren, Rie – In His Command

Warren, Sky – Beauty Touched the Beast 


Young, Samantha – On Dublin Street 


Zan, Koethi – The Never List

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